Advantages of InnovaCare Health Services

Innovacare Health is one of the leading providers in Medicare as well as Medicaid Advantage plan and also services in physician practices. They are committed to ensuring they provide quality healthcare which is cost effective, sustainable and which are integrated with the best technology. There are two available Medicare Advantage strategies which are PMC Medicare Choice and the MMM Healthcare whose members are almost 200,000 and are served by 7,500 providers on There are also two Medicaid strategies that are in Government Health Plan in Puerto Rico which offers broad benefits at a certain coordinated model.

Innovacare Health Leadership

Dr. Rick Shinto who is now the president and the Chief Executive in InnovaCare, has ensured there is improved and patients get the best services from them. He has also served as the CEO and the President of Aveta Inc. from 2008 until 2012. He has agreat experience especially with medical needs since he served as Chief Medical Officer in Medical Pathways Management. Penelope Kokkinides, is the Chief Administrative Officer in InnovaCare Health and together with Richard, they have improve health facilities and technology used in the center.

To ensure they offer quality services to all patients, InnovaCare has decided to add more leaders to its board. This will help them make the best choices regarding patient’s issues and ensure the services given to them are of high quality. They are very much committed to moving their healthcare center on forward by promoting and issuing advantage plans that patients need.

They always put the needs of their patients first to ensure they all get served in the best way possible. There are many changes happening in healthcare setting and they work hard to ensure their patients in North America receive the best innovative and quality care. Their mission is to redefine healthcare management and ensure they meet all the challenges facing healthcare environment through their Provider Networks and even Medicare and the Medicaid Advantage Programs.

It is important for you to join a health facility that is willing to listen and offer you quality services. In InnovaCare, the needs of the patient are put first and this ensures there is a good and great relationship between the employees and the patients. There are also qualified staff members that work throughout for 24 hours to ensure you get served no matter the time. You can receive all the Medicaid as well as Medicare services you need from Innov InnovaCare acare and be in a position to experience the best services from them.

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