ClassDojo Transforms Parent – Teacher Relationships

ClassDojo is a revolutionary concept that ties students, parents, and teachers together into a cohesive team for the betterment of education. ClassDojo is an app that works on Android, ioS, and Kindle Fire platforms that allows instant communication between the three parties.

Students are able to share lessons, projects, pictures, messages, and videos in real time. This gives parents a window into their children’s classrooms at school, teachers can share messages, schedules, projects, grades, videos, and pictures. Students take pride in showing their parents their work as it is being completed.

The plan for ClassDojo was very simple from the outset – to transform education for every student in the world. Currently, ClassDojo is in use in over 180 countries in the world in addition to being used in 90W% of Kindergarten through eighth-grade schools in the US. It is currently translated and being used in over 35 different languages.

ClassDojo is not trying to create an ideal classroom because there is just no such thing. Instead it creates a platform that is ideal for communicating with parents, students and teachers exactly what is going on in the classroom for all to see. It empowers teachers to create an incredible classroom where parents can sit in and participate in a way that has never been done before.

Parents can see their children learning right before their very eyes and then they have the opportunity to support that learning by complementing their children when they come home from school. This reinforces the learning that the child experienced during school that day.

Teachers are excited about ClassDojo because it gives an added dimension to their job. Each morning they can check the ClassDojo parental messaging system and find out if any of the students are sick. During class if a particular student shows an “Amazing Thinking” or “Great Listening”, she gives them “ping” on their avatar, a cartoonish character. Other classmates hear the ping and are impressed. Point is added for good behavior, and subtracted for disruptive behavior.

It is a “bottom-up” approach and a real incentive for kids to relate and pay attention to their classwork and learning skills. The interaction and hands-on ability of parents, teachers and students to interact have been a big winner for everyone.