Desiree Perez’s Goals For Provision Of Education And Opportunities Achieved Through Roc Nation School

The CEO of Roc Nation, Desiree Perez, has made several transformations in the entertainment world, sports, and music through her impeccable leadership skills and beliefs. She is the leader of a global entertainment company. She has managed to oversee the business’s success in managing athletes and artists’ representation, event and tour management, and a music label. Desiree Perez started an Entertainment Company with her long-time collaborator JayZ. She spearheaded the company’s developments, such as the recent creation of a cannabis company and the school’s starting, Roc Nation School, Sports and Entertainment located at Long Island University.

According to Desiree Perez, the main reason for the establishment of the school is to fulfill her urge to provide education and opportunities to the people who are underrepresented in the Country. She is a daughter of parents of Cuban origin who migrated to the USA for better opportunities. She met Jay-Z in New York as she managed various bars in the city, which led to forming a multi-decade partnership with him. The Roc Nation School aims to give the local talented students opportunities for nurturing and occupying the entertainment industry through visionary leadership.

The school provides 25 percent of the entering class with full scholarships lasting the four years of study. The Roc Nation School was launched in the fall of 2021, and it provides programs in sports management, entrepreneurship, production, music, and music technology for undergraduates. Desiree Perez believes that many of the Country’s problems can be solved through education when the young ones are provided with the right pathway. The skills that have helped Perez become an exceptional leader that she longs to pass to others include the ability to actively listen, persevere, and steadiness in the approach chosen and fully understand the business one intends to do.