Tim Murawski Career Journey

Tim Murawski is the leader and Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics. Together with its dedicated team, the company focuses on the commercialization of the XVision augmented reality system. Tim Murawski’s leadership skills have been a success since 2019. His experience in the medical field has been excellent since he has served as a medical professional since 1993.



The successful entrepreneur Tim Murawski has had an opportunity to serve at Mazor Robotics for nine years. Tim Murawski participated in four high-level positions, of which he kicked off his leadership journey at Mazor Robotics as a Regional sales director in 2010. In 2014 he was promoted as a regional Account Director. His leadership roles kept on advancing, and in 2016 he served at the company as its Vice President of U.S Accounts. In his last moments at Mazor Robotics, he played his previous role as a Global Resistance Business vice president. Tim Murawski´s leadership at the company was so evident as it had accelerated its performance to perfection. After he exited at Mazor Robotics, Tim Murawski joined Hansen Medical, where he played two roles. 


He spent eighteen months at the company where he served as a Director of National Accounts and was promoted to the Vice President of Sales. With a need to explore his career journey, he moved to I.S to participate in three positions. Still, with a need to diversify his career journey, he joined G.S Innovation, where he worked as a Territory Sales Manager. Tim Murawski´s moments at G.S are remarkable as this was his first time getting involved in a startup. Tim Murawski also joined Baxter International Inc after college, where he gained a full-time position. He worked here as a Territory Sales Manager, where his primary role was to sell needleless IV products. In the 1990s, his products were of high value to doctors and nurses treating HIV and AIDS.


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