Lime Crime Produces Extra Vegan and Darker Hair Dyes

Lime Crime which is a company operating in the line of beauty products, has come up with Unicorn Hair dyes. These dyes are made from natural herbal products that ensure the healthy and smooth hair. This dye reduces the chances of hair breakages that many people encounter. The dyes come in different colors and shades. Unicorn hair dyes can be charcoal grey, maroon grey, spooky purple, Sea Witch, Chestnut and many others. The dyes are packaged in containers that are easily spotted on the shelves of the big stores that stock them.

While applying the hyper-performance hair dyes, the customers are advised to avoid conditioning their hair. Hair should instead be washed with shampoo until it gives clear water. After washing, the dye should be applied in a way that it covers the whole hair to concentrate the intensity of the color. The dye has conditioning properties that leave the hair smooth and relaxed. After the hair has picked the dye and turned to the desired color, the users are advised to use colored shampoos. This doesn’t wash the dye away and also enhances the coloring. The color lasts for a long time and fades evenly as hair grows. Besides all these, it also gives the hair a fresh flower-like fragrance.

Recently, the company that manufactured the dye announced that they have found ways of increasing their customers’ satisfaction. This is by producing four more different shades of the dye. The diversity of their operations has hence been increased. The new collections of their blue hair dyes have been made with darker organic ingredients. The change in the concentrations of the colors has not altered the natural properties of the dyes.

The intensity of the colors has attracted more buyers for the product. Girls who have a fetish for dark hair can now access these products more easily. Lime Crime has received compliments and positive comments from the users of these products. The purple Unicorn Hair dye has attracted many customers who have had the chance to try out a new experience. Charcoal grey has as well gained so much popularity due to the colored gel that it is made with.

Lime Crime has provided hairdressers and users of hair products with diverse and effective options.