Adam Milstein Iconic Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a person who has been known greatly because of his philanthropic deeds. He has been at the spearhead of heading the protection of the Jewish community rights. As a person who was born during the 1950s, he grew during the time when Jews community was growing. He is a person who was born in a very humble community. His mother was a homemaker mother while his dad was in the real estate industry. He joined the Israel defense forces while he was nineteen years of age. During his time in the defense forces, he served in the Kippur war and left the forces immediately after the war.

He later studied his bachelor’s degree in business before meeting his wife, Gira. Once they married, they moved to the USA. In the USA, Milstein started his career in the real estate and simultaneously furthered his studies in the discipline of business and attained a master’s degree. He started his career as a sales agent in a commercial real estate development. After a few decades, he became the managing director of the Hager Pacific properties. Learn more about him:

During this time as the managing director of the company, he was introduced into philanthropy by one of his business partners. It was one of his aims to leave a legacy by assisting the minority groups in the society. He engaged his wife who later accepted to join the field of philanthropy and take part in the charitable activities. They formed Adam and Gira foundation as their foundation that would facilitate their charitable activities. The name came from the combination of the couple’s names.

The foundation was mainly aimed to assist and support the pro-Israel societies and their activities. The foundation by Milstein family has been on the forefront in supporting the relation of the Jews and Israel living in the USA. The foundation has helped the Jews community to undertake and support their education by enabling them to understand their identity and religion. Milstein has successfully managed the foundation to ensure that all its activities are in line with supporting the objective of the foundation.

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