Harvard Basketball and Yanni Hufnagel

The resurgence of Harvard University’s college basketball program has been nothing short of a revelation. Many opinions as to what led to this rejuvenation at Harvard have been posited, but not nearly enough credit has been given to Yanni Hufnagel. Yanni Hufnagel is the current assistant basketball coach for the Nevada Wolfpack under head coach Eric Musselman. He has also served as the assistant basketball coach at Harvard and at the University of California. He is known around college basketball to be one of the best recruiters, hauling in five start recruits on multiple occasions for non college basketball powerhouses. He seems poised to be a head coach somewhere soon at a young age in his thirties. Hufnagel was also at Harvard during the time Jeremy Lin led Harvard to the Ivy League championship.


Jewish boys from Scarsdale don’t often get involved in the sports arena, but for Yanni Hufnagel things were different. Yanni Hufnagel called games in high school for his local town’s public-access television station. In college at Cornell, he was also a manager for the basketball team and interned for the Nets of the NBA. His first job in the college ranks was as a graduate assistant for Oklahoma under Coach Jeff Capel. During that time he helped NBA superstar Blake Griffin refine his game and go on to be the top draft pick in the NBA draft. In 2009 famed Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker hired him away as a volunteer assistant coach. Yanni’s most important responsibilities are recruiting where you have to be a great salesman, selling the player on the school.


Yanni Hufnagel is the son of Jewish German immigrants who were big sports fans themselves. Hufnagel has also coached Maccabee USA’s youth team during the Maccabiah Games. Yanni is connected to many Jewish communities around the country including Boston.


Bruce Levenson And The Process Of Selling Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is the former NBA team owner that is now dipped in the world of basketball since he co-founded the Atlanta Hawks LLC (Formerly named Atlanta Spirit LLC), the group that owns the team Atlanta Hawks and the Phillips Arena.

Bruce was planning to sell the team and arena, and many interested buyers rose from the world of investors to try and get their hands in the successful team.

The man hired two bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks. The managers Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports were off by 27% when recruited by the founder of the Hawks. Not only is the whole team being sold, but also the Phillips Arena, where many important games have taken place in the history of Sports.

The average profit that Bruce is expected to get from selling the two ownerships? About $1 billion, according to Goldman Sachs. Investors and bankers mentioned that the value was unrealistic though and that they were overpricing the deal. There were rumors that it would be sold for not more than $900 million, but others were ever harsher, stating that $700 million was the average price that Bruce (brucelevenson.com) would be able to gather for the team and the arena.

The bidding phase for both continued for months, having a deadline of April 10, 2015, for any interested investor to make their final bid. Even though the group has signed agreements to not publically state the names of the finalists of the bidding period, some researchers started making their educated guesses on the likely people that would win the deal.

The first finalist that made for the best guesses were a group led by Grizzlies, owned by Steve Kaplan and joined by some billionaire names like Erick Thohir and Handy Poernomo. The other was the group Lionsgate Entertainment through the leadership of Mark Rachesky.

Some meetings took place for the owners of Hawks and the interested buyers to gather and discuss the sales process along with the two hired bankers. Although many news channels including ESPN speculated on the possible finalists, the result surprised most of them when the public statement of Bruce Levenson went live.

The businessman was proud to announce that the Atlanta Hawks and the Phillips Arena were being sold to the Antony Ressler-Grant Hill group. The selling process will end with the final bid of the group of $850 million, a lot smaller than the guessed value, but it’s still a larger amount than what some specialists were deducting would be the final selling price.



A Flaxen Fatale


The spring of 2015 saw the release of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku), the second season in the series. Returning with it came the self-sacrificing Hachiman Hikigaya, the aloof Yukino Yukinoshita, and the spirited Yui Yuigahama. Introduced into the cast was Iroha Isshiki, a first year student and underclassman to them. A cute girl both physically and personality-wise, she has no restraint using it to her advantage. She primarily seeks Hachiman’s aid to help her get closer to Hachiman’s popular classmate, Hayato Hayama. However, where there is sugar, there is spice. Where Hayato is the recipient of her sweetness, Hachiman receives her constant assumption that he is making advances on her and preemptively rejects him throughout the series. Although used to a humorous effect, it’s something to be noted as it’s an indication that she reveals her true face under the mask only to Hachiman.


Toward the end of the this good romance anime, despite using an onslaught of coquettish charm, her efforts to win over Hayato are naught. As Hayato mentions to Hachiman his awareness of her facade, he expresses a degree of jealousy over Hachiman’s unfiltered relationship with Iroha. There is a moment when Iroha overhears a deep conversation Hachiman has with Yukino and Yui. Though saddened from being rejected by Hayato, she expresses how moved she was by hearing Hachiman’s words. With a flirtatious whisper in his ear, she shows a real shift in interest to Hachiman.

The Advancement of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a leader in his own right who has not only created successful businesses for the future, but has also made sure that individuals all over the world in even some of the most impoverished regions are able to see the benefits of his innovation within the world of both business as well as technology. Eric Pulier believes that technological advancement is the key to economic growth and has been finding ways to close the technology gap between third world and first world countries. Eric Pulier believes that the lack of innovation for public goods and for technology has lead to a stagnate market economy with no incentive to be innovative. Eric Pulier has made it his goal to change this and to create new incentives for technological growth and to increase the demand for new technology on not only the demand side of the market, but also on the supply side.


Eric Pulier has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from the fifteen successful businesses that he has become a part of. Eric Pulier believes that the revenue that he makes from the businesses should be used for reinvestment and has continued to do so in order to help others. One of the most dire problems that Eric Pulier has worked hard to attack is the problem of healthcare. Healthcare is something that Eric Pulier believes should not only be free, but should also be available as a high quality product that does not exclude the masses or those that cannot pay top dollar.


Eric Pulier has always been a generous individual and has worked hard to give to others that are in need. One of the biggest initiatives that Eric Pulier is also a part of is the initiative to help individual children that suffer from chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier has not only donated funds to fund summer camps for these individual, but has also built a platform that allows for the communication of children within different hospitals so that they have someone to talk to that is also going through a similar situation.


Paul Mampilly; an Outstanding Investment Matters Guru

Paul Mampilly, the founder of Capuchin Consulting, is a great American investor who provides ideas on investment. Formerly the Hedge Fund manager, Paul Mampilly got an award, Templeton Foundation investment competition in 2009 from achieving a rare 76% profit by turning an investment worth $50 million into $88 million.

In 2015, Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill, based in Delray Beach, FL -a publishing firm that does research advisories and newsletters on investment where he incredibly increased sales to over 200,000 members. It was a result of his innovative approach to doing business that he would let his subscribers purchase stock in their accounts other than investing capital directly for them. On a monthly basis, Paul gives suggestions to clients via email in the form of updated newsletters. His vast knowledge in the stock market has seen many of his subscribers generate profits as high as 160%.

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Mampilly, born in India, holds a degree in MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a BBA from Montclair State University. His background in Finance studies made him rise to the stock market world where he has managed firms like Kinetics International Fund, Bankers Trust and ING, Sears, Royal Bank of Scotland, and a private Swiss bank. Paul has featured on Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Fox Business News.

Paul Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited, a widely known investment newsletter, where he achieved up to 40,000 subscribers. Other firms he invested in and got astounding profit margins were Sarepta Therapeutics, Netflix, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, OLED Universal Display Corporation, Exact Sciences Corporation, Stratasys, Grifols, Cemex and Olympus Corporation. His record on personal investment account gave him a 6,220% cumulative gain. His 25 years experience in investment has made him able to manage any finance job assigned to him. Paul is surely a model in investment matters.

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Wessex Journals and The Important of Sustainable Energy

With the ever so popular Wessex journals continuously being issued, people around the world realize their significance. The International Journal of Energy Production and Management identifies critical areas of the world’s energy sector and how to adequately use them. With developing countries becoming more industrialized, the forms of sustainable energy needs to be reviewed. It needs to be reviewed because many of the mediums people use as energy are inefficient.


Not only are they inefficient, they are non-renewable and wreaking havoc on the environment. Energy sources such as fossil fuels have become cumbersome. Not only are they expensive to produce, it has attributed to much of the pollution societies are currently facing. The need to invest in green energy is more important than ever. Energy sources such as wind and solar power aim to address many of these problems. Thus, societies need to invest in these sustainable forms of energy.


Getting Decorative With Wengie Hacks


Organize all of the cords that you have with old toilet paper and paper towel rolls. You can decorate the rolls with decorative tape, paint or stickers. Write down the cable that goes inside, tucking the cord away so that you can easily get the cord that you need out of a drawer.


You can create a fun display case with old milk crates or wooden crates. Decorate the crates with anything from wallpaper to paint. Try using a few different colors and patterns when decorating. A piece of paper can be glued to the back of each crate to create a wall. Stack the crates in different directions so that they all support each other. Place everything from flowers to picture frames to other decorations inside each crate as they look like large shelves. You can nail the crates in place so that they are more secure.


Create a whiteboard with a picture frame by taking out the glass and the backing. Cut out your own paper to put back in the frame. Put everything back together, and you can write on the glass with whiteboard markers. The writing will come off like it would on a whiteboard, allowing you to write a list or reminders any day of the week.

Adam Milstein one of the world’s most influential philanthropists

Adam Milstein is one of the world’s leading philanthropists. Milstein is listed at Number 187 on the list, which is based on his Twitter and Facebook accounts influence on the philanthropic world. Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council and is a vocal supporter of several Jewish organizations.


Along with Milstein, the list includes Bill Gates, Eric Trump, Mark Zuckerberg and political figures such as Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama. Also included are J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Magic Johnson, Ashton Kutcher and Elton John. Adam Milstein’s family foundation focuses on strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel. As part of his philanthropic philoosophy, he seeks out, funds and develops organizations that engage target audiences through life’s stages. Milstein not only invests money but time and expertise in each organization, program and project that he supports.


In 2011, Adam Milstein was managing partner at Hager Pacific. Milstein received an MBA, Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. In earl 2006, Adam Milstein was an AIPAC National Council member. Milstein also received a Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Business Management at the Israel Institute of Technology. In March 2016, Milstein was named one of the 25 most influential people on ‘Jewish Twitter.’


Adam Milstein continues to serve the Jewish community through his non-profit work across the country. Milstein looks to do whatever it takes to raise awareness of the suffering of the Jewish people in their homeland. Milstein looks to further the work he has done by increasing his non-profit.


E-governe Provides Solutions for Everyone

The idea behind E-governe is that they are able to help people and make sure that they are providing them with the solutions that they need to have to make sure that they are doing things the right way. There are four major parts of the company and each of the parts work in combination with each other to ensure that people are able to get the exact solutions that they need to make sure that they are getting what they can from the different aspects of the company. With E-governe, clients do not have to worry about where they are going to turn because the company will work with them.

Customer support is one of the branches of the company. This is where clients will be directed to if they have any problems with the company or with anything that they have going on within the company on google.com.br. This is excellent for both customers and people who run the company because the customer support professionals are trained specifically to help people. Since that is their only job, they do not have to worry about what is going to come from it and what they are going to be able to do with it. They can focus on the clients only.

Another customer-related aspect of the business is the security section. They work hard to provide security to their clients and with the systems that they operate from. The security levels at http://assespro.org.br/biblioteca/inscritos-premiacoes-encerradas/2011-solucoes-integradas-para-o-governo-minauro-informatica/ that they provide are comparable to other things that could happen with different companies and it gives them a chance to be able to do more with the different options that they have. The company works to provide very high levels of security to each person that they work with and for the different aspects of using the programs they have designed.

The main focus of E-governe is technology. They are a tech company and the company works to make sure that they are providing innovating solutions. While they may not have the single highest and newest options for tech, they do work to provide a level of competency when it comes to tech-related things that they have with their business. It provides something that all people can come to use and gives them a chance to be able to see that there is more to the company than just helping out with customer support and other factors that go into it.

Along with the other things that they do, E-governe works in the data industry. They try to provide all of the data information that people need while they are using the program. It is something that is easy for each person to do and something that they can easily see from the platform that E-governe has set up for the data clients. Anyone who uses data knows how important it is to make sure that it is being done in the right way and E-governe knows the right way to handle you and your company’s data issues that you might have.

Highland Capital Management: Committted to Clients and Community

Highland Capital Management is an investment advisory firm, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The firm is SEC-registered. Currently, Highland Capital Management manages about $15.4 billion in assets for its clients.


Highland Capital Management does have a diverse client base. The firm manages assets for clients that include financial institutions, fund of funds, governments, public pension plans, foundations, corporations, and endowments. The firm also manages investments for high net worth individuals and families.


Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993. The firms is the brainchild of two business partners, James Dondero and Mark Okada.


At the present time, Highland Capital Management is one of the largest, as well as most experienced, global alternative credit management firms in operation. The firm specializes in an array of different credit strategies for its clients. The include credit hedge funds and long-only funds. The firm’s investment strategies also include separate accounts and special-situation private equity. The firm also manages collateralized loan obligations or CLOs for some of its clients. The firm has a wide-ranging approach to client investments and asset management.


In addition to its headquarters in Texas, the firm maintains offices in Singapore, New York, Sao Paolo, and Seoul. The firm truly is an enterprise with a global reach.


In addition to managing investments for clients, Highland Capital Management also invests in communities the world over. This includes donating a significant amount of money to worthwhile programs, projects, and organizations, Since 2005, Highland Capital Management has donated over $10 million to a variety of worthwhile organizations located around the world.


In addition, the team at Highland Capital Management takes a hands-on approach to supporting the community. Employees of Highland Capital Management donate their time and energy to a wide range of important organizations in different locations around the world. This includes everyone from the executive team to other employees at Highland Capital Management.