Fabletics Next Step by Don Ressler

The Fabletics brand continues to appeal to women everywhere. This company’s marketing success is largely due to Don Ressler’s ability to bring new fashion ideas to life, generating rocketing Fabletics’ exclusive, active-wear, fashion sales. This company came to be when Don and Adam Goldberg came up with the Fabletics model to provide and sell ladies athleisure clothing with a marketing concept dependent on Fabletics customer desires. Other retailers only put out the styles some designers decide are currently trendy. Fabletics believes that the customer should get the fashion choices that appeal to them. In addition, since so many athletic wear retailers sell their fashions at ridiculously high costs, Fabletics strives to keep the price of their amazing styles affordable for the average woman.


While providing high-quality fashionable athleisure wear can sometimes bring challenges, Fabletics holds all of their products to a higher standard. This company will wait until all undesirable elements are worked out before offering these styles in their online shop and in their physical stores. Customers get incredibly perfect style choices when they take the individualized LifeStyle Survey Quiz. This saves customers the hassle of ending up with clothing that is unsuitable for their current lifestyle or clothing in the wrong size or design.


Additionally, Fabletics has just announced an upcoming line of plus-sized women’s clothing. This collection will be geared towards women with larger frames and/or curvier figures, in need of well-fitted athletic styles. Many plus-size ladies desire to increase their exercise to lose weight. Now, these women can find exceptional active wear in just their size. This is far preferable to wearing sweat-type outfits that have zero fashion appeal, often poorly constructed, too expensive and only available in unflattering colors. Fabletics is targeting this massive consumer group and expect their new collection to sell profitably.


Don Ressler believes in Fabletics’ mission to promote and provide clothing styles that embrace women and their desire for recognition and respect. Fabletics keeps this in mind whenever launching new products. Women can feel good about wearing these stylish, and exceptionally comfortable, designs suitable for all types of active lifestyles. Fabletics never uses trick marketing tactics, believing that their fashions speak to their worth. With this company’s customer-friendly and easy shopping services, women are finally able to purchase clothing items so beautiful, it is hard to believe the low price. With Don Ressler’s guidance, Fabletics continues to wow their customers.

How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Got Involved In The World Of Fashion

Techstyle Fashion Group is a membership online retailer that sells clothing, beauty products, and fashion accessories. It was co-founded by two business partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They readily admit that they knew very little about the world of fashion before launching the company but they have quickly learned about it. The company is built to sell what people are looking to buy.

Adam Goldenberg got his start at as an entrepreneur when he was just 15 years old. He developed an online advertising network called Gamers Alliance which helped people target those who play video games. It was in 1999 that he sold his business to Intermix Media. He also became that company’s Vice President of Strategic Planning, a position for which he dropped out of high school.

Don Ressler established FitnessHeaven.com when he, too, was pretty young for an entrepreneur. He also ended up selling his company to Intermix Media, in 2001. While operating his company he gained substantial experience at raising capital. He has said in the past that this experience was what encouraged him to start a business in the fashion industry.

With both Ressler and Goldenberg now working at Intermix, they soon became friends. Over time they decided to leave Intermix and establish their own company. The first company they launched as business partners was Intelligent Beauty which was their first e-commerce company. They saw some issues in the fashion industry that nobody else was addressing. The included nobody offering personalized fashion and nobody giving an online shopping experience that was fun and trendy featuring good quality, comfortable clothing.

Later on, Goldenberg and Ressler introduced JustFab. Consumers sign up as members of Justfab and, in exchange, they get athletic clothing and accessories each month that has been personalized to their tastes and sizes. Another helpful component on the website is demonstrations of how to put an outfit together so that their members will feel more comfortable expressing their fashion sense.

Techstyle Group is a company with feet placed firmly in two industries, technology and fashion. Both of the co-founders now have long histories in both industries and wanted the name of the company to reflect both sides of the company.

In regards to social responsibility, TechStyle Group works to benefit the broader community. They hold a number of charity events each year. One of these, the Cinderella Project, provides gown and accessories to those young women who can’t afford them when they want to attend their school proms.http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Raise TechStyle Group to Become a ‘Unicorn’

The fashion industry is not for everyone, and to be able to remain on top of the food chain one must be always strategic and offer unique and quality products. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are two living legends who have prospered in the industry. They started entrepreneurship since they were young and all along they have acquired extensive knowledge on how to run a successful business. TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly JustFab Inc is one of the successful ventures the two have embarked on. They founded the enterprise in March 2010, and Kimora Lee Simmons was made the president and Creative Director of the company in September 2011.


The company first received funding from US venture capital firm of 33 million dollars in the year 2011. In the subsequent year, the company received additional 76 million dollars from various investors. The resource enabled the company to expand to external markets particularly in UK, German and Canada. The headquarters of the TechStyle Group is located in El Segundo, CA as the region has easy access to international airports and there are plenty of luxurious beaches. The company now has four primary subsidiaries online businesses which include Fabletics, JustFab, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle.


Intelligent Beauty is also a successful business that was founded by the two gurus. Intelligent Beauty has been successful since it was started and it has expanded at a high rate as the two have had experience in multiple online businesses. Intelligent Beauty has focused on an becoming a fashion e-commerce leader by offering beauty and personal care products. The company firmly believes in the power of technology and efficient methods of brand building and advanced marketing.


TechStyle Group is referred to as unicorn by most media and financial experts mainly because of how much its worth. In financial terms, a unicorn is any business that is valued more than 1 billion dollars and based on the valuation of TechStyle Group; it is clear the company is an actual unicorn. Both Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have immensely contributed to the growth and development of the business, and their experience and passion have in deed kept them moving. Adam Goldenberg started his first business when he was just 15 years old Don, on the other hand, has embarked has made more than 1 billion US dollars in deals which raised over 100 million US dollar in capital for their current e-commerce business. They have firmly focused on offering personalized services and products for their customers to promote customer loyalty. http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Adam_Goldenberg

Entrepreneurs and Fabletics Co-Founders; Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler originate in Los Angeles and are co-founders at Fabletics, an online subscription retailer company. Fabletics majorly sells athleisure products that include women sportswear and other related accessories. Fabletics was first established in 2013 and later launched FL2, activewear for men in 2015. As a result, the company expanded its inventory in 2016 to include swimsuits and dresses. Fabletics uses Hudson’s footage cell phone shots and targets its main competitor Lululemon. Fabletics has now managed to sustain a stable annual revenue increment of 35%.


Fabletics employs crowd marketing and pop-up stores to broaden its membership base. For this reason, the company stocks apparel holistically based on its online sales dynamics. In 2017, Fabletics expanded on the collections of available swimwears and dresses. Fabletics is highly reputable for its e-commerce approach with over 22 outlets. The company offers its customers with personalized outfits that suit their taste for fashion, size, and lifestyle. Fabletics is a subsidiary of Just Fab which later changed its name to Techsyle Fashion Group in 2016.


Adam Jack Goldenberg is a passionate entrepreneur and e-commerce expert. He is keen on internet advertisement. Adam first created Gamer’s Alliance Inc. at the age of 16. This site managed to advertise several gaming platforms. After two years of operation, Intermix Media acquired this venture in 1999. Adam served at Intermix Media as Vice President of Strategic Planning. When he turned 20, Adam became the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Intermix Media was later acquired by News Corp in 2005 at the cost of $650 million. Adam and Don Ressler jointly formed Intelligent Beauty Inc.


Don Ressler is also a successful entrepreneur. He has managed to run Intelligent Beauty and FitnessHeaven.com which was gradually acquired by Intermix Media in 2001. Together with Adam, they found Alena Media. This performance advertising and e-commerce division generated high revenues and became a profit center at intermix.


Don and Adam later found JustFab in 2010 as a subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty. A year later, JustFab received funding worth $33 million from Matrix Partners. Eventually, JustFab grew its membership base and managed to get over 6 million members by 2012. JustFab also received $76 million from Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and the parent company.


Out of the company’s financial stability, JustFab resolved to explore new markets. The company acquired Fabkids in 2013 and later procured Fab Shoes. In 2013, JustFab had managed to gain over 3 million members across Europe.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Keep Makes Huge Steps in the Business World

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have a goldmine on their hands. They started JustFab, and this became one of the hottest websites in retail clothing for women. They will strike gold many times earlier with websites like Intelligent Beauty. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have been partners for a long time, and they have kept their ear to the streets for a relatively long time. They have been able to take data that has been compiled from their websites and build even better websites. Essentially, they are the ones that are master mining the retail clothing world for women.


They are utilizing their skills in date metrics to provide a better shopping experience for new customers. So many people have been able to benefit from what has been done by this duo. Customers are highly impressed with the work that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done so far, but this appears to only be the beginning stage of their intuitive spirit. This is a duo that has incorporated a very interesting player for their current round in their business success. With Fabletics Kate Hudson is helping Don and Adam great even more ground.


TechStyle is what the name of JustFab has been changed to. This was a bold move by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. For years everyone has always known of the JustFab name. There are not a lot of people that have been acquainted with the new name so it makes it much harder for people to conceptualize a new name. The reality, however, is that Don and Adam had a plan in mind. They wanted to take some time to build a company that would focus on their connection with technology and retail. This Is how they came to a point where they would make a change with the name of the company. It would be a name that would give consumers a precise ideal to what they were trying to accomplish.


TechStyle represents a whole new platform where there are a lot of people that are embracing the data-driven metrics that come in the form of the lifestyle quizzes. People like this because it allows them to pick the clothes that are going to be in line with what they are looking for on a regular basis. Don and Adam embrace this because the lifestyle quiz provides data that can help them make consumer improvements.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Success in Technology

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are two respected figures in the fashion and technology world. The two successful businessmen have done their best to make sure that their companies emerge profitable in the modern competitive market. Many people who know the CEOs do not understand why the duo has done so well in the fashion industry yet they do not have any expertise. In a recent interview, the pair revealed that they were passionate about their business, and this has played a key role in their technology and fashion company.


In the interview, Adam Goldenberg said that they had chosen to change the name of the company from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group. The duo said that there were several reasons for the modification of the name. The institution has also changed its strategies so that it can win the heart of the modern consumer. The brands from the company have been in the market for a short time, and they are already doing well.


Mr. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler say that the popularity of the brands from the company has been instrumental in the massive sales the company has been making in the recent times. Although when they started the institutions, they were both newbies, they had hopes that they would make the company successful one day. Don Ressler has a lot of expertise in technology, and he has played a fundamental role in making the company a leader. The two have also hired a team of professionals who have the right knowledge to take the fashion company to the higher level.


JustFab uses a new technology to market its products. The company understands the needs of the modern consumer. According to the founders, when a customer loves a product or something, they are willing to spend money to acquire it. The quality of the products is always given priority, and this has given the company an upper hand in the market. The market is also flooded by different institutions such as Amazon who are already controlling more than twenty percent of the total sales. However, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are doing their best to make their fashion company the best. A recent study indicates that the technology and fashion company is one of the fastest growing startups in the United States. The subscription model used by the private institution enables clients to get the product and service they need without a lot of difficulties. http://bitsylink.com/2017/08/14/don-ressler-funding/

Retaining Architectural Integrity

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Developer

There is some appeal in maintaining the traditional aspects of some of the houses and improving on them instead of demolishing the whole structure to put up a new structure. Jason Halpern understands this and that is what he has been trying to do ever since he took over the family business in 2010. The real estate developer is now the Director of Parametric Dining that is situated at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has worked together with other major real estate businesses in the U.S and invested towards some of the very major projects such as developing 340 luxurious apartments from an old warehouse in 184 Kent.

Jason with his Partners

The warehouse was once the location of the Austin Nichols Company, one of the largest grocer companies in the United States. The warehouse was an ideal choice for reuse because it is near other facilities such as the markets and it gives a spectacular view of Manhattan. Most importantly, they were able to retain the architectural integrity of the building so it is still listed among the historical places in the area. This building was the winner in the adaptive reuse category of the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award. Under his leadership, the company has worked on other projects such as the building of the Townhouses of Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, construction of the condominiums in Collins Avenue near South Beach and is currently working on Homewood Suites and Hilton Hampton Inn in Long Island city.

Jason Halpern with Milana and Richard

In 2014, Jason Halpern announced that the company was topping off the Aloft South Beach Hotel scheduled to open the next year. The company was working closely with the Madden Real Estate Ventures to reuse the Ankara motel and build it into an eight storey towel. It was supposed to be the most recently opened hotel in the area since 2009 and as such it requires not only meeting the people’s expectations but amaze them as well. Halpern explained that that was a very big milestone towards the opening of the hotel that would include other facilities such as a gym, meet space, a rooftop lounge and an outdoor pool.


Jason and His Family

The company plans on expanding the Aloft hotel worldwide through the creation of other Aloft hotels in other 14 countries. In all the hotels they plan to adopt a traditional landscape design that would go a long way to help preserve the architectural designs of the country. Halpern has also helped to initiate the Guest(R) program that helps to gain and reward the loyalty of their customers. The program is an incentive to the customers for continued use of the hotels. They customers get an opportunity to earn and redeem points for their stay in the rooms, flights or a room upgrades.

Understanding Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne

Norman is the founder and CEO of PodcastOne. He has been working in the media and broadcasting industry for many decades and has been recognized many times for his extraordinary achievements in the field. He was recently on Forbes Magazine as a result of the many hits that he has produced starring different celebrities. The article went into the details of the steps that he has taken to get to the level of success that he is now enjoying. He is also the founder of WestwoodOne. The broadcaster has been distributing content on lifestyle, entertainment, traffic and even talk shows among other content.

WestwoodOne ha owned and distributed content to networks like CBN, NFL, CNN radio and CBS news among others. Norman strongly believes that anyone who wants to be successful in life has to ensure that they wake up earlier than others in the morning, sleep after the others at night and stay active and as engaged as possible. This is the one thing that he believes has set him apart from the many others in the business.

He had started these two companies decades ago and so they have grown steadily over the years. About seven years ago, he figured out that a lot of talent in the industry had not found an opportunity to showcase their gift. This is what made him start PodcastOne. The company quickly became the best provider of on-demand audio services. There are many people and brands that he has produced shows for including Snooki, Chris Jericho, Laura Ingraham and others. He is the invisible hand behind some of the greatest reality shows that have been aired on TV over the years.

He has received a lot of recognition for his work in the media industry, especially his innovation in solving problems. He had been appointed as a member of the broadcasting board of governors, a group that runs the operations of companies such a Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and several other governmental organizations.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman was born in 1943. He went through school and worked several jobs before starting his own company, WestwoodOne in 1976. This is the network that has led to his current success in the business of advertising. Seven years ago, he was inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame because of his exemplary work in the media. He is a benefactor of the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School.

Cultivating Success Hussain Sajwani

One of the world’s most leading businessmen is Hussain Sajwaini. Sajwani’s work to develop Dabai and the United Arab Emirates into what it is today has created a tourist capital in which tourists are able to flock and spend real money whilst also living or staying in lavishly designed properties. Sajwani adopted American practices in order to better himself in his presentation of real estate and properties for the world. His work has helped establish a precedence that didn’t previously exist in the Mideast and have allowed him to flourish as one of the world’s most successful businessmen.


The Ultimate Education Overseas

Perhaps the biggest stepping stone in Hussain Sajwani’s career came when he began his education abroad in the United States of America. Sajwani would study to obtain his bachelor’s degree in education from the prestigious University of Washington, a University known for its incredibly strong economics program. It is at the University that Sajwani would ultimately earn his degree in economics and allow himself to make bigger waves within the real estate and trading industries.


Knowing Capitalism

Studying at the university allowed Sajwani to do one thing amazingly well and that’s to understand to a stronger degree the inner workings of capitalism. It is through studying the school that allowed Sajwani to learn the skills needed to make the most important deal of his life, his deal with current U.S. President, Donald Trump. Sajwani’s dealings with trump would create a boom in real estate development across all of Duabai and the United Arab Emirates. The deal would ultimately elevate Sajwani’s success as a businessman.


Important Roles for an Important Man

Sajwani established himself through his work and success, but his skills finally came to pay off through the acquisition of high-ranking roles on boards that allowed him to have a stronger influence across the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani would eventually go on to get a standing position as a chairman on the United Arab Emirates board itself and establish himself as one of its leading influences. Through his hard-earned success, Sajwani has continued to be a strong businessman.