The Exceptional Consultant and Entrepreneur, Luke Lazarus

Not many entrepreneurs can match Luke Lazarus’ feat.

He fought against all odds to start four businesses at the age of twenty-five.

Interestingly, he shares his success with struggling entrepreneurs.

He founded Luke Lazarus Consulting, a consulting firm based in Melbourne, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs with start-ups.

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Lazarus nurtured his childhood entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout high school, he ran a business, while also maintaining excellent school scores.

Afterward, he enrolled in the Melbourne School of Business and graduated with a master’s in Business Education.

After completing his studies, Lazarus turned down many jobs offers and instead, focused on building his business.

According to Lazarus, a successful entrepreneur must understand why they want to build a business before diving into entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur should already have the skills and knowledge of all business functions.

He rejects the notion that businesses fail due to a lack of passion or dedication.

Lazarus has earned a reputation of being effective, honest, and successful all throughout business communities in Melbourne and Sydney.

Luke Lazarus advises clients to seek funding from angel investors and capitalists, as he has also used this model to assist clients in attracting investors.

Due to his wide experience and skill, Lazarus predicts that Instagram will continue growing and providing an influencer market.

Therefore, one success tip Lazarus advocates for is connecting with people through social media.

Lazarus actively engages in providing business education through various social media platforms.

He also predicts that the use of mobile payments and voice recognition will grow exponentially in the future.

Additionally, he encourages entrepreneurs to develop consistency and maintain a good work-life balance.

Lazarus has spent many years in the consulting space.

He has exceptional skills and immense knowledge to offer potential entrepreneurs and business owners.

His understanding of sales operation, building brands, market channels is central to any business.

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