Investors Like Working With Eric Pulier

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that people who invest money want to make a healthy profit. They certainly do not want to invest their money in a business venture where there is a significant chance that they will lose it. Basically, investors are looking for a sure thing. Eric Pulier is about as close to a sure thing as you can find in the investing world today. Eric has been personally responsible for putting together numerous tech startups that have gone on to become very successful and profitable. This has put him on the radar of investors from around the world. They see Eric as someone who is a very safe bet to make them a tidy profit if they finance one of his startup ventures.


Eric graduated from Harvard where he studied English literature. He has since made a great career for himself creating startup companies that offer many different products and services. It was initially very difficult for Eric to find people who were willing to put money into his startups. This is understandable because Eric was completely unknown in the tech world and he did not have anybody vouching for him. Therefore, venture capitalists were very nervous about handing their money over to a guy with absolutely no track record whatsoever.


However, things have definitely changed since those days. Eric now has a long waiting list of people and companies who are begging to work with him. He is now a known commodity and the biggest investors on the planet will pick up the phone if he calls them. This is what happens when you continually create startups that build a loyal following and are sold for a tidy profit. Investors realize that the chances of losing their money are very small if they invest in a startup with Eric Pulier.


Eric says it is definitely much easier to focus on the creative aspect of launching a startup when you are not constantly worried about where the money is going to come from. Eric says financing a startup is tough when nobody knows you.