Randal Nardone – Founder of Fortress Investment Group

The investment banking industry has endured numerous issues in recent years. Not only are customers managing their investment portfolios without professional help, but multiple banks have suffered from scandals involving financial fraud. Randal Nardone has decades of experience in the financial planning industry. He has a degree in business, and he started working at a financial planning firm once he graduated from college. He quickly earned promotions at the company he worked for. Although he was making a lot of money, he felt like the industry needed to change. He worked with several other people to start an investment firm called Fortress Investment Group.


The idea behind Fortress Investment Group is to invest in alternative assets for clients who want to earn higher returns. However, these investments have a lot more risk than the stock market. As a result, Randal Nardone only recommends that people invest with Fortress Investment Group if they are prepared to endure financial losses.

Randal also believes that customer service is the key to success in the investment planning industry. At many companies, customers are not taught how to invest or build wealth. Most financial planners only recommend investment options with a lot of fees. The fees at Fortress Investment Group are reasonable compared to other companies. Randal Nardone plans to keep the expenses low as long as he is an executive at the company.

Growth Plans

Randal Nardone developed a growth plan for Fortress Investment Group when the company was founded. The business has been more successful than he ever imagined. Not only are sales increasing, but profits are rising each year as well.

Randal is proud of his work in the industry. However, he still reads numerous books each year about investment management. He wants to continue developing himself as a leader for the rest of his career. Anyone who needs financial advice should consider working with Randal Nardone at Fortress Investment Group.