Academy of Art University Turns Students Into Designers

Students enrolled at the Academy of Art University are showing off their talents during the prestigious New York City Fashion Week. The Skylight Clarkson Square is the site of the academy’s runway showcase. Featured in the show are students who recently graduated from the academy with an MFA or BFA. They collectively contributed two clothing collections for women and five for men.

MFA Fashion Design graduate Haliun Zhou’s contributions to the showcase include her line of clothing inspired by what she observed around her while embarking on a journey of creativity as part of a creative concept class. Haliun created her own unique fabrics and turned them into dresses and outerwear, among other clothing items. She used PVC and vinyl to create each of the pieces. As a result of her talent for fashion, she was chosen in 2017 to participate in the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.

Haliun and other students of Academy of Art University have received a thorough education in design. This perfectly fits with the school’s mission statement, which includes teaching and design in the most disciplined way possible. The mission statement also covers the encouragement of each student when it comes to creating their own styles, culled from their creative aspirations and technical skills.

Other success stories of Academy of Art University students include MFA Fashion Design degree holder Eden Slezin. Eden, who hails from San Francisco, used the city’s focus on individuality to create her own styles. As an environmentally conscious designer, she made it a point to use recycled rubber and donated organic denim in the construction of her clothing. Not only did she share the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase with classmate Haliun, she was also a CFDA Elaine Gold Launch Pad finalist.

Eden is not the only San Francisco native to thrive thanks to the Academy of Art University. In fact, more than 70 alumni and current students have had their work featured in gallery exhibitions and shows throughout the Bay area.

However, the academy’s reputation attracts students from all over the world, such as Jelly Shan, who hails from China. She used a visit to Northwest China to serve as her inspiration for her clothing line, which she sees as fresh and edgy.

In fact,the alumni and student body of the academy is so diverse that it includes individuals from more than 112 countries, showing what an extraordinary reach the academy has.

Roberto Santiago’s Success In Entrepreneurship And His Other Passions

The Manaira Shopping Mall is a great relaxation spot, shopping center and hip area for all genres of people to hang out. The mall is located between the central and north beaches of Joao Pessoa and sits on 75,000 acres of land. The owner of the property, Robert Santiago, bought the land in the eighties and slowly started a long journey towards setting up a successful shopping complex in the once quiet neighborhood.


The property’s building began in 1987 and was completed in two years. Since its launch, Robert has executed a couple of refurbishments and additions to meet the changing architectural designs of the century and maintain an inviting and vibrant atmosphere for visitors. The Manaira has undergone five renovations since 1989, which mostly revised the fun and entertainment available to the people of Joao Pessoa.


The Manaira Shopping Complex has eleven movie rooms, which contain up-to-date technology like 3D rooms, a stadium system and cutting-edge display screens and glasses. Manaira’s bowling room is vast and fully electronic for an enjoyable feel. The gaming space has adequate gaming machines and software to serve the needs of an extensive populace. Manaira’s eateries vary in status from fast food outlets to five-star restaurant. The Espaco Gourmet restaurant in the mall has high-end cuisine prepared by professional chefs.


Other facilities available in the building include a gym, hundreds of shops for various merchandise and a gym. It is therefore common to find streams of students enjoying the various spots around the mall. Roberto included bank branches within the mall to ease transactions.


Apart from his trailblazing entrepreneurial career, Roberto is a passionate linguistic teaching SL-English at Gallaudet University and the author of a publication on idioms. The read is an informative peace for candidates looking to improve their translation skills. He is a co-author of three other materials detailing the process of language interpretation. Roberto also serves as a research trainer and rugby coach at Gallaudet University. He serves as a secretary at Deaf Rugby Football Club, a guide at Inner City Outings, and a coach at Berkley Rhinos Rugby Club.


Robert Santiago is a Madrid native born in 1968. He got married to Cristina Alcazar in 2004. Roberto has a bachelor in Deaf Studies from California State University and his masters and doctorate degrees in Interpreting from Gallaudet University. Roberto has previously worked for Birnbaum Interpreting Services, Purple Communications and Model Secondary School for the Deaf. Robert’s expertise acquires him opportunities to interpret text for government entities, private clients, learning institutions and national sports bodies. Robert is a serial philanthropist who donates to his favorite courses and sets up mutually beneficial activities in his area of business. He designed Manaira’s rooftop to hold live concerts from the region’s local talent and stated that displaying their art is a way of giving back to the welcoming and generous community.


Unique marketing-Market America Unfranchise

Market America Unfranchise does not specialize in any specific services nor does it manufacture a specific product which has given the organization a broad range of opportunity to supply their products and services according to the market demand. The Market America is a unique company which has always been succeeding due to them not specializing in a specific product. Their products and services range from medical services, cosmetic, health, and nutrition, weight management, home and garden among many others. Market America Unfranchise will always remain among the top organizations which provide the most popular products and services in the nation. Market America’s flexibility has ensured that the firm offers profitability, longevity, as well stability.

Unlike any other company in America, Market America Unfranchise ensures that they build a strong relationship with their customers who include manufacturers as well as suppliers. They ensure that they do not only deal with price issues but they also put more emphasis on quality of the product. Market America Unfranchise is always in the forefront to introduce new and trending products as well as services in the market. They have developed a trend of introducing new products and services just to stay ahead of the competition. Market America Unfranchise only store limited products in their warehouse ensuring freshly effectiveness as well cutting down on consumer cost. Market America Unfranchise delivers exclusive products and services which are distributed through, they also distribute their services and products from other shopping stores including; Target, Apple, Nike and many other top brands in the world. The group has been expanding adding their stores across the nation for people to experience their new products and services


Highland Capital Management Supports Victims of Family Violence with $1 Million Challenge Grant to the Family Place Legacy Campaign

James Dondero, Highland Capital Management’s President and Co-founder, broke the news that the company awarded a challenge grant of $1 to assist The Family Place, a Dallas based organization committed to assisting victims of family violence. With only $2.8 million remaining for The Family Place to meet a targeted $16.5 campaign fundraising goal, the Highland’s grant comes as a big boost.


Dondero when making the announcement at The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon noted the contributions of Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, and Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, for calling on the community to help out in solving such life-threatening issue in the city of Dallas. Responses have been encouraging. After the Highland’s grant of $1, The Family Place announced receiving additional donation of $200,000, which will attract a further $100,000 into the campaign purse by reason of the Highland’s grant.


James Dondero could not hide his love for the campaign. He scored The Family Place high for putting it together and investing quality time, energy and resource into actualizing it. He had nothing but good words for the civic community in Dallas having responded generously from the inception of the campaign.


One of the projects to be executed by The Family Place Legacy Campaign is the construction and eventual operation of an up-to-the-minute Central Dallas Counseling Center named in memory of Ann Moody. The centre is exclusively meant to care for family violence victims with 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a centralized hotline/call center, a dental and medical clinic, group counseling rooms for adults and children, and spaces for job-training among many other facilities.


The whole essence of The Family Place Legacy Campaign is to lend a helping hand to as many as possible. Highland Capital Management and others who have supported the campaign have shown to all and sundry that they truly care.




Highland Capital Management is the brainwork of two dynamic individuals, Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, as far back as 1993. Aside being a SEC-registered investment adviser, it has maintained a top ten position among alternative credit managers for decades with approximately $16 billion worth of asset under management. The company has a portfolio of diversified clients which includes foundations, public pension plans, endowments, financial institutions, corporations, governments, high net-worth individuals and fund of funds.


Highland never loses sight of the underprivileged and deprived. The company’s philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation, supports many humanitarian organizations including The Dallas Foundations. Highland has offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Seoul and Singapore in additional to the headquarters in Dallas, Texas.