The lending solutions Offered by Equities First Holdings

The Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a leading firm in the lending of loans and financing solutions to businesses that want to raise capital in the shortest time possible. Additionally, it offers loans to people who don’t qualify for credit-based loans. EFH has grown over time because of the lending alternatives it offers to borrowers.Equity First Holdings has since its inception in 2002 undertaken more than 650 transactions.The operations are based on capital given against shares that are traded on public exchanges all over the world. The rates are low, and these transactions have amounted to the tune of US $1.4 billion. Equity First Holdings runs offices in over nine countries.

London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia are examples of the branches running as wholly owned subsidiaries of the Equity First Holdings across the world.Equities First Holdings has specialized in providing loans and lending solutions for all the high-net-worth businesses and individuals seeking the capital for the expansion and growth of their businesses. It also evaluates the risks and the future performances of its clients with a close consideration of the market in stocks, treasuries, and the bonds before lending out loans. The very first beneficiaries of the EFH are the borrowers with the need to access quick loans and capital to raise or boost their businesses.

The other category of likely recipients is the high net-worth individuals.Businesses too can benefit from the stock loans offered by Equities First. They use collateral for a given period, mostly more than two years. Those with stock in a company can transfer the same to Equities First Holdings if they believe the same stock will have appreciated within the next two or three years. EFH also benefits business people who would like to expand their businesses and those who would like to offset their business debts.Read full article : Here.


Good Advice, Ignition Financial

If I could change my life at all, it would be to correct my financial life. The things that I thought made sense actually made no sense at all. This is called dissonance, and I had it bad because the things that I was doing made no sense at all at any stage of life. There is no excuse for over extending yourself and living beyond your means, but I lived like that on a daily basis. When I was younger, I could make up the high cost of my living by working around the clock, but this became a tightrope walk once I got older.


I found that I was a hamster in a cage because now I had to work those hours just to maintain any semblance of my lifestyle. Because I am in sales, appearance means everything. Financially disciplined people adjusted at the necessary times in life, so they are able to afford these luxury items now that allow them to exude a luxurious lifestyle. Having this aura of luxury will in turn make potential clients want to do business with them which in turn makes them more successful. This a beautiful cycle that will perpetuate them into a wonderful upwardly mobile life.


I on the other hand have to fake it by staying on the treadmill of working all the time to pay for things that I cannot enjoy because I cannot afford them. Furthermore, if I could afford them, I would not have the time to enjoy them still because I would be working all the time. This is the classic catch 22 that I found myself in with little hope instead of the upwardly mobile path that my colleagues are on. However, I am no loser, so I found a path to recover that path.


First was to find some breathing room by refinancing all things that I could if I could not liquidate them altogether, but refinancing the auto loans was much more difficult. The solution I found was a company called Ignition Financial. Their website at is beautiful and functions well, and it is also easy to utilize. Their process is smooth and approval happens in no time. Ignition Financial provided that final bit of breathing room that allowed me to put my financial trajectory back on track. I have to like thank them for being a good business.