Leading Hedge Fund Trader, George Soros

George Soros is one of the richest hedge fund men across the globe. He has worked tirelessly for his success. Soros is a famous Philanthropist, Manager and a great author. He has been featured by Forbes as the World’s 19th richest man and the richest forex trader. He was born in Budapest Hungary a time when Nazi Germany invaded Hungary. A time when the young Soros was only 13 years. The country was going through difficult moments and that was the most critical moment in the history of Hungary. Their family had to change their Jewish name to Soros so that they could survive the wars. At that time, Jewish children were also barred from attending schools which was a step backward towards the progress of their future. He also survived other attacks like Budapest Siege and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros’ family later relocated to England so that the young Soros could join London School of economics. He pursued Bachelors in Economics from the University and later a masters degree in science in philosophy. During his tenure in school, he used to work as a waiter in a railway station in order to earn a daily living. After graduation, he started applying for jobs at various merchant banks a period he describes as one of the lowest moments in his life. He used to be ignored and even getting humiliated during interviews. He got employed at Singer and Friedlander, not because of anything else but all because the managing director was a Hungarian. The situation in many companies was not therefore about qualifications. He worked at the company as a clerk and then arbitrage department and read full artilce.

George Soros kept on looking for greener pastures and always wanted to grow in his career. He was referred by a friend Rober Mayer to F.M. Mayer which was located in New York. He was employed in the year 1965 and relocated to New York City. He worked in the department of European stock as an arbitrage trader a role he undertook while at the previous company. He worked there for a period of three years and moved to Wertheim and Co. He had intentions of going back to England to advance his studies in Philosophy. That was during this period when he developed the theory of reflexivity.

George later left the company and joined Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. That is when his career took another dimension. He started experimenting his strategies using the company’s resources and later he realized that they were working out. In 1969, he set up Double Eagle a hedge fund which did not take long. It was well and functional until when he founded Soros Fund Management. He became its chairman and quit his responsibilities from Double Edge due to conflicts of interest and Follow his Twitter.

Other Reference: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

PodcastOne and its new Mobile Software Launch

Just recently, PodcastOne made an announcement about its introduction of mobile software that assists listeners in enjoying the audio programs of the network in new ways. The mobile software includes video recordings of 360-degrees and also different interactive social functions. The users of the network will be able to benefit from the software’s ability to communicate easily with fellow listeners as well as hosts. PodcastOne made the announcement that the new application will be available to all users for free on Apple’s App Store as well as its website and also on Goggle Play. The mobile software consists on many features which allow individuals to watch and also listen to a wide variety of shows.

Through the new mobile software, users can contribute to discussions regarding particular programs in the network. It also offers access to articles that are popular as well as intriguing photographs that are not available on the internet. The application also allows users to answer survey questions and also send personal messages to their fellow listeners. According to PodcastOne, It has managed to integrate the new mobile software with its new reward system. Members can accumulate points and also exchange them for many different bonus services and features. Users can also use the earnings to acquire discounts on products, watch other material that is exclusive as well as view special virtual-reality shows.

PodcastOne announced that it entered into a partnership with the Mandt VR in order to come up with high-quality videos in 360-degree and virtual reality formats. Already, the two companies have managed to create more than one thousand video recordings. The massive library allows listeners to have an experience of their favorite podcasts in a manner that is more immersive. Users can also start accessing the footage as soon as possible. PodcastOne and Mandt VR normally add more content each week to the collection.

An established figure in the radio broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz serves as the Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne. He is also the founder of Westwood One which is a network supplying entertainment, sports, talk, news shows and many more to traditional radio stations all over the country. Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group which is a successful program distributor. Both President Bush and Clinton appointed Norman Pattiz to serve in the Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors. He is also involved with the Pacific Council on International Relations. Learn more: http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2015/aug/16/radio-turns-ear-demand/


Ricardo Tosto: State of São Paulo is published in the Federal Official Gazette

The ICMS Agreement No. 54 was published on May 11, in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government – the measure allows the State of São Paulo to install a program for the payment of tax debts on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) whose generating events occurred until December 31 of last year. Who knows the fact is the founding partner of the office of Right Milk, Tosto, and Barros, the lawyer Ricardo Tosto.

The agreement is included in a package announced by the Government of the State of São Paulo that aims to unkinder and expedites the discussion within the scope of the Tax and Tax Court (TIT). The text referring to Initiative 54 deals with the possibility of São Paulo creating the benefit for payment in a single instalment – with a reduction of up to 75% in punitive fines and 60% in other legal increases, points out Ricardo Tosto; or even in up to 60 instalments, with a reduction of up to 50% in fines and 40% in other legal increases.

The measure also provides for points that state legislation may regulate, with a special emphasis on setting the deadline by which the taxpayer can make the option to join the installment plan – as long as it does not exceed August 15, 2017. The lawyer Ricardo Tosto, that the text prevents the inclusion of debts that have already been subject to previous installments – provided for in ICMS Conventions 51/2007, 108/2012 (PEP 2013/2014), and 117/15 (PEP 2015/2016) – and whose progress is regular on January 30, 2017.

About the package announced by the Government of São Paulo

The institution of the Debt Settlement Program (PPD) is another measure with which the package counts. The bill, however, is in a process before the São Paulo Legislative Assembly, under No. 253/2017. The objective of the PPD is the possibility of instalment, also with reduction of fines and legal charges, for debts related to the Tax on Ownership of Motor Vehicles (IPVA), Tax on Transference Cause Mortis and Donation (ITCMD), fees, and nature non-tax fiscal – whose events took place until December 31, 2016, according to Ricardo Tosto do Leite, Tosto e Barros.

In addition, one of the proposals of the bill – which is authored by the governor of the State of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin – is the exemption of payment of IPVA for people with disabilities, who, through a medical report, are proven to be unable to guide – and acquire vehicles so that their healers may direct them.


Greg Secker, an International Speaker and a Forex Guru

Greg Secker is a professional international speaker, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He is the owner of several companies that have offices across all parts of the globe. They include SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade and also Capital Index. Greg Secker as a great philanthropist happens to be the founder of a non-governmental organization called The Greg Secker Foundation. The aim of the company is to change the livelihoods of people across the globe. Greg Secker is a noteworthy multimillionaire is his twenties. He has been the future of every successful trader across Europe and happens to be the founder of the most successful trading companies that have set ablaze a trading path for every potential trader in the continent. He has helped and has worked with people towards financial freedom. He is also the owner and founder of Europe’s most trading coaching companies and he is always on the frontline helping people to trade forex and also become entrepreneurs.

Greg Secker is also a good scholar and happened to attend one of the most prestigious University across the globe. The went to Nottingham University to study bachelors of science in Food Science and Agriculture. While at the University, he happened to sell computers. He used to sell them in order for him to earn a daily living. Greg in the process developed a passion for the computers and started learning how to do coding. He worked passionately and later became a known computer geek. Later someone from Thomas Cook noted his capabilities in coding and they invited him for an interview. He was hired and was given a chance to develop for them a trading platform for foreign currencies. He was able to develop for them a great trading platform.

Greg Secker, due to his innovation during the creation of a trading platform at Thomas Cook, he was awarded and has subsequently received so many global awards. He was later employed as a vice president at Mellon Financial services. He did not take long and decided to start trading independently. He started trading from his living room for quite some time. He made millions of profits and later decided to start attending seminars. He was mentored by great forex giants and started speaking in public.

How to Become a Successful and Financially Free Mom with Traveling Vineyard

Being a working mom is one of the toughest roles in life. It takes lots of planning, dedication, and support to effectively manage a household. You have to look presentable and meet all your goals in your 9 to 5 job. At the same time, you have a needy child at home crying for attention; how do you even cope? You’ll definitely have feelings of guild and stress due to the divided attention between your family and work.

What if you could make lots of money just by sharing a bottle of wine with your friends or even colleagues? You only need to become a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard and set up your first wine business. And it won’t cost you more than $100 to set up.

With Travelling Vineyard, you can make money by inviting friends and acquaintances to a wine tasting party. Share a bottle or two of wine with them which should cost you between $14 to $25 a bottle. If they like it, let them know you can supply wine to their next event and you already have an order. Get three orders from any wine party you hold and the Travelling Vineyard rewards you with a lucrative discount.

Getting your wine business up and running should only cost $99. With that amount, you get free wine brochures, plenty of sales materials, and order forms. Inside your wine kit, you will also find free wine glasses, a wine dispenser, and wine bag to carry products on the go. In addition, you get a free business website for a month with which you advertise your business, and clients can order wine directly from you. And a friend wanted to join the business, then you can be sure of a $100 bonus when their sales hit $750.

You can start a wine business for only $99 and become a full time working mom. It is as simple as joining the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide, throw parties with friends, then watch the cheques come in.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company founded in 2001 and deals in wine distribution. It recruits salespeople known as wine guides who market the company products by providing wine tasting experiences to potential clients. In return, wine guides earn commissions on the sales, bonuses on recruiting new guides, and discounts on wine products.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media: www.facebook.com/travelingvineyard/

EOS Helps to Create a Lip Balm for Everyone

It’s great when a company creates something that everyone can enjoy. That’s exactly what EOS lip balm is doing. They have a whole entire line of lip products with different flavors. Now, they’re expanding their product even further to reach more people.

According to usmagazine.com, EOS Lip Balm has recently come out with new vegan crystal flavors. They’re enchanting, hydrating, and perfect for those who have gone vegan. The new flavors are created with ingredients that are organic and animal byproduct-free. These lip balms are sold at stores across the United States including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Target. These lip balms are dermatologist-tested to ensure that they’re just as moisturizing as other products! These vegan-friendly products come in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid flavors.

EOS Lip Balm is a product that’s been around for several years now. They broke into the lip balm market because they saw that there was a need for more flavors, better quality, and a new shape! EOS Lip Balm has created all of their balm in tiny egg-shaped containers. These egg-shaped lip balms have people raving because people consider them more sanitary and they seem to last longer! EOS lip balm has created the perfect combination of vitamins and oils to keep lips healthy. EOS lip balm helps the fight against chapped lips even in the hot summer and cold winter months.

EOS Lip Balm have recetly gained more popularity thanks in part to the celebrities that have seen carrying around the egg-shaped containers, great review here. EOS also can be seen all over beauty and fashion magazines. Overall, EOS has taken over the lip balm market because they took a common commodity and turned it into something special. They did their research and was able to create something that people need. That need was different flavors that taste great and get the job done when it comes to hydrating lips.

See this wonderful video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.


Fabletics Next Step by Don Ressler

The Fabletics brand continues to appeal to women everywhere. This company’s marketing success is largely due to Don Ressler’s ability to bring new fashion ideas to life, generating rocketing Fabletics’ exclusive, active-wear, fashion sales. This company came to be when Don and Adam Goldberg came up with the Fabletics model to provide and sell ladies athleisure clothing with a marketing concept dependent on Fabletics customer desires. Other retailers only put out the styles some designers decide are currently trendy. Fabletics believes that the customer should get the fashion choices that appeal to them. In addition, since so many athletic wear retailers sell their fashions at ridiculously high costs, Fabletics strives to keep the price of their amazing styles affordable for the average woman.


While providing high-quality fashionable athleisure wear can sometimes bring challenges, Fabletics holds all of their products to a higher standard. This company will wait until all undesirable elements are worked out before offering these styles in their online shop and in their physical stores. Customers get incredibly perfect style choices when they take the individualized LifeStyle Survey Quiz. This saves customers the hassle of ending up with clothing that is unsuitable for their current lifestyle or clothing in the wrong size or design.


Additionally, Fabletics has just announced an upcoming line of plus-sized women’s clothing. This collection will be geared towards women with larger frames and/or curvier figures, in need of well-fitted athletic styles. Many plus-size ladies desire to increase their exercise to lose weight. Now, these women can find exceptional active wear in just their size. This is far preferable to wearing sweat-type outfits that have zero fashion appeal, often poorly constructed, too expensive and only available in unflattering colors. Fabletics is targeting this massive consumer group and expect their new collection to sell profitably.


Don Ressler believes in Fabletics’ mission to promote and provide clothing styles that embrace women and their desire for recognition and respect. Fabletics keeps this in mind whenever launching new products. Women can feel good about wearing these stylish, and exceptionally comfortable, designs suitable for all types of active lifestyles. Fabletics never uses trick marketing tactics, believing that their fashions speak to their worth. With this company’s customer-friendly and easy shopping services, women are finally able to purchase clothing items so beautiful, it is hard to believe the low price. With Don Ressler’s guidance, Fabletics continues to wow their customers.

How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Got Involved In The World Of Fashion

Techstyle Fashion Group is a membership online retailer that sells clothing, beauty products, and fashion accessories. It was co-founded by two business partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They readily admit that they knew very little about the world of fashion before launching the company but they have quickly learned about it. The company is built to sell what people are looking to buy.

Adam Goldenberg got his start at as an entrepreneur when he was just 15 years old. He developed an online advertising network called Gamers Alliance which helped people target those who play video games. It was in 1999 that he sold his business to Intermix Media. He also became that company’s Vice President of Strategic Planning, a position for which he dropped out of high school.

Don Ressler established FitnessHeaven.com when he, too, was pretty young for an entrepreneur. He also ended up selling his company to Intermix Media, in 2001. While operating his company he gained substantial experience at raising capital. He has said in the past that this experience was what encouraged him to start a business in the fashion industry.

With both Ressler and Goldenberg now working at Intermix, they soon became friends. Over time they decided to leave Intermix and establish their own company. The first company they launched as business partners was Intelligent Beauty which was their first e-commerce company. They saw some issues in the fashion industry that nobody else was addressing. The included nobody offering personalized fashion and nobody giving an online shopping experience that was fun and trendy featuring good quality, comfortable clothing.

Later on, Goldenberg and Ressler introduced JustFab. Consumers sign up as members of Justfab and, in exchange, they get athletic clothing and accessories each month that has been personalized to their tastes and sizes. Another helpful component on the website is demonstrations of how to put an outfit together so that their members will feel more comfortable expressing their fashion sense.

Techstyle Group is a company with feet placed firmly in two industries, technology and fashion. Both of the co-founders now have long histories in both industries and wanted the name of the company to reflect both sides of the company.

In regards to social responsibility, TechStyle Group works to benefit the broader community. They hold a number of charity events each year. One of these, the Cinderella Project, provides gown and accessories to those young women who can’t afford them when they want to attend their school proms.http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/

Market America Inc to Keep Running Well

One of the things allowing the massive operation of Market America Inc to keep running well is their use of One-to-One Marketing. This concept allows Market America Inc to always keep in touch with the modern marketplace with the aid of a large worldwide network of UnFranchise Business Owners. UnFranchise Business Owners are able to build personal relationships with a group of customers, learn the needs of each individual customer, and meet these needs accordingly. By doing this, the UnFranchise Business Owner seeks to establish longterm value with their consumers. For Market America Inc, the One-To-One component of restores personalized customer service.

To know more visit the channel www.youtube.com/user/MarketAmerica


How Nick Vertucci’s Proven Real Estate Investing System Is Helping People Secure Their Financial Future

When Nick Vertucci discovered that real estate investing could get him about of his financial difficulties and bring in a hefty income, he spend 10 years perfecting his tactics. Now that he has protected his system, Vertucci wants to help other people secure their financial future as well.


The NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which is part of Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc., shows students how to implement Vertucci’s Fortunes in Flipping system, which is the same method that he used to amass his own fortune. Naturally there are challenges, however, NVREA teaches student how to overcome any obstacles. Subjects include how to find homes that are a good deal, how to renovate the property and how to market and sell the house. Additionally, NVREA includes information about asset protection and using 401K funds to purchase investment properties.


Students have said that they received high quality information that enables them to get started immediately. Former students who achieved success using Vertucci’s system say that they put in time and effort, and they would wholeheartedly recommend NVREA to anyone who prefers using a proven system as opposed to a trial and error approach to real estate investing.


In his blog, Nick Vertucci talks about how he doubted himself at first, but after he found his first cash buyers, he began to gain confidence. Once the money started rolling in, Vertucci knew that he had found a way to secure his family’s financial future.


Nick Vertucci holds a free Flip with Nick live workshops across the country, where he talks about how people can become successful even though they have no real estate experience. He explains how to invest in real estate with no cash down by using money from other individuals to fund flipping houses as well. People snap up the seats quickly, it is important to reserve one as soon as Vertucci comes to your city. https://twitter.com/nvrea?lang=en