Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Enters Insurance Lawsuit

Past actions by the former managing team of the Atlanta Hawks has led to a bad faith lawsuit against AIG, otherwise known as New Hampshire Insurance Company. The suit has arisen out of claims that the insurance company failed to provide protections falling under certain categories of employment and termination practices by the team.

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist and former principal owner of the team who is part of the new lawsuit. He has been an outspoken proponent of the team’s evolution as a civic-minded organization. His involvement in a recent team ownership transfer highlighted the need for team interests to consider fan and player welfare in any acquisition. See,

The root of the claim against AIG stems from the sale of the team to a new enterprising financial organization. The sale of the team included an $850 million purchase amount, and specific ownership contract of $18 million. During the Time of transfer, legal employment claims were filed that previous owners say AIG failed to recognize and process.

According to, both parties in the lawsuit are claiming protections under their own understanding of the AIG policy. As a matter of prudence, AIG and all parties involved, refuse to disclose relevant information about the dispute, while the Hawks strive each season to remain a viable and popular franchise.