Success Academy is Proving Charter Schools Offer Big Opportunities

Success Academy is a network of 41 free charter public schools in New York City. Founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006, Success Academy has grown into the largest free public school network in NYC. A lottery is held each April to admit students to the school system.


This April Success Academy received over 17,000 applications from students looking to receive one of the 3,017 admission spots that were available for the next school year. Success Academy recently won the Broad Prize which awarded them with $250,000. The network of schools received this honor for its success in boosting the academic performance of minorities and low-income children in NYC.


Eva Moskowitz recently announced that Success Academy is looking to launch a digital platform this month that will allow them to share their pedagogy, curriculum, school design, training and other intellectual property with other charter schools around the country. Success Academy provides education to over 14,000 students. Of these students, 93% are Hispanic or African-American and 76% come from low-income families. Eva Moskowitz hopes to grow the network of school from the current 41 to 100 school which would allow them to serve over 50,000 students in the coming years.


Success Academy schools are located throughout The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens so no matter where you live around NYC chances are there is a Success Academy charter school near you. For almost a decade now Success Academy has been one of the highest-performing schools in all of New York. Of the just over 4,000 students who were eligible for testing, 82% were proficient ELA and 94% were proficient in mathematics. Success Academy schools have also accounted for 2 of the top 5 schools in English and the top 5 schools in Math in all of New York.


College and professional success is a focus for all scholars who are educated through the Success Academy network of schools from day one of their enrollment. Success Academy is a shining example that charter schools have a lot to offer students across the nation and that they can be very efficient in producing outstanding results time and time again.