My Favorite EOS “Recipe”

Beyond always being a little fashionably late and hair that only curls when I decide to stay in, I consistently have to stave off looking like I’ve only heard stories of water but never tried. My lips and I constantly disagree. I want them to be soft and not reminiscent of a Sahara documentary while they prefer the desert look.

Needless to say, I always carry lip balm around, sometimes several depending on my outfit for the day. Though much like my predisposition towards never catching the worm, I can never hold on to one balm for more than a few times.

That is what drew me to the large round balm I picked up a few months ago. I figured perhaps my problem could be solved by a shape change.

Initially drawn towards the potential of being able to hang onto a lip balm longer than a few applications, I grabbed a few EOS lip balms in colors I thought were nice.

I have to say, in addition to being easier to keep in my possession, the EOS balms definitely surprised me.

Check this out here.

The flavors initially stuck out as each one was not only a pretty shade but indicative of a much better flavor.

So after trying out and hanging onto several of the available flavors, I came up with my favorite “recipe” for the best combination.

My “Recipe”

Much like my cooking recipes, I prefer things to be simple so there is no need to bring out food scales or try to figure out what medium high heat actually means. My perfect combination for EOS flavors is straight forward.

Summer Sorbet

Just apply EOS Summer Fruit to your bottom lip and EOS Strawberry Sorbet to your top, and there you have it. My favorite blend of flavors, equally sweet and cool.  Click


Bruce Levenson: A Look Beyond The Former NBA Franchise Owner

According to, Bruce Levenson is most-known for his time as owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, the franchise he owned from 2004 to early 2015. Levenson sold the Hawks for quite a price, potentially even overselling them by millions. But he also hasn’t quite ended his chapter in Atlanta, he’s now filing a lawsuit along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) against their former insurance company for not honoring a claim filed for paying out former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. This court battle could prove to be long Time and contentious, with AHBE looking to prove that the claim they filed was well within their policy rights.

Bruce Levenson’s career ( began long before he purchased the Atlanta Hawks when he founded his major media corporation, United Communications Group (UCG). Levenson had previously gotten his bachelor’s degree in journalism, and was attending law school when he started working at the Washington Star. He soon decided to start his own news publication, and began with Oil Express in 1977. He and his friend, Ed Peskowitz started building their operations, and soon they had acquired even more newsletters. UCG became a large source for journals covering various industries such as banking, healthcare, energy and education. They also founded GasBuddy, an app that helps drivers find lower gas prices in their area.

Levenson has also started up non-profit organizations and given back to his communities. He has contributed to and gotten actively involved with the Holocaust Memorial Museum, an endeavor that’s important to him because of his Jewish background and because his mother-in-law is a survivor of the event. He’s helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program for young people to learn more about the event and teach others. Levenson also helped start the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership to encourage more giving among young entrepreneurs.


Evolution of Smooth: Taking Flavor to the Next Level

EOS, otherwise know as Evolution of Smooth, is a company that has changed the face of lip care. The company does not do tests on animals and the products are gluten free. All products that Evolution of Smooth puts out all go through extreme safety testing, and are all made with the finest ingredients. The tiny, round pieces of lip balm seemed to grow in popularity over night. They popped up in major convenience stores and noted celebrities were using the product, resulting in more and more people replacing their old lip balm products with the innovative, spherical and flavorful orbs.  Go to


Evolution of Smooth has many different flavors that are included in their lip balm. There are over 10 different unique flavors ranging across their lines of lip balm, which is one of their most popular products. Some of the most popular and most purchased flavors are pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, blueberry acai and coconut milk. Other flavors include strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, and sweet mint.  Check


There are different lines of lip balm as well, depending on what you as a customer are looking for in a lip balm product. The Smooth Sphere lip balm, Visibly Soft lip balm, Shimmer Smooth spheres, Active Protection lip balm and even the Organic smooth sticks all have differing flavors, and are utilized for different reasons. The Smooth Sphere lip balm is used best for smoothing out lips, and the Shimmer Smooth lip balm includes a bit of shimmer in the look. The EOS Active Protection lip balm contains SPF that gives coverage to the user. Customers can also pick up the Organic smooth sticks if they prefer the more familiar style of design over the circular design. The Visibly Soft lip line includes flavors such as blackberry nectar and vanilla mint. While the Active Protection line has flavors like fresh grape fruit and lemon twist, all containing SPF.


Five Tips for Achieving Success by Josh Verne

Josh Verne is a businessman who has over 20 years of work experience in establishing, managing and selling startups. Throughout his career, he has identified five keys steps that would make one succeed in life and business. These points include:


  • Being a leader and not a boss


Given that these two categories of people exist in life, research shows that leaders tend to achieve more than bosses do. Leaders serve by putting other people’s interests before their own, which makes it easy to reach their goals.


  • Engage in activities that will benefit you


He encourages people to strive to achieve something in every situation. Every transaction should be as an opportunity to achieve something for your business and clients.


  • Always listen more


When you listen more, your words gain power since when you speak, people will be eager to learn and hear from you.


  • Maintain a balance in life


Ensure progress in all areas of your life.


  • Identify your passion


Doing what you love makes you work hard towards achieving your goals.


About Josh Verne


Josh Verne is an entrepreneur from Philadelphia. He is also the executive principal of FlockU LLC, a mobile peer exchange platform for college students. Verne served as the president of Home Line Furniture, a company that supplies home furnishing products across the state of Philadelphia. He worked for this company for over a decade and handled all managerial and logistics duties.


In 2011, Verne joined, an e-commerce business that allows customers to make purchases of products as well as promote financial wellness. Since 2015, he has been managing FlockU LLC. This online platform allows users to share and watch funny videos, discuss topics, and read. This company serves to guide students on how to navigate life outside of class and school.

The Luggage and Backpack Combo for Urban Adventurers


You’re not headed for Outer Mongolia. Just a zigzag trip across the country by air and car. The right backpack and luggage can make or break your trip. They will be your constant companions. Choose wisely.


Your luggage brands have to be roomy as a cruise liner, tough as nails and nimble as a cat. Most luggage is made from ballistic nylon with an assigned number. The number stands for how dense the weaving is.


Briggs and Riley products use very dense ballistic nylon fabric up to 2520D. This makes their bags water repellent, highly resistant to scrapes and rips and durable for years to come. Most Briggs and Riley bags are designed for optional expansion. Best of all, the company provides a lifetime repair guarantee.


The ideal backpack must be light, easy to organize and sturdy. It has to fit in the office or on the hiking trail.


Patagonia is best known for well-designed outdoorsy, sporty gear and apparel, and they are universally considered to be one of the best backpack companies. Patagonia backpacks are made of dense polyester weave for lightness and durable water protection. With carefully thought out pockets, zippers and compartments, it can handle laptops as well as adventure gear. Patagonia bags are standouts in ergonomics. Shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. A waist or sternum strap distributes weight evenly.  They are also known as pretty good briefcase brands too.


You don’t have to survive dead drops, abrasive companions or freezing temperatures but your luggage and backpack do. Go with quality, value and flexibility with Briggs and Riley luggage paired with a Patagonia backpack. You won’t be let down.

Understanding Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne

Norman is the founder and CEO of PodcastOne. He has been working in the media and broadcasting industry for many decades and has been recognized many times for his extraordinary achievements in the field. He was recently on Forbes Magazine as a result of the many hits that he has produced starring different celebrities. The article went into the details of the steps that he has taken to get to the level of success that he is now enjoying. He is also the founder of WestwoodOne. The broadcaster has been distributing content on lifestyle, entertainment, traffic and even talk shows among other content.

WestwoodOne ha owned and distributed content to networks like CBN, NFL, CNN radio and CBS news among others. Norman strongly believes that anyone who wants to be successful in life has to ensure that they wake up earlier than others in the morning, sleep after the others at night and stay active and as engaged as possible. This is the one thing that he believes has set him apart from the many others in the business.

He had started these two companies decades ago and so they have grown steadily over the years. About seven years ago, he figured out that a lot of talent in the industry had not found an opportunity to showcase their gift. This is what made him start PodcastOne. The company quickly became the best provider of on-demand audio services. There are many people and brands that he has produced shows for including Snooki, Chris Jericho, Laura Ingraham and others. He is the invisible hand behind some of the greatest reality shows that have been aired on TV over the years.

He has received a lot of recognition for his work in the media industry, especially his innovation in solving problems. He had been appointed as a member of the broadcasting board of governors, a group that runs the operations of companies such a Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and several other governmental organizations.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman was born in 1943. He went through school and worked several jobs before starting his own company, WestwoodOne in 1976. This is the network that has led to his current success in the business of advertising. Seven years ago, he was inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame because of his exemplary work in the media. He is a benefactor of the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School.

Sustainability as a Core Value At Cotemor S.A de C.V

Cotemor S.A de C.V is a Mexican company launched in 1979 as a service industry that met the needs of companies in the gas and oil industry. During this time the company maintained and managed offshore that would be used by their clients. Also, the company would provide transport vessels for their clients and material and equipment that they needed in the sites. In 1985, they bought their first rig that was used for accommodation. Slowly by slowly, the company began providing catering services to their clients, making sure that they had laundering services available to them and also provided recreational facilities such as netball and basketball courts. Today, the company has a large pool of professionals in various fields who ensure that their clients get all they need.



Cotemar prides itself in service and having a strong culture. The company understands that for them to continue being the best in the country, they have to treat their clients and employees with respect. The company communicates ethics, values and encourages their employees to speak up in case anything is not in line with their values. So far clients have commended the leadership at the company, stating that the company is one of the best employers in the country.



Leadership at Cotemar is friendly and involved in the employees’ future. The company has invested so much in their employees and makes sure that they advance their careers in the company. There are frequent training sessions set up for their clients. They are enlightened on the use of equipment and any latest technologies. This has tremendously affected positively the health of the employees as there are few cases of accidents reported in the firm.



Cotemar uses high end technology every now and then to encourage sustainability. The technology staff is always up and about devising and coming up with different ways that can help the company save the amount of gas and energy used. The company believes in sustainability and especially when it comes to ensuring that the environment is protected and conserved.



Additionally, the company is attached to its environs. Besides being an equal and fare employer the company engages in various activities that help the community as a whole. Every year, Cotemar invites experts in various fields and students and professionals to come together and share information and expertise in the various fields. This has a great impact on students and professionals as they add their knowledge.


Cultivating Success Hussain Sajwani

One of the world’s most leading businessmen is Hussain Sajwaini. Sajwani’s work to develop Dabai and the United Arab Emirates into what it is today has created a tourist capital in which tourists are able to flock and spend real money whilst also living or staying in lavishly designed properties. Sajwani adopted American practices in order to better himself in his presentation of real estate and properties for the world. His work has helped establish a precedence that didn’t previously exist in the Mideast and have allowed him to flourish as one of the world’s most successful businessmen.


The Ultimate Education Overseas

Perhaps the biggest stepping stone in Hussain Sajwani’s career came when he began his education abroad in the United States of America. Sajwani would study to obtain his bachelor’s degree in education from the prestigious University of Washington, a University known for its incredibly strong economics program. It is at the University that Sajwani would ultimately earn his degree in economics and allow himself to make bigger waves within the real estate and trading industries.


Knowing Capitalism

Studying at the university allowed Sajwani to do one thing amazingly well and that’s to understand to a stronger degree the inner workings of capitalism. It is through studying the school that allowed Sajwani to learn the skills needed to make the most important deal of his life, his deal with current U.S. President, Donald Trump. Sajwani’s dealings with trump would create a boom in real estate development across all of Duabai and the United Arab Emirates. The deal would ultimately elevate Sajwani’s success as a businessman.


Important Roles for an Important Man

Sajwani established himself through his work and success, but his skills finally came to pay off through the acquisition of high-ranking roles on boards that allowed him to have a stronger influence across the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani would eventually go on to get a standing position as a chairman on the United Arab Emirates board itself and establish himself as one of its leading influences. Through his hard-earned success, Sajwani has continued to be a strong businessman.

Lime Crime Adds A New Scandal Lipstick


Lime Crime is a popular cosmetic company that is known for creating edgy lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes that really get your attention because of the very bold and vivid colors. In addition, the makeup line is very high quality. All the products are cruelty free and vegan based. Lime Crime recently introduced Scandal to the makeup line. Scandal is a deep purple lipstick that is part of the Velvetines line. The Velvetines are a liquid lipstick that turns into a beautiful matte finish that is guaranteed to last the entire day, without the need for another application.


Introducing Scandal

Are you a Scandal girl? Well, Doe Deere is the CEO of Scandal and invites everyone to take a look at Scandal. This is the controversial Boss Lady lipstick that might be a bit shocking for the timid. The bold purple color will make your lips stand out in a crowd of mundane tans, browns, and dull reds. Doe Deere relates that the Scandal girl is the type of girl that is a bit edgy and likes trying new, trendy colors. This is the type of girl that craves attention and loves attention and admiring glances. Deere relates that the color is guaranteed to really highlight your lips and bring out the lipstick’s undertone color.


Lime Crime

Lime Crime is certainly an edgy cosmetic company that is on trend. They are one of the first cosmetic companies to market their cosmetics primarily online. Doe Deere is the CEO of the company. It is her mission to produce the highest quality makeup line that appeals to the girl that likes to show her creative and Scandalous side. In addition, Lime Crime cosmetics are certified animal cruelty free and are vegan based. The makeup brand is an Intentional phenomena. In addition, their popularity has skyrocketed over the last few years. Today, the cosmetic company has over 2.6 million followers on social media. Connect with Lime Crime on their blog, which is personally curated by Doe Deere. Of course, it is also a good idea to join Lime Crime on social media for more updates concerning their latest creations.

Sunny Plumber: Full-Service Pluming Professionals

A key to a well-regarded plumbing contractor is the scope of services provided. A home or business owner simply does not have the time necessary to run from one plumbing company to another trying to find a proper service provider. Sunny Plumber is a comprehensive, full-service plumbing general contractor.

Sunny Plumber if appropriately and fully bonded, licensed, and insured. The company’s comprehensive range of services includes everything needed in a residential or business settling. Sunny Plumber truly is a one-stop firm for all plumbing installation, replacement, and repair needs.

In addition to providing a wide range of crucial plumbing services, as a general contractor, Sunny Plumber can seek out specialists to assist in a particular project. This includes new construction and remodels.

Sunny Plumber maintains a firm commitment to maintaining the most highly skilled, experienced, and trustworthy plumbers on our service team. Because the customer is the number one priority at Sunny Plumber, the firm makes demands that its team of service specialists is the best in the industry.

Each plumbing specialist at Sunny Plumber is fully screened prior to hire. Screening includes a thorough background check and appropriate drug testing. Sunny Plumber appreciates that when a plumbing professional enters a home or business, the owner must be fully assured of that individual being completely vetted and utterly trustworthy and professional.

As a result of its time in business, Sunny Plumber has built a strong reputation in the community. This includes an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau or BBB.

Sunny Plumber offers each customer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If a customer at any time is not completely satisfied, Sunny Plumber will correct the issue or provide a customer with an appropriate refund.

Sunny Plumber provides emergency plumbing residential and commercial plumbing emergency services. The team at Sunny Plumber realizes that a home or business owner cannot plan for a plumbing emergency. A reliable, reputable, and available emergency plumbing repair service is a must, and Sunny Plumber has long led the field when it comes to this type of assistance. Sunny Plumber does provide emergency plumbing intervention around-the-clock, 364 days a year.