The Utility Warehouse Foundation Helps Many Worthy Causes

Doing good in the world is something that many companies want to accomplish. One company that wants to help others in the United Kingdom is Utility Warehouse. This is a company that was established with the express purpose of making sure that everyone who signs up for it can and will be able to save money. People who work with this company have a company on their side that is always on the lookout for ways to save their client’s money. Utility Warehouse has been so successful at this process that they have brought in over half a million people to sign up with them. Many Britons are happy to report this is a company that has been a useful ally always ready to help them find ways to save money. The company wants to find ways to give back to their many happy clients. That’s why they’ve established this foundation. 

The UW Foundation

The Utility Warehouse began with the idea of helping causes that the company knows can really make a difference in the lives of residents of the United Kingdom. The company began the foundation in an effort to fund causes that can directly help those in need in this company. As of March 2021, officials at Utility Warehouse will be able to report that they have been part of an effort to plant over a hundred thousand much needed trees in the United Kingdom. These trees can help offer shade and add the nation’s useful greenbelt. The trees are being planted in a woodland that is the size of a hundred Wembley Stadiums. Officials are planting them in an area that is known as Bryn Arw located in the Brecon Beacons. The trees are part of an effort by Utility Warehouse to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.