Introducing the New Vegan Crystal EOS – Not Your Little Sister’s Lip Balm

EOS, the little lip-balm that could, first entered the over-saturated realm of drug-store lip-care products seven years ago as a humble start-up. No one imagined that consumers, including the likes of celebrities Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, would be reaching for the pastel egg-shaped lip balm in place of old-school brands like Chapstick or Blistex.

An organic, refreshing product designed to appeal to all the senses, “The lip balm that makes you smile,” quickly became the second best-selling lip balm in the country, after Burt’s Bees. Sticking to their full name, ‘Evolution of Smooth,’ the brand never stopped reinventing the product they had created, and consumers waited eagerly to snag the latest yummy flavor.

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Now, EOS is all grown-up. The once cutesy little egg has recently evolved once more, this time into a sleek and sophisticated pyramid shape. Somehow even more fun than the original, the new and improved EOS Crystal Lip Balm formula is completely vegan, and features a crystal-clear balm that shines bright like a diamond, refer also to

Jammed pack with lip-loving ingredients like shea-butter and coconut plus avocado, castor and sunflower oils, the new hypoallergenic and wax-free balm smooths lips without leaving them sticky and slick. That’s right—EOS now delivers all the hydration and comfort, without sticking to your hair when the wind blows. What’s not to love?

Available in two new tropical flavors, Vanilla Orchid or Hibiscus Peach, click here.

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Pumpkin Spice From Evolution of Smooth Is a Marvelous New Lip Balm

Fall is a great time to try out new products and services. People around the world look for time to think about trying new beauty products. Adding a new beauty product to anyone’s personal beauty routine is a great way to shake it up and make a change. One of the hottest of such products is that of lip balm. Lip balm is a great way to help protect people’s lips all year round. This is particularly true during fall. Evolution of Smooth understands this and wants to help their consumers enjoy the fell season even more. This is one of many reasons why they have introduced a new product they know their clients will embrace.

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Pumpkin Spice is Pumpkin Delicious

One of the signature flavors of fall is pumpkin spice. A mixture all varied types of flavors, pumpkin spice conjures up wonderful feelings of being surrounded by beautiful fields of trees in many colors. The many flavors of pumpkin spice also conjure up wonderful dinners at home with others on Thanksgiving and many other important holidays,. Given this history, it’s no wonder that those at Evolution of Smooth have chosen to join in with the pumpkin spice craze and offer a lip balm in this flavor.


Two Options

The new product offers two options for those who want to try the pumpkin spice. The natural spice is made from organic ingredients that taste well and provide an authentic experience. Many people love the spice they feel on their lips as they apply it. Another option for those who want to buy pumpkin spice from Evolution of Smooth is that of one that is made right from organic vanilla bean, available here. The vanilla mingles with the pumpkin to create a flavor that is unique and entirely enjoyable.

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OSI Food Processor Group

OSI group is an American, private food and beverage company that was established in 1909 and is based in Aurora, Illinois. It is a supplier of value-added food products to food brands, creating revenue of one billion and above. The food-processing company has 100,000 employees led by their chairperson and CEO, Sheldon Lavin and the president, David McDonald. OSI is an equal opportunity employer that prides on giving jobs to individuals who show a potential to help the company realize its goals in the market. The company believes any person can make a difference and is determined to employ the best and brightest in the world.

The company has subsidiary divisions that include but not restricted to China, Europe, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Canada and many more. In 2016, it was one of the 18 firms worldwide, which were awarded Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council for outstanding management of the environment. The event went down at Draper’s Hall in London City. The rewarded companies are those that watch environmental safety in equal measure as health and safety in all their operations.

OSI’s production in Scunthorpe was begun in 1989 producing beef and pork products for retail eateries. In 2013 and 2015, the company also won the Globe of Honor. In Spain, its production capacity has been doubled. The company has the entrepreneurial spirit that will enable them to succeed in marketing meat as well as support individuals who aspire to realize their full potential.

In its expansion endeavors, OSI Group has bought out a warehouse in Chicago that will enable the company in food processing and storage. It happens to be close to an already existing OSI Group facility, and growth is now inevitable. OSI Group has grown to almost 60 facilities spread in 17 countries. OSI China is the most extensive operator in chicken product processing.

Operating an Organization that runs on different continents is not a walk in the park. The regulations and cultures in the respective geographical regions as well as the various taste of the vast clientele, make it a challenge. OSI Group has a global network with people from the organization situated all over the world. Thus, understanding the local cultures, the company is continuously able to meet the customers’ need. In China, for example, it has two facilities underway, which upon completion will make OSI the largest poultry producer. The Company has acquired a flagship in Europe too.

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Dr. David Samadi Talks about his Career and Entrepreneurship Journey

Dr. David Samadi is a medical expert who is renowned in the world for the thousands of minimally invasive treatments that target prostate cancer such as laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy. He works at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York as the chief robotic surgery and chairman of urology. David has carried out surgeries in over 45 countries. Besides, the urologist has also practiced in many prestigious institutions in the United States such as Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. David Samadi, during an interview on ideamensch, talked about his entrepreneurship, recent trends that excite him and his passion for urology. David said that results drive him and he is not a chairperson that likes holding long meetings. He further pointed out that he avoids negativity and thrives on positive energy. Dr. Samadi said that he tries to stay away from jealousy and envy, noting that they are worse than cancer.

As an entrepreneur, David said that the fact that he manages his stress through deep breathing and keeping people who he trusts has helped him to become more successful as an entrepreneur. David relaxes through playing sports such as tennis, which makes him more productive. Samadi also plays backgammon, saying that you will still find the game challenging even if you understand it. David says that backgammon reminds him of life, noting that his passion for this game is partly because he is part of a Persian community.

Asked about his worst job, Dr. David noted that he counts himself among the lucky people because he has never been in a position that he doesn’t like. The urologist said that working in major hospitals can be challenging at times, but it is equally rewarding. David said that he would not do anything differently if he were to start again. He said that he has always been at the right place at the right time. David noted an incidence in 2000 when he was working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and performing open surgery. He heard about an exploration of laparoscopic surgery by French doctors for prostate cancer. David said that he was lucky to spend a full year in France where he helped in pioneering work when the idea was still novel. The robots came later, and he worked with the team in France to carry out some of the first robotic prostate operations in the globe. The urologist said that his career took off from that because no other individual in America possessed the three specialists.

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Adam Milstein Iconic Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a person who has been known greatly because of his philanthropic deeds. He has been at the spearhead of heading the protection of the Jewish community rights. As a person who was born during the 1950s, he grew during the time when Jews community was growing. He is a person who was born in a very humble community. His mother was a homemaker mother while his dad was in the real estate industry. He joined the Israel defense forces while he was nineteen years of age. During his time in the defense forces, he served in the Kippur war and left the forces immediately after the war.

He later studied his bachelor’s degree in business before meeting his wife, Gira. Once they married, they moved to the USA. In the USA, Milstein started his career in the real estate and simultaneously furthered his studies in the discipline of business and attained a master’s degree. He started his career as a sales agent in a commercial real estate development. After a few decades, he became the managing director of the Hager Pacific properties. Learn more about him:

During this time as the managing director of the company, he was introduced into philanthropy by one of his business partners. It was one of his aims to leave a legacy by assisting the minority groups in the society. He engaged his wife who later accepted to join the field of philanthropy and take part in the charitable activities. They formed Adam and Gira foundation as their foundation that would facilitate their charitable activities. The name came from the combination of the couple’s names.

The foundation was mainly aimed to assist and support the pro-Israel societies and their activities. The foundation by Milstein family has been on the forefront in supporting the relation of the Jews and Israel living in the USA. The foundation has helped the Jews community to undertake and support their education by enabling them to understand their identity and religion. Milstein has successfully managed the foundation to ensure that all its activities are in line with supporting the objective of the foundation.

David Giertz’s wonderful ways of planning for retirement money.

According to David Giertz, there are only three ways to effective planning for retirement money. To begin with, an individual should evaluate his financial wealth before making any attempt to save for retirement. This involves knowing what you save, what is consumed directly in food, rent, clothes, school fees among others and what is used to pay debts. If in a month an individual spends all his money without saving any fraction, then it defiantly reduces his retirement money by some percentage.

Most people save for retirement, but they end up getting very little money on retirement. This problem arises because they do not begin saving early enough. David Giertz refers to it as failing to take advantage of the compound interest. If one begins savings early, he lengthens the saving period, and consequently, the accumulated amount increases tremendously. Upon retirement, this accumulated amount no longer be taxed but will instead earn interest at given rate.

The last way through which we can plan for our retirement money is very simple but has always been ignored by many people probably because they are not aware of its existence. David Giertz said that having side gig or business is the surest and safest way of increasing retirement money. During free time or leisure time, we are encouraged to be involved in hobby businesses that act as a supplementary source of money hence making us increase the amount we on a daily basis. Some of the hobby businesses include; playing commercial football, drawing, online writing amount others.

David Giertz is one of the best financial planners in the world. He acquired a wealth of information through the academic learning as well as the from actual work experience. As a result, he has better ways of planning for the retirement money.He holds master’s degree in business administration from University of Miami and BS from Milliken University. He has served in the following institutions; president of National commercial sales and distributions organization was chair board of trustees at Millikan university among others.