Brian Torchin: A True Success:

*Chiropractor turned Businessman:

Brian Torchin is currently the President of HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing is located in Narbeth Pennsylvania. The agency has a team of highly skilled healthcare experts who have strong experience in staffing as well as managing and working within the medical environment.

Mr. Torchin had a great deal of staffing experience prior to opening HCRC Staffing.

Mr. Torchin is actually a Chiropractor turned recruiter. He was able to take his knowledge from his Chiropractic experience and combine it with his business know how and leadership skills to form a top of the line staffing firm.

Torchin began working with a variety of physicians, Chiropractors, physician assistants as well as other medical professionals immediately after graduating from college.

Brian Torchin’s drive to create HCRC staffing without a doubt came from his experience and interaction with skilled medical professionals. Mr. Torchin has stated many times that he learned so very much from the medical community over the years.

HCRC is a well known medical recruiting firm. In addition, HCRC also provides expert consulting services. Brian Torchin believes the key to running a successful staffing and consulting firm is strong communication as well as being able to identify the need of the client.

*Educational Background/ Training:

Mr. Torchin has some interesting education credentials. He was physical therapist for about three years after graduation. However, Brian Torchin decided he wanted to take his career ambitions further.

Torchin graduated from the New York Chiropractic College. He always stressed the importance of higher education as well as pursuing your career goals.

It was while Brian Torchin was a practicing Chiropractor that he decided to start HCRC Staffing. Mr. Torchin has no regrets and is quite pleased with where his career ambitions have taken him.

Who knows what is in store for this very ambitious businessman in the coming years. Most would agree that whatever Mr. Torchin decides to do career wise, it will most certainly turn out a success.

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