Adam Milstein Receives Accolade

An article recently posted on Business Wirereports that the Israeli-American Adam Milstein is on the list of the 50 most influential Jews that the Jerusalem Post publishes annually. Individuals are selected for this list from all over the world. They are chosen based on accomplishments that have a positive influence on issues of interest to Jews and the state of Israel. Milstein was recognized for his philanthropic work on behalf of Jewish Americans, and for working to strengthen ties between Israel and the United States.

Milstein reacted by saying that he is humbled and honored at being named to the Jerusalem Post list. His response is understandable. Other Americans who made the list include Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, as well as United States Senator Charles Schumer. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on the list, as are other well known Jewish figures like philanthropist Sheldon Adeleson and entertainer Sarah Silverman.

Adam Milstein is best known as the chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. This organization works to promote the interests of the Jewish community in the US, and in particular issues of concern to the approximately one-half million Israeli-Americans. The Council seeks to preserve the Jewish heritage and advance the Jewish people through education of both adults and youth, and it seeks to strengthen and protect the ties between America and Israel.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. After serving in the Israeli Defense Force and completing college, he moved to the United States in 1978. He earned an MBA from the University of California. In 1981 he began a successful career in commercial real estate in California. In addition to his work with the Israeli-American Council, he has created the Adam and Gila Family Foundation to support and advance Jewish people through education and advocacy. He is also active in a number of other philanthropic organizations, including Stand By Me, Birthright Israel and the Israel on Campus Coalition.

Adam Milstein resides in California with his wife Gila and their three children.

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  1. I think that this accolade that he just received would really spur him towards achieving and doing more for the community as he has been doing. Maybe rush essays can do what they do best and that is providing useful materials that will help the public get a better view of what is trending in society. His dedication to his work has brought him this far and I think he shouldn’t relent as the society looks up to people like him.

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