Getting Decorative With Wengie Hacks


Organize all of the cords that you have with old toilet paper and paper towel rolls. You can decorate the rolls with decorative tape, paint or stickers. Write down the cable that goes inside, tucking the cord away so that you can easily get the cord that you need out of a drawer.


You can create a fun display case with old milk crates or wooden crates. Decorate the crates with anything from wallpaper to paint. Try using a few different colors and patterns when decorating. A piece of paper can be glued to the back of each crate to create a wall. Stack the crates in different directions so that they all support each other. Place everything from flowers to picture frames to other decorations inside each crate as they look like large shelves. You can nail the crates in place so that they are more secure.


Create a whiteboard with a picture frame by taking out the glass and the backing. Cut out your own paper to put back in the frame. Put everything back together, and you can write on the glass with whiteboard markers. The writing will come off like it would on a whiteboard, allowing you to write a list or reminders any day of the week.