Betsy DeVos Is A Political Fighter

Politics is a complicated process. This is something that every single American should know well. When people understand the world around them and how the government works, they know that they can make a difference in the way the world exists. Betsy DeVos is someone who has long been involved in the world of politics in every way. She was given a chance to learn how the world works in a deeply hands on way. Her entire family has been very much involved in the world of politics. Her father has helped fund many kinds of political parties. The same is true of the other people in her life. They have shown her when can happen when people are willing to stand up and make sure they are heard to the world. This is something that Betsy DeVos does all the time in her work in the field of politics and education.


A True Fighter


Fighting for what she believes in is what she has done in her work. Those who know her well personally know how much she cares about educational topics. They know that she is more than willing to stand up and help people who need to have her on their side. She is not afraid to stand up and advocate for the kinds of changes that she needs to make things happen. She has done so much to make things different in life. Her work has centered around educational policy. That is one area where she has been able to stand up and point to the kinds of massive changes she thinks need to happen in every area of American life. This is why her work has been recognized. It is why she was appointed to high office by former president Donald J. Trump.