How Kfir Gavrieli Built A Million-Dollar Company With Tieks

Kfir Gavrieli, CEO of Tieks, shared his thoughts on what makes a hero and how he built the company in an interview with Entrepreneur Life. He started working at his cousin Blake’s store, and the rest is history.

“It was a very small and intimate environment, so I got to see every aspect of what goes on behind the scenes. Everyone took turns doing everything from folding boxes to working the register. My job mostly consisted of walking around in high heels and telling customers to try different sizes until they were comfortable. At the end of each shift, I would give Blake a detailed report card with all the problems our customers had so we could improve and educate ourselves.”

In 2008, when he was 22 years old, Gavrieli decided to leave Manhattan for Los Angeles. He teamed up with his brother and launched “FaceCake Shoppe” in Beverly Hills. This is where he met his wife Margo—who is currently the co-founder of Tieks—and convinced him to start a brand with her.

“She was working as a buyer for boutiques and had heard about our shoe party that we hosted in LA four times a year and invited me to one of them. We started talking at the party, and I was so impressed that she had approached me— a total stranger. Later on, she asked me to be her mentor because she wanted to start her own business someday. That’s how it all happened.”

He started his company, Tieks is a shoe brand specializing in ballet flats—when his wife asked him to buy her a pair of travel-friendly shoes. He started working on the concept and spent two years creating prototypes. “I was absolutely crazy about the idea, so I would constantly talk it up to everyone who would listen. Once I put my mind into something, I will not let go of it until I have accomplished what I wanted.” Follow this page on Instagram, for more information.


More about Tieks on https://tieks.com/matte-black.html