Vinod Gupta Is Helping India Overcome The Pandemic

Vinod Gupta has been a successful business owner for decades. He left his homeland of India to move to the United States as a very young man. Vinod arrived in the country with very little money, yet he has achieved his success through hard work and education. He is committed to helping to raise the lives of other people. His focus is on places in need and on how he can make a difference.

India continues to be impacted by the coronavirus. In other areas of the world, cases are subsiding. In India, the people are suffering as a result of the spread. Vinod Gupta has made millions of dollars in donations to the country. The amount has exceeded $50 million to date. He lives in the United States, and he is an American citizen, and his philanthropy reaches people around the world.

His generous actions belie his dedication to philanthropy. He came from nothing, and he now does have the money to change lives. His desire to give back to society is how Mr. Gupta defines his life, and he has arranged for his charitable giving to continue even after he has passed away.

Vinod Gupta resides in Nebraska. He is the General Managing Director and founder of Everest Group LLC. He launched the firm in the early 1970s as an engineering consultancy company. Mr. Gupta has been involved in numerous global engineering and construction projects. Vinod grew a tiny business with only one employee into an internationally recognized organization and industry leader.