Drew Madden: The Man to Watch

Nordic is one of the biggest companies in US known to provide healthcare IT solutions. The company has received number one KLAS ranking twice; in 2012 and 2014. Drew Madden was the President at Nordic Consulting Partners for five years between 2011 and 2016, having joined in 2010. During Drew’s tenure, the company experienced tremendous growth, which was as a result of his selfless dedication. The staff at Nordic grew from 10 to 725, while client base grew by 5000%. Drew’s presence also had an impact on the bottom line with revenue growing from one million dollars to $130M. With the combination of experience in project management and in-depth knowledge of the running of EMR projects, Drew inspires excellence. As the president, he was the point of contact for clients and recruited capable members of his team. Drew left Nordic in 2016.

Wetting his Feet

Drew Madden holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa, College of Engineering. His focus was on medical systems. After school, he worked at Cerner Corporation for four years implementing inpatient clinical solutions. In 2005, he joined Healthia Consulting where he worked on implementation. With the idea that individuals matter and that people make all the difference, Drew Madden, together with three other industry titans started Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company provides healthcare information technology expertise services. Evergreen seeks to set itself apart from the rest. Having worked in some of the most prominent companies in the industry, Drew has a wealth of knowledge on how success is achieved in the healthcare IT sector. His experience and that of his partners will ensure success for the new company.

Appreciating Unity as a Symbol of Strength

Drew and his colleagues endeavor to build on each other’s capabilities and to help the rest of the team members to advance their careers. Running his own business was a natural career trajectory for Drew Madden. If his success at Nordic is anything to go by, it sure is exciting to see how things will go for Drew and Evergreen.