Staying Safe With Citizen App’s Weather Alerts

New technology has made it easier than ever before to keep you and your family safe. One such example of such technology is Citizen App, an app that helps to keep you from getting into dangerous situations. The app does this by functioning similarly to a police scanner app and giving you information based on your location. Using this info, you can avoid dangerous areas such as crime scenes, accidents, or natural disasters before they are publicly announced. It should be mentioned that Citizen App highly discourages using their app as a means of vigilantism.

They originally started as “Vigilante” in 2016 but was ultimately pulled thanks to accusations of promoting vigilantism. The app was rebranded and used to offer caution by warning citizens of dangerous incidents in their area, often before the police have responded to them. This puts the focus on avoiding harm instead of rushing into it. Usage of the app has made headlines, including a kidnapped boy being recovered thanks to an alert.

New Weather Alert Features

Major storms and other wealth occurrences like flash floods can cause severe danger for people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. To help combat this thread, Citizen App has added a new weather alert feature to its app. This information is sourced directly from the National Weather Services and can be transmitted to people faster than traditional means of weather reporting.

The weather information provided by Citizen App will be similar to the other info that it provides in the fact that it will focus on what is most important and actionable. In other words, this isn’t just a weather report, it’s an alert that tells you what to do and where you should or shouldn’t be during a weather emergency. This can help users to know whether or not they should leave their homes, seek shelter, or avoid certain areas that are the most hazardous.

Citizen Reporting

Another handy feature is the fact that users can share their content and reports as well. This allows for quicker dissemination of information during crises, as well as the ability to get ongoing info regarding developing weather situations that could become more hazardous as time passes. Read more about Citizen App, here.


Find more information about Citizen App on https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/3/22606053/citizen-crime-tracking-app-protect-safety-helpline-subscription-launch