Fabletics: The Leader In Workout Fashion Industry

Most of the fitness enthusiasts face issues like a not getting high-quality workout fashion outfits of their choice. Even if people can find few, it won’t be stylish or could be costly. Getting trendy fashion outfits according to one’s choice is not easy. Especially people who are highly fashion oriented will struggle to get their pick that satisfies their needs. Fabletics is providing an excellent answer for workout fashion. An online workout fashion store co-founded by Kate Hudson is different in many aspects. It understands customer needs better and follows few strategies to satisfy the customers completely. Some noted characteristics of the brand are making it a clear winner in workout fashion industry for women.


The Best Choices


Fabletics offers great quality products with customized designs. People can see thin and soft tops, and thick and quality leggings. The outfits show great flexibility with expanding and contracting according to the body type of the person. It also gives great shape, and people would find very comfortable to wear it. It doesn’t lose its shape over the time or won’t fade. The outfits are showing a compact and attractive style with great designs. There are many stylish bottoms and simple tanks with solid colors, and it gives a great sense of fashion. Even the brand surprises its customers with some unexpected designs. When it comes to value, the high-quality leggings are available for around $50, whereas a similar quality product from other fashion retailers would cost at least $80. Similarly, every product found at Fabletics are charged a minimum 30 percent less price than similar quality products from other retailers.


Reverse Showrooming and Data


The retailer has introduced a new experience shopping experience called reverse showrooming. For this, Fabletics has set up physical stores in the main cities along with the online store. The users can physically check the products at the retail stores, and buy it online. People have different preferences, and many people like to check the products before purchasing it. Though online stores are selling products at better rates, people don’t get an option to check it before purchase physically. So the online-offline mix of Fabletics give all the possible purchase options for the customers. It uses online data and finds the hot-selling products and lists those in showrooms, so many people will find it highly useful. The showrooms also use the local preference data to cater the customer needs in a better manner. People who have specific needs can depend on the online store for more diverse products.


VIP Membership Program


A great subscription program, given to the aspiring customers of Fabletics. It charges $49.95 per month and gives free goodies and outfits worth the amount charged. Additionally, the members can purchase various products from the retailer at a discount up to 50 percent. There is an option to skip a particular month from the subscription, which ensures that the subscribers won’t be charged in that month. While subscribing the membership, people would be asked to fill a questionnaire, which is effectively utilized by the retailer to provide customized products according to the preferences of the members. It also gives a great opportunity for the retailer to come to know about the subscribers’ tastes and interests.


Evolution of Smooth: Taking Flavor to the Next Level

EOS, otherwise know as Evolution of Smooth, is a company that has changed the face of lip care. The company does not do tests on animals and the products are gluten free. All products that Evolution of Smooth puts out all go through extreme safety testing, and are all made with the finest ingredients. The tiny, round pieces of lip balm seemed to grow in popularity over night. They popped up in major convenience stores and noted celebrities were using the product, resulting in more and more people replacing their old lip balm products with the innovative, spherical and flavorful orbs.  Go to target.com


Evolution of Smooth has many different flavors that are included in their lip balm. There are over 10 different unique flavors ranging across their lines of lip balm, which is one of their most popular products. Some of the most popular and most purchased flavors are pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, blueberry acai and coconut milk. Other flavors include strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, and sweet mint.  Check walmart.com


There are different lines of lip balm as well, depending on what you as a customer are looking for in a lip balm product. The Smooth Sphere lip balm, Visibly Soft lip balm, Shimmer Smooth spheres, Active Protection lip balm and even the Organic smooth sticks all have differing flavors, and are utilized for different reasons. The Smooth Sphere lip balm is used best for smoothing out lips, and the Shimmer Smooth lip balm includes a bit of shimmer in the look. The EOS Active Protection lip balm contains SPF that gives coverage to the user. Customers can also pick up the Organic smooth sticks if they prefer the more familiar style of design over the circular design. The Visibly Soft lip line includes flavors such as blackberry nectar and vanilla mint. While the Active Protection line has flavors like fresh grape fruit and lemon twist, all containing SPF.

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