Entrepreneurs and Fabletics Co-Founders; Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler originate in Los Angeles and are co-founders at Fabletics, an online subscription retailer company. Fabletics majorly sells athleisure products that include women sportswear and other related accessories. Fabletics was first established in 2013 and later launched FL2, activewear for men in 2015. As a result, the company expanded its inventory in 2016 to include swimsuits and dresses. Fabletics uses Hudson’s footage cell phone shots and targets its main competitor Lululemon. Fabletics has now managed to sustain a stable annual revenue increment of 35%.


Fabletics employs crowd marketing and pop-up stores to broaden its membership base. For this reason, the company stocks apparel holistically based on its online sales dynamics. In 2017, Fabletics expanded on the collections of available swimwears and dresses. Fabletics is highly reputable for its e-commerce approach with over 22 outlets. The company offers its customers with personalized outfits that suit their taste for fashion, size, and lifestyle. Fabletics is a subsidiary of Just Fab which later changed its name to Techsyle Fashion Group in 2016.


Adam Jack Goldenberg is a passionate entrepreneur and e-commerce expert. He is keen on internet advertisement. Adam first created Gamer’s Alliance Inc. at the age of 16. This site managed to advertise several gaming platforms. After two years of operation, Intermix Media acquired this venture in 1999. Adam served at Intermix Media as Vice President of Strategic Planning. When he turned 20, Adam became the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Intermix Media was later acquired by News Corp in 2005 at the cost of $650 million. Adam and Don Ressler jointly formed Intelligent Beauty Inc.


Don Ressler is also a successful entrepreneur. He has managed to run Intelligent Beauty and FitnessHeaven.com which was gradually acquired by Intermix Media in 2001. Together with Adam, they found Alena Media. This performance advertising and e-commerce division generated high revenues and became a profit center at intermix.


Don and Adam later found JustFab in 2010 as a subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty. A year later, JustFab received funding worth $33 million from Matrix Partners. Eventually, JustFab grew its membership base and managed to get over 6 million members by 2012. JustFab also received $76 million from Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and the parent company.


Out of the company’s financial stability, JustFab resolved to explore new markets. The company acquired Fabkids in 2013 and later procured Fab Shoes. In 2013, JustFab had managed to gain over 3 million members across Europe.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Keep Makes Huge Steps in the Business World

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have a goldmine on their hands. They started JustFab, and this became one of the hottest websites in retail clothing for women. They will strike gold many times earlier with websites like Intelligent Beauty. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have been partners for a long time, and they have kept their ear to the streets for a relatively long time. They have been able to take data that has been compiled from their websites and build even better websites. Essentially, they are the ones that are master mining the retail clothing world for women.


They are utilizing their skills in date metrics to provide a better shopping experience for new customers. So many people have been able to benefit from what has been done by this duo. Customers are highly impressed with the work that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done so far, but this appears to only be the beginning stage of their intuitive spirit. This is a duo that has incorporated a very interesting player for their current round in their business success. With Fabletics Kate Hudson is helping Don and Adam great even more ground.


TechStyle is what the name of JustFab has been changed to. This was a bold move by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. For years everyone has always known of the JustFab name. There are not a lot of people that have been acquainted with the new name so it makes it much harder for people to conceptualize a new name. The reality, however, is that Don and Adam had a plan in mind. They wanted to take some time to build a company that would focus on their connection with technology and retail. This Is how they came to a point where they would make a change with the name of the company. It would be a name that would give consumers a precise ideal to what they were trying to accomplish.


TechStyle represents a whole new platform where there are a lot of people that are embracing the data-driven metrics that come in the form of the lifestyle quizzes. People like this because it allows them to pick the clothes that are going to be in line with what they are looking for on a regular basis. Don and Adam embrace this because the lifestyle quiz provides data that can help them make consumer improvements.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Success in Technology

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are two respected figures in the fashion and technology world. The two successful businessmen have done their best to make sure that their companies emerge profitable in the modern competitive market. Many people who know the CEOs do not understand why the duo has done so well in the fashion industry yet they do not have any expertise. In a recent interview, the pair revealed that they were passionate about their business, and this has played a key role in their technology and fashion company.


In the interview, Adam Goldenberg said that they had chosen to change the name of the company from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group. The duo said that there were several reasons for the modification of the name. The institution has also changed its strategies so that it can win the heart of the modern consumer. The brands from the company have been in the market for a short time, and they are already doing well.


Mr. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler say that the popularity of the brands from the company has been instrumental in the massive sales the company has been making in the recent times. Although when they started the institutions, they were both newbies, they had hopes that they would make the company successful one day. Don Ressler has a lot of expertise in technology, and he has played a fundamental role in making the company a leader. The two have also hired a team of professionals who have the right knowledge to take the fashion company to the higher level.


JustFab uses a new technology to market its products. The company understands the needs of the modern consumer. According to the founders, when a customer loves a product or something, they are willing to spend money to acquire it. The quality of the products is always given priority, and this has given the company an upper hand in the market. The market is also flooded by different institutions such as Amazon who are already controlling more than twenty percent of the total sales. However, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are doing their best to make their fashion company the best. A recent study indicates that the technology and fashion company is one of the fastest growing startups in the United States. The subscription model used by the private institution enables clients to get the product and service they need without a lot of difficulties. http://bitsylink.com/2017/08/14/don-ressler-funding/

The Benefits of Passion For Fashion With Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

It is very common for people to take an interest in fashion. However, it can sometimes go even further than a passing interest. Some people who become interested in fashion find themselves feeling so passionate about it that they can actually make money from it. This is pretty much what happened with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They have come to love fashion and they have looked at all of the different outfits. However, they have thought about what they can do to bring forth their own designs. This has brought them to where they are starting different businesses such as Intelligent Beauty.


Their latest success in the fashion industry has come with the company currently known as TechStyle. There are plenty of brands in the TechStyle Group that is bringing forth flattering styles for both men and women. Don and Adam knows the effect fashion can have on an individual. For one thing, a change in appearance can influence how people feel about themselves and even influence their behavior. However, the type of influence it has on the individual depends on the person. One outfit that may bring forth a certain set of feelings in one person may bring out different feelings in another. This is one of the reasons that they make sure that the focus is on the customer and what she likes.


Their passion for fashion helps them identify challenges and gaps in the fashion industry. For instance, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have seen how limited the active wear styles are. One of the issues behind this phenomenon is that fashion and function are treated almost as mutually exclusive. This is one of the reasons that men’s fashion is extremely limited. Fortunately, they have taken the time to address that themselves. Their attempts to provide people with unique active wear fashions have turned out to be very successful with customers. With expert marketing and customer care, Fabletics has grown so much as a company that they have opened up a few physical locations for the athleisure brand. This can provide business owners with the confidence they need to move forward with other projects for their business. https://angel.co/adam-goldenberg

Talk Fusion – Offering Highly Efficient and Scalable Online and Video Based Marketing Products

There are many companies out there that are working hard to influence their target audience and dominate their respective niche through various marketing methods. Marketing is among the most challenging tasks for every business or enterprise, and while there are many different marketing techniques available these days, the competition in every sector is also quite high. It is what calls for the businesses to get creative if they want the attention of their customers or want to make a mark in their respective domains. Learn more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Talk-Fusion-Reviews-E284658.htm

Talk Fusion, a company started in 2007 by Bon Reina, is a pioneer in the world of video marketing. As the marketing sphere gets crowded by the same old marketing methods, it has become more and more important for the companies to find ways to reach out to their target audience in a way that improves conversion. Talk Fusion was started with the aim to make videos a part of our daily communication regime, just like email and phone calls. Recently, Talk Fusion even launched a video chat application named Fusion on the Go that allows the users to video chat with other members using the application and can even start video conference and add other members to the conference panel. It is a very helpful application on both professional and personal count. Learn more: https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk_Fusion

Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder Bob Reina believes that the products of the company are helpful for the companies who are looking to make a firm ground online, and want to ensure that they reach out to their investors and customers more efficiently. The company has a dedicated research and development program that continues to find new ways to make video based marketing and communication products that can help revolutionize the business as we know it.

Talk Fusion says that their products are easily scalable and does the function of multiple other applications at the same time. Starting from video conferencing to e-mail and more, its applications combine many other services in one. It helps the companies to cut back on their communication and marketing costs while improving the results that they are getting. Learn more:https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial

Jose Henrique Borghi Does All The Heavy Lifting For Businesses At All Stages

It often takes a lot more time than people have in order to bring a business to a level of success. For one thing, people are in need of a lot of help in getting their business off the ground. It is very rare for someone to be able to both handle the merchandising, content, and other aspects of the business while dealing with the advertising. After all, people tend to deal with some kind of exhaustion after dealing with their business. Therefore, they don’t have the mental energy to put towards any advertising. This is where advertising agencies come into play.

One example of an advertising agency is Mullen Lowe, run by Jose Henrique Borghi. One of the reasons that people should give their business over to this particular advertising agency is because Jose is so passionate about advertising. When he works on an ad, he makes sure that he is aware of the company and the type of message they want to send. He also makes sure that he focuses on what is new. After all, people are going to be looking for what is new from the company in the advertising. Therefore, Jose brings forth an ad campaign that is sure to please the business owners.

Jose has worked diligently on his ads and brought success to Mullen Lowe. As a result, he has brought a lot of attention to the company and has brought growth to it. Mullen Lowe has started in Brazil and has grown to include locations in the U.S. among other countries. This expands the reach of the company. This also allows people to enjoy the advantages that come with working Mullen Lowe. The thorough effort that is brought forth from the company would bring about plenty of sales and profit from customers.

To know more visit @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBZUAB2iP5o

Jose Auriemo Neto: the Executive Principal of International Known JHSF Participacoes

JHSF Participacoes is a well-regarded real estate company that specializes in the development of properties, such as hotels, airports, shopping malls, and luxury retail brands. This company ventured into the real estate scene in 1972. It has four main business units: the airport, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Shopping Center, and Incorporation.

Services provided by JHSF Participacoes and its accomplishments

JHSF Participacoes works in collaboration with a pool of entrepreneurs who have the ability to identify new and untapped business opportunities. This business has offices in Salvador, Manaus, Miami, New York, and Punta del Este. JHSF Participacoes also pioneers in the development of modern residential and commercial properties. The current president and vice chairman of the company are Alexandre Callado and Eduardo Camara respectively. Since it was formed, the company has developed more than six million square meters of construction. JHSF Participacoes has spent more than R $ 10.8 million in investment capital in various projects across Brazil. This corporation is a public company, and its shares are traded on the Bovespa’s Novo Mercado. Currently, JHSF Participacoes has a market value of more than R$ 3.7 billion.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose AuriemoNeto is a legendary investor and the chair of JHSF Participacoes, a real estate family business based in Brazil. Before joining this family business, he worked at the B Store for about a year. Neto began working at JHSF Participacoes in 1993 as a junior executive. Four years into the business, he established Parkbem, a high-class management company that used to develop parking lots. This company became famous across Sao Paulo, enabling him to get major projects including overseeing the construction of a mall known as Shopping Santa Cruz.

While working for JHSF Participacoes, Neto facilitated the company’s major transactions, such as the 2009 venture into retailing that enabled the company to merge with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. This collaboration led to the launch of luxury brands in the Cidade Jadrim Shopping Complex. Neto also facilitated the establishment of R.E.D Valentino stores. He treasures his family and mostly spends time with his lovely wife, Marina Neto, and his children.

Wikipedia: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/JHSF_Participa%C3%A7%C3%B5es

Sustainability as a Core Value At Cotemor S.A de C.V

Cotemor S.A de C.V is a Mexican company launched in 1979 as a service industry that met the needs of companies in the gas and oil industry. During this time the company maintained and managed offshore that would be used by their clients. Also, the company would provide transport vessels for their clients and material and equipment that they needed in the sites. In 1985, they bought their first rig that was used for accommodation. Slowly by slowly, the company began providing catering services to their clients, making sure that they had laundering services available to them and also provided recreational facilities such as netball and basketball courts. Today, the company has a large pool of professionals in various fields who ensure that their clients get all they need.



Cotemar prides itself in service and having a strong culture. The company understands that for them to continue being the best in the country, they have to treat their clients and employees with respect. The company communicates ethics, values and encourages their employees to speak up in case anything is not in line with their values. So far clients have commended the leadership at the company, stating that the company is one of the best employers in the country.



Leadership at Cotemar is friendly and involved in the employees’ future. The company has invested so much in their employees and makes sure that they advance their careers in the company. There are frequent training sessions set up for their clients. They are enlightened on the use of equipment and any latest technologies. This has tremendously affected positively the health of the employees as there are few cases of accidents reported in the firm.



Cotemar uses high end technology every now and then to encourage sustainability. The technology staff is always up and about devising and coming up with different ways that can help the company save the amount of gas and energy used. The company believes in sustainability and especially when it comes to ensuring that the environment is protected and conserved.



Additionally, the company is attached to its environs. Besides being an equal and fare employer the company engages in various activities that help the community as a whole. Every year, Cotemar invites experts in various fields and students and professionals to come together and share information and expertise in the various fields. This has a great impact on students and professionals as they add their knowledge. http://cotemar.com.mx/


Cultivating Success Hussain Sajwani

One of the world’s most leading businessmen is Hussain Sajwaini. Sajwani’s work to develop Dabai and the United Arab Emirates into what it is today has created a tourist capital in which tourists are able to flock and spend real money whilst also living or staying in lavishly designed properties. Sajwani adopted American practices in order to better himself in his presentation of real estate and properties for the world. His work has helped establish a precedence that didn’t previously exist in the Mideast and have allowed him to flourish as one of the world’s most successful businessmen.


The Ultimate Education Overseas

Perhaps the biggest stepping stone in Hussain Sajwani’s career came when he began his education abroad in the United States of America. Sajwani would study to obtain his bachelor’s degree in education from the prestigious University of Washington, a University known for its incredibly strong economics program. It is at the University that Sajwani would ultimately earn his degree in economics and allow himself to make bigger waves within the real estate and trading industries.


Knowing Capitalism

Studying at the university allowed Sajwani to do one thing amazingly well and that’s to understand to a stronger degree the inner workings of capitalism. It is through studying the school that allowed Sajwani to learn the skills needed to make the most important deal of his life, his deal with current U.S. President, Donald Trump. Sajwani’s dealings with trump would create a boom in real estate development across all of Duabai and the United Arab Emirates. The deal would ultimately elevate Sajwani’s success as a businessman.


Important Roles for an Important Man

Sajwani established himself through his work and success, but his skills finally came to pay off through the acquisition of high-ranking roles on boards that allowed him to have a stronger influence across the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani would eventually go on to get a standing position as a chairman on the United Arab Emirates board itself and establish himself as one of its leading influences. Through his hard-earned success, Sajwani has continued to be a strong businessman.

Equity First Holdings Offers Innovative Equities Lending Solutions

Equity First Holdings (EFH) officially started its operations in the finance and investment worlds in 2002. Since then, the firm has developed and delivered alternative financial solutions to private and institutional investors. It supplies capital against shares that are publicly traded to create a platform for clients to realize both their personal and professional missions. EFH offer capital against stocks traded on public exchanges globally. It has handled over 650 successful transactions worth over $1.4 billion.

Venturing in unique and profitable areas

Equities First Holdings is an international hub for alternative shareholder financing services. Currently, the firm is experiencing tremendous growth in share-based loans and margin loans in an economic environment where other financial institutions such as banks have restricted lending criteria. EFH invests in risky but profitable sectors that ordinary investors ignore. It has assisted many individuals in turning their ideas into startups and growing them into profitable companies.

Types of clients handled

EFH offers equities lending services to borrowers who require urgent capital or who are not eligible for traditional credit-based loans. Although there still some financing options for this borrowers, recently, many financial institutions have restructured and reduced their lending options, restricted loan qualifications, and inflated interest rates. According to EFH’s CEO, equity lending is an excellent borrowing alternative for people in need of working capital. Share-based loans have greater loan-to-value ratio compared to the margin loans and provide a fixed interest rate. Additionally, stock-based loans offer certainty during the entire period of the transaction.


Equity First Holdings approaches security- based lending in a pragmatic way and ensure its clients have more flexibility to succeed in their businesses and investments. It offers loan upon a thorough analysis of the future performance and risks associated with bonds, stocks, and treasuries. Equity lending services provided by EFH allows investors to minimize their investment risks.

How EFL security-based lending works

EFL’s stock loan utilizes equities such as stocks, bonds, and treasuries as loan collateral for a specific period, usually three years. A borrower may work out a deal with EFL if she or he has shares in Company X and the shares are showing signs of increasing in value in the future. Instead of liquidating his or her stakes in Company X, the individual transfers the stock to Equities First as collateral and, in turn, gets the loan proceeds. EFL’s share-based loans are non-purposes, giving a borrower the freedom to invest in his or her area of interest.