EOS & The Lip Balm Revolution

Lip balms are some of the most ingenious medicated devices. They are small in size, are very portable, and they completely serve a purpose. Lip balms protect and heals chapped, sore and tired lips. There are hundreds of these products on the market, but there’s one company that has revolutionized the game. Evolution of Smooth is the revolutionary because it provides much more health benefits than the average lip balm. As of late, the brand has been causing a stir with its brand new product. Its Crystal Lip Balms has the media on fire right now, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. More beauty tips here on usmagazine.com.

This new product stands out from the crowd thanks to its transparent appearance, you may purchase it here at makeupalley.com. People are use to seeing these products in a wide range of color tones, but this product defies the odds. The company has been teasing the world for a few years about this product, and EOS finally delivered on its promises. Fans have noticed that the packaging for Crystal Lip Balms are different than before. This updated appearance is inside out and the product’s shape is a bit abnormal. Evolution of Smooth always used a spherical design for its lip balms, but the new lip balm has a very distinct triangular shape. Additional reading here.

The new Crystal lip Balms have all of the same beneficial ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil and shea butter. Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are its two flavors, and the products will be sold at a price of $5.95. Evolution of Smooth is back at it again. It’s one of the best selling oral care brands on the market today, and it uses some of the finest of ingredients. This exclusive brand is definitely setting new trends, it’s raising the bar even higher, and it’s currently changing the status quo.

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