Academy of Art University Turns Students Into Designers

Students enrolled at the Academy of Art University are showing off their talents during the prestigious New York City Fashion Week. The Skylight Clarkson Square is the site of the academy’s runway showcase. Featured in the show are students who recently graduated from the academy with an MFA or BFA. They collectively contributed two clothing collections for women and five for men.

MFA Fashion Design graduate Haliun Zhou’s contributions to the showcase include her line of clothing inspired by what she observed around her while embarking on a journey of creativity as part of a creative concept class. Haliun created her own unique fabrics and turned them into dresses and outerwear, among other clothing items. She used PVC and vinyl to create each of the pieces. As a result of her talent for fashion, she was chosen in 2017 to participate in the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.

Haliun and other students of Academy of Art University have received a thorough education in design. This perfectly fits with the school’s mission statement, which includes teaching and design in the most disciplined way possible. The mission statement also covers the encouragement of each student when it comes to creating their own styles, culled from their creative aspirations and technical skills.

Other success stories of Academy of Art University students include MFA Fashion Design degree holder Eden Slezin. Eden, who hails from San Francisco, used the city’s focus on individuality to create her own styles. As an environmentally conscious designer, she made it a point to use recycled rubber and donated organic denim in the construction of her clothing. Not only did she share the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase with classmate Haliun, she was also a CFDA Elaine Gold Launch Pad finalist.

Eden is not the only San Francisco native to thrive thanks to the Academy of Art University. In fact, more than 70 alumni and current students have had their work featured in gallery exhibitions and shows throughout the Bay area.

However, the academy’s reputation attracts students from all over the world, such as Jelly Shan, who hails from China. She used a visit to Northwest China to serve as her inspiration for her clothing line, which she sees as fresh and edgy.

In fact,the alumni and student body of the academy is so diverse that it includes individuals from more than 112 countries, showing what an extraordinary reach the academy has.

Rocketship Education goes Public?

Rocketship charter schools was originally designed as a private place for disadvantage communities to send their children to earn a good education. However, this school is also known as Rocketship Public Education. This title simply describes Rocketship’s commitment to public education which is a part of the American way of life. However, Rocketship Education is still the formal name of this great public school organization.

Rocketship Education was created in 2007 as a means to help disenfranchised students to succeed. This charter schools serves communities where children are most at risk. What this means is that disadvantage children now have the opportunity to make the most of their lives.

In America, education equals opportunity. It is also a major pathway into a better life. While it is true that not everyone needs an education to be successful in life – the vast majority of all American people will not get ahead without it. So, the main thing to remember is that having a good education is critical to financial and social success during the adult stages of life.

Laying a strong foundation in life is important for most American citizens. If they want to achieve the American Dream they will need the training and education to make this dream come true. Many American people are not going to automatically have access to a great education. They will have to work for it. Also, only a select few Americans will have the ability access opportunities that will provide them with an abundance of wealth. The bottom line is that without a good education most people will not get far in life in terms of finance and economic success.

Rocketship wants to lay a strong foundation that will change this. This organization wants to ensure that children can succeed and that they will have the foundation they need to get ahead. While Rocketship is a K-5 institution it provides students with a strong background that will help them to achieve in the middle and later stages of their educational career. Rocketship Education is still a charter school but its commitment to the American public education system is very important.

Leading Hedge Fund Trader, George Soros

George Soros is one of the richest hedge fund men across the globe. He has worked tirelessly for his success. Soros is a famous Philanthropist, Manager and a great author. He has been featured by Forbes as the World’s 19th richest man and the richest forex trader. He was born in Budapest Hungary a time when Nazi Germany invaded Hungary. A time when the young Soros was only 13 years. The country was going through difficult moments and that was the most critical moment in the history of Hungary. Their family had to change their Jewish name to Soros so that they could survive the wars. At that time, Jewish children were also barred from attending schools which was a step backward towards the progress of their future. He also survived other attacks like Budapest Siege and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros’ family later relocated to England so that the young Soros could join London School of economics. He pursued Bachelors in Economics from the University and later a masters degree in science in philosophy. During his tenure in school, he used to work as a waiter in a railway station in order to earn a daily living. After graduation, he started applying for jobs at various merchant banks a period he describes as one of the lowest moments in his life. He used to be ignored and even getting humiliated during interviews. He got employed at Singer and Friedlander, not because of anything else but all because the managing director was a Hungarian. The situation in many companies was not therefore about qualifications. He worked at the company as a clerk and then arbitrage department and read full artilce.

George Soros kept on looking for greener pastures and always wanted to grow in his career. He was referred by a friend Rober Mayer to F.M. Mayer which was located in New York. He was employed in the year 1965 and relocated to New York City. He worked in the department of European stock as an arbitrage trader a role he undertook while at the previous company. He worked there for a period of three years and moved to Wertheim and Co. He had intentions of going back to England to advance his studies in Philosophy. That was during this period when he developed the theory of reflexivity.

George later left the company and joined Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. That is when his career took another dimension. He started experimenting his strategies using the company’s resources and later he realized that they were working out. In 1969, he set up Double Eagle a hedge fund which did not take long. It was well and functional until when he founded Soros Fund Management. He became its chairman and quit his responsibilities from Double Edge due to conflicts of interest and Follow his Twitter.

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Success Academy is Proving Charter Schools Offer Big Opportunities

Success Academy is a network of 41 free charter public schools in New York City. Founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006, Success Academy has grown into the largest free public school network in NYC. A lottery is held each April to admit students to the school system.


This April Success Academy received over 17,000 applications from students looking to receive one of the 3,017 admission spots that were available for the next school year. Success Academy recently won the Broad Prize which awarded them with $250,000. The network of schools received this honor for its success in boosting the academic performance of minorities and low-income children in NYC.


Eva Moskowitz recently announced that Success Academy is looking to launch a digital platform this month that will allow them to share their pedagogy, curriculum, school design, training and other intellectual property with other charter schools around the country. Success Academy provides education to over 14,000 students. Of these students, 93% are Hispanic or African-American and 76% come from low-income families. Eva Moskowitz hopes to grow the network of school from the current 41 to 100 school which would allow them to serve over 50,000 students in the coming years.


Success Academy schools are located throughout The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens so no matter where you live around NYC chances are there is a Success Academy charter school near you. For almost a decade now Success Academy has been one of the highest-performing schools in all of New York. Of the just over 4,000 students who were eligible for testing, 82% were proficient ELA and 94% were proficient in mathematics. Success Academy schools have also accounted for 2 of the top 5 schools in English and the top 5 schools in Math in all of New York.


College and professional success is a focus for all scholars who are educated through the Success Academy network of schools from day one of their enrollment. Success Academy is a shining example that charter schools have a lot to offer students across the nation and that they can be very efficient in producing outstanding results time and time again.