Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Establish A New System To Help Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have collaborated with Allscripts and NantHealth in the implementation of a custom technical solution. This will allow access to a program designed to assist physicians without causing any interruptions. The system is called NantOS and is available to oncologists all over the nation. A large collection of data regarding cancer care has been input into the system.

All appropriate options for treatment are presented within the system and potential guesswork by oncologists is eliminated. The available information is efficient, safe and designed for the patient’s welfare. The system includes treatment option comparisons, the delivery cost of available treatments, supportive theories, clinical approaches, referenced guidelines, adverse reactions to drugs, response rates, toxicity, clinical data and real time functionality.

Patients are now able to discuss and compare different treatments with their physicians. This provides patients with more confidence in their treatments. Approval from insurance companies is expedited because the clinical data required to support treatments is already in the system. The plans for the integrated solution began in 2016 with careful analysis and a strategic design.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America are based out of Boca Raton, Florida. The national network consists of five hospitals and helps adults fighting cancer. The centers use an approach that is integrative and combines chemotherapy, surgery, the advancements in genomic testing, immunotherapy, radiation, supportive therapies based on evidence and precision treatment for cancer. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America help patients emotionally and physically by helping to enhance the quality of their lives and handling any side effects during and after treatment.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America help patients from all over the world and have hospitals located in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Chicago and Phoenix. Their hospitals have been consistently rated as delivering the best patient experience and the highest quality of care available in the United States. Patients and their families are provided with comprehensive information regarding their options for treatment and are able to be an active participant in the discussions.

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