A Look Forward: Craving not only a business but also a Legacy with Andy Wirth

Madeline Brand from KCRW radio interviewed Andy Wirth about how climate change is affecting ski resorts such Squaw Valley Ski Resort where Wirth is CEO. Wirth’s extensive history within the resort and hospitality industries has allowed him to think ahead and see a way forward in spite of some of the driest winters in the history of the United States.

Through the interview, Wirth remained calm and optimistic despite the tough questions Brand posed in her interview, “How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?” He was able to thoughtfully and creatively address Brand’s concerns about an industry historically dependent on cold weather and snowfall in order to survive and thrive.

Squaw Valley’s ability to not only adapt and grow in capacity is a direct result of Wirth’s intuitive, forward-thinking leadership. As CEO, Wirth has set his sights on their long-term growth and development rather than fretting about the decline in snowfall as a result of climate change. Learn more about Andy Wirth:  http://squawalpine.com/explore/blog/andy-wirth-elected-chairman-reno-tahoe-regional-air-service-corporation

Andy Wirth seems determined to work at effectively managing how they structure and develop their business plan and legacy as weather changes occur. He has had to focus more energy on off-season business growth and careful snow management in order to withstand these changes.

Environmentally conscious listeners, should be excited by Wirth’s comprehensive and holistic business approach which includes his own serious commitment to reducing Squaw Valley’s own contribution to climate change. He spoke of a look into how to reduce their carbon footprint and move toward utilizing renewable energy.

This comprehensive approach allows Andy Wirth’s company to see what others in the industry may not be able to… a bright future with careful resource management.

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