Office Relocation

The management in Equities First Holdings decided to relocate offices. They were moved from the center of Melbourne to a more favorable location. The primary purpose of relocating was to be closer to clients. This company is growing rapidly expanding. Due to this growth, the company leaders had to make some necessary changes. Considering the pace this company is moving, it will continue growing in days to come.

The present location accessible to all stakeholders. It is closer to clients and other business associates. The offices are also big and spacious to accommodate future growth. Besides Melbourne, Sydney and Perth have offices for EFH. The headquarter offices are in Indianapolis, USA. Other international branches are in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK.

About Equities First Holding

Equities First Holdings is a specialty of lending in the global market. All clients seeking financial support will get at EFH. Since 2002, EFH has offered financial assistance to clients at low and affordable interest rates. This company uses shares collateral for the loan. While other financial institutions may consider shares not sufficient, EFH gladly accepts them. So far, it has managed to transact more than seven hundred transactions.

Both individuals and businesses are the target market for EFH. Due to the strategic position of this company, it has managed to accumulate benefits beyond standard profit margins. Many investors and businesses have been attracted to these terms. They always choose EFH for their borrowing needs. Customers have also experienced excellent customer service and support. Soon after they contact or visit the company, feedback is after a short duration.

Equities First Holdings is the first company that has adopted such an approach to lending. Presently, they are pace setters in the financial market. Other lending institutions could learn their operations and adopt them. People and businesses need supportive and convenient borrowing terms. If lending institutions became more flexible and accommodative, more people would fulfill their goals of entrepreneurship.

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