Charter School Network Success Academy Makes Strides In NYC Education

Charter Schools offer far more robust education options for their students. Often, this is paired with an enormous price-tag and questionable leadership, making them a less than ideal choice for the average patient. Students in the New York City area have access to the best of both worlds, however, as Success Academy Charter Schools offer the most robust educational experience in the country. The kicker; for those admitted, Success Academy is completely free for those admitted.

Success Academy has an absolute laundry list of accolades to its name. Statistically, Success Academy is the largest and highest performing free charter school network in the country, making it the premier learning experience for any child. Incredible statistics back the title up. Success Academies math program has the distinction of being in the top one percent in the country. Additionally, their English and Science programs are featured as being in the top two and five percentages, respectively. These accomplishments extend to their enrolled special needs students as well. Boasting an excellent ninety percent pass rate in mathematics for special needs students, Success Academy is an incredibly inclusive learning center. For those with students who are still English learners, Success Academy is an equally great option; English learning students boast pass rates up wards of eighty percent.

All of these factors combined help make Success Academy one of the best available options for New York City students. With over forty schools operating in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx areas, the opportunity is available for anyone of any background. Act quickly, though- admissions are held through random lottery once every April, a fact that speak to Success Academies’ immense popularity. For a top tier learning experience, Success Academy is the only real choice.