It’s Here! EOS Crystal Launches Everywhere

EOS lip balm first hit the scenes after an incredibly successful influencer marketing campaign. It was relatively unknown and the concept of a sphere shaped lip balm was brand new in a world full of tubes that tasted more like medicine than anything luxurious. All of the sudden, almost overnight, celebrities and beauty bloggers everywhere were talking about EOs were talking about the little spheres and being photographed being used on the red carpet. Learn more interesting facts here on

Since then EOS, which by the way stands for Evolution of Smooth, has been an undeniable beauty staple and had surpassed all competitors in the market with both popularity and smooth lips. One thing EOS is known for is for sticking to what works and remaining a classic brand, view this site.

That is one reason why the announcement of the launch of EOS’s newest line, EOS Crystal, has caused such a huge stir in the beauty world. It’s known by now that EOS never launches a new line without basic knowledge it will be received in a roar of excitement by its extremely loyal base of fans.

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For the first time, EOS has upgraded the shape of its balms, which have always been perfectly round in shape. The new line of EOS Crystal have been altered to have just the slightest curve to help consumers apply it a bit more smoothly. This has been a potential request from fans for a while and EOS is a company that is known for listening and responding to what its fans want. Listen they did and the new line of EOS Crystal is smoothly rolling out across the world. The rollout started in early August 2017 and should be completely in a short time.

EOS has always been known for providing a wonderful value of a product and as with its earlier lines, the new EOS Crystal will be available for just $4.99 in stores everywhere.

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The Benefits of Passion For Fashion With Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

It is very common for people to take an interest in fashion. However, it can sometimes go even further than a passing interest. Some people who become interested in fashion find themselves feeling so passionate about it that they can actually make money from it. This is pretty much what happened with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They have come to love fashion and they have looked at all of the different outfits. However, they have thought about what they can do to bring forth their own designs. This has brought them to where they are starting different businesses such as Intelligent Beauty.


Their latest success in the fashion industry has come with the company currently known as TechStyle. There are plenty of brands in the TechStyle Group that is bringing forth flattering styles for both men and women. Don and Adam knows the effect fashion can have on an individual. For one thing, a change in appearance can influence how people feel about themselves and even influence their behavior. However, the type of influence it has on the individual depends on the person. One outfit that may bring forth a certain set of feelings in one person may bring out different feelings in another. This is one of the reasons that they make sure that the focus is on the customer and what she likes.


Their passion for fashion helps them identify challenges and gaps in the fashion industry. For instance, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have seen how limited the active wear styles are. One of the issues behind this phenomenon is that fashion and function are treated almost as mutually exclusive. This is one of the reasons that men’s fashion is extremely limited. Fortunately, they have taken the time to address that themselves. Their attempts to provide people with unique active wear fashions have turned out to be very successful with customers. With expert marketing and customer care, Fabletics has grown so much as a company that they have opened up a few physical locations for the athleisure brand. This can provide business owners with the confidence they need to move forward with other projects for their business.

EOS Crystal is a Girl’s Best Friend

EOS aka Evolution of Smooth is a well-known American company that those with dry lips have come to know, love, and appreciate. Throughout the year’s women have used their deliciously smelling products to hydrate their thirst quenched lips and skins, and while they have come out with new flavors now and then, this is the first time that they are completely rebranding and coming out with a whole new line! Try check this similar article, The new EOS Crystal line is set to launch soon in two brand new and delectable flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, browse products here on EOS has excitedly been posting new shots of the product on their Instagram account letting fans know that it is soon to be released. Not only do those scents sound incredible the company is also very proud to announce that their brand new line is more environmentally conscious and animal-friendly. No longer will they use wax in their lip balm formula making this an entirely Vegan product, go here now! The new formula has also realized how important homeopathic essential oils are because each one includes five different essential oils! Those oils will help your lips in more ways than just hydrating them promoting smooth skin. The new price will be $4.99 at retail stores which is absolutely amazing considering the high end products that EOS has switched to using. It is nice that the brand isn’t making their new lip balm incredibly expensive. The unique round shape of EOS that we have all come to love is also getting a very slight change. It is no longer as round and rather shows off a sleek new oval curved look. Luckily the same sweet pastel colors will still be available. I can’t wait for this new lip balm to drop so I can be one of the first to try it!

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Unique marketing-Market America Unfranchise

Market America Unfranchise does not specialize in any specific services nor does it manufacture a specific product which has given the organization a broad range of opportunity to supply their products and services according to the market demand. The Market America is a unique company which has always been succeeding due to them not specializing in a specific product. Their products and services range from medical services, cosmetic, health, and nutrition, weight management, home and garden among many others. Market America Unfranchise will always remain among the top organizations which provide the most popular products and services in the nation. Market America’s flexibility has ensured that the firm offers profitability, longevity, as well stability.

Unlike any other company in America, Market America Unfranchise ensures that they build a strong relationship with their customers who include manufacturers as well as suppliers. They ensure that they do not only deal with price issues but they also put more emphasis on quality of the product. Market America Unfranchise is always in the forefront to introduce new and trending products as well as services in the market. They have developed a trend of introducing new products and services just to stay ahead of the competition. Market America Unfranchise only store limited products in their warehouse ensuring freshly effectiveness as well cutting down on consumer cost. Market America Unfranchise delivers exclusive products and services which are distributed through, they also distribute their services and products from other shopping stores including; Target, Apple, Nike and many other top brands in the world. The group has been expanding adding their stores across the nation for people to experience their new products and services


Jason Hope Iconic Predictor of IoT

The Internet of Things has been here with us for some time, and many individuals are thinking about whether it is digging in for the long haul or not. This innovation depends intensely on Internet, as its name infers. Also, it includes utilizing system associated gadgets that speak with each other without the human mediation.

While a couple of entrepreneurs have robotized their frameworks utilizing this innovation, a large portion of regardless them question whether robotization guarantees profitability and productivity. Scottsdale, AZ, business person and donor Jason Hope has made a few expectations for the Internet of Things. What’s more, given his special comprehension of innovation, numerous innovation specialists have not overlooked his expectations and exhortation.

Jason Hope has anticipated that the Internet of Things is digging in for the long haul yet will appear to be totally unique in the coming days. He says that the registering gadgets that we had a couple of years back have changed essentially and a great many people can scarcely remember them today. Also, novel gadgets will keep on hitting the market. This will make business to investigate.

Jason Hope has likewise composed that the Internet of Things will offer more an incentive than it does today. This master considers that the IoT is right now all the more a catchphrase for another and consideration snatching innovation choice, yet in under five years, its actual esteem will go past wellness trackers and cell phone diversions. He gives a case of Kroger’s utilization of the Internet of Things innovation to constrain squander in their solidified nourishment passageway and says associated kitchens in the home and accommodation industry will bring about as much as 15 percent sparing if the new innovation is utilized well.

The Internet of Things Application Mindshare will likewise be the following front line. As of now, the front line for designers is the making of applications. Soon, Hope composes that the combat zone for designers will be the mindshare of those applications. A great many great applications are accessible today, and cell phone clients making great utilization of them. Nonetheless, as more things get associated, getting business and buyers to welcome a specific advancement will be a tough undertaking, and this is the place designers will discover their battle.

Jason Hope’s innovation expectations demonstrate that ground breaking entrepreneurs should begin planning to mechanize their procedures. Visionary tech organizations ought to likewise put resources into this innovation to have the capacity to detail better business choices and shield their business from terrible dangers.

Brian Torchin: A True Success:

*Chiropractor turned Businessman:

Brian Torchin is currently the President of HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing is located in Narbeth Pennsylvania. The agency has a team of highly skilled healthcare experts who have strong experience in staffing as well as managing and working within the medical environment.

Mr. Torchin had a great deal of staffing experience prior to opening HCRC Staffing.

Mr. Torchin is actually a Chiropractor turned recruiter. He was able to take his knowledge from his Chiropractic experience and combine it with his business know how and leadership skills to form a top of the line staffing firm.

Torchin began working with a variety of physicians, Chiropractors, physician assistants as well as other medical professionals immediately after graduating from college.

Brian Torchin’s drive to create HCRC staffing without a doubt came from his experience and interaction with skilled medical professionals. Mr. Torchin has stated many times that he learned so very much from the medical community over the years.

HCRC is a well known medical recruiting firm. In addition, HCRC also provides expert consulting services. Brian Torchin believes the key to running a successful staffing and consulting firm is strong communication as well as being able to identify the need of the client.

*Educational Background/ Training:

Mr. Torchin has some interesting education credentials. He was physical therapist for about three years after graduation. However, Brian Torchin decided he wanted to take his career ambitions further.

Torchin graduated from the New York Chiropractic College. He always stressed the importance of higher education as well as pursuing your career goals.

It was while Brian Torchin was a practicing Chiropractor that he decided to start HCRC Staffing. Mr. Torchin has no regrets and is quite pleased with where his career ambitions have taken him.

Who knows what is in store for this very ambitious businessman in the coming years. Most would agree that whatever Mr. Torchin decides to do career wise, it will most certainly turn out a success.

Beneful Dog Food Commercial Definition

Definition of Beneful

It is a specific brand of dog food put out Nestle Purina PetCare. This dog food brand includes everything from dog treats to wet dog food. It also includes dry dog food. As of 5 years ago, it has been labeled one of the most popular dog food brands for customers to buy. This dog food brand pulls in over $1 billion in sales every year. Out of all the brands under the Nestle Purina Label, Beneful is the most significant to buy.

What Is the Meaning Behind Beneful?

According to most definitions, it means “love”. It is a word that many say to describe something they love. It can also mean “full of goodness”. Either way, the word has a great deal of positivity and goodness attached to it. It was extracted and used for the Beneful dog food brand. It is another way to show love to your dog. It is also another way to say “I love you” to your dog.

The History

The product was first introduced back in 2001. It initially was marketed because of the way it looked. It has the look of a stew with some meaty bits thrown in. It was also presented on the idea of “nutritional value”, something that has not really changed. The brand has come along way since its initial inception. It has branched out into different packaging, flavors, treats, and meals. Some of the meals include soy-based meat proteins, instead of actual beef. There is something for every dog out there. A healthy dog is a happy dog.


Your lips want to be loved too…

Eos lip balms are deliciously flavoured products that are loaded with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, as well as calming shea butter, and jojoba oil. These awesome lip balms are 100% hypoallergenic, as well as dermatologist tested, and free of any traces of paraben and petrolatum. If you want the softest, smoothest and sexiest lips, then Eos lip balm will not disappoint.

You might be wondering which flavours are the most trending these days? Good question!


EOS Blueberry Acai is definitely among the top 5. The blueberry feels very refreshing and it’s so so hard to stop smacking those lips afterwards, see!


EOS Pomegranate Raspberry will also not disappoint. This crimson-colored balm is perfect for those who prefer a more mild smell. It is super effective at healing dry and under-nourished lips because it contains a number of very helpful natural extracts. Head over to this amazing related site,


EOS Sweet Mint. Not only does this baby contain natural extracts but it also has some essential oil goodness for a more punchy and fresh aroma.


EOS Medicated Tangerine. Are you REALLY hurting with those sores and cracked lips? Then look no further. This gorgeous blend of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural fruit extracts will send you to wellville in no time!


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EOS Organic Lip Balm Tubes

By now nearly everyone has seen those fun little colorful sphere shaped lip balms. Evolution of Smooth is a leader in trend setting fun lip balms that are packed with nutrients and flavor. What some EOS lovers may not know is that they also have stick balms. Yes, you heard that right, based on, EOS makes regular tube shaped lip balms in the same fun flavors as their balms. But why? Possibly for those who are busy and want to keep their favorite balm in their pocket. These sleek tubes take up minimal space but offer maximum flavor. Evolution of Smooth organic stick lip balm comes in three delicious flavors. Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean and Sweet Mint will quench the most parched lips, buy it here on The lip balm tubes are comprised of the same material the spheres are which makes gripping and opening easy. The tubes are colored to match the flavors they represent. Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a raspberry hued tube. Vanilla Bean comes in a creamy vanilla colored tube and the sweet mint is in a soft and subtle light green tube. All three flavors are certified 100% organic, are gluten free and are not tested on animals. Another amazing feature of EOS lip balm sticks is that they are comprised of sustainably sourced ingredients. They are designed with antioxidant rich vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. These powerhouse ingredients leave lips soft and moisturized. Choose the best lip balm that suits you!



Lime Crime Makes Makeup For Women Who Aren’t Afraid To Stand Out

A typical drug store makeup aisle is packed with indistinguishable packaging and the same predictable shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows at every turn. The makeup industry is supposed to be about giving women the ability to express their creativity, but the majority of makeup brands seem to want you to conform to the same old beauty standards that have been in place for decades.


When Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008, she set out to break the tradition of safe, predictable makeup choices. Instead, she created a whimsical and imaginative world of color and glitter that boldly confronts conformity.


The brand has been producing makeup for almost a decade while gradually building a following of loyal fans eager to express themselves with unique colors and textures. Products like the Diamond Crushers, a lip gloss topper that gives lips an outrageously iridescent sparkle, and the Superfoils, a series of metallic eyeshadow duos so shiny that they are almost reflective, allow women to experiment with color in a way that most makeup brands don’t allow.


Lime Crime’s social media pages now have millions of followers who can’t wait to get their hands on the next big product that Doe Deere dreams up. Recently, the company released a new shade of lipstick called “Scandal” as the newest addition to its Velvetines line. Velvetines lipsticks come in liquid form and have a velvety matte finish reminiscent of rose petals. This new shade is a rich violet created for a makeup lover who isn’t afraid of turning heads.


Deere’s company has given women of all ages permission to be fearless when it comes to expressing themselves. By wearing these defiantly bright colors in metallic and glittery finishes, these women are challenging beauty standards for a new generation of makeup lovers.


Fans of the brand love the products for their high quality as well. Lime Crime’s lipsticks are famous for their kiss-proof finishes and the brand’s eyeshadows last for hours without creasing.


The best part of all is that Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free and vegan. Animal lovers can buy Lime Crime products without worrying about contributing to the unethical treatment of animals in the beauty industry, a growing problem that is finally gaining media attention.


By creating makeup in bold and bright shades and textures, Lime Crime has given makeup lovers the gift of standing out in a crowd. The brand plans to continue to create new products for those who choose to defy conformity in the beauty world.