Securus Technologies

For the past ten years, one of the leading providers of technology and communications products and services to the correctional facility industry has been Securus Technologies. Securus, which is based in Dallas, Texas, may be best known for their video visitation service that allows facilities to provide more communication options to inmates and visitors.


While Securus is best known for their quality products and services, the company is also well-regarded for providing its employees with a great place to work. Securus, which employs hundreds of people across the country, has recently been nominated for the Stevie Awards. The Stevie Awards is a major awards presentation every year in Las Vegas. This year’s presentation will take place towards the end of February and will work to acknowledge companies that have provided their employees with a great workplace environment.


Thus far, the company has received the nomination for the employer of the year recognition. By being nominated, the company will receive some level of recognition from the award panel. Securus will either receive a gold, silver, or bronze medal and will be recognized in front of other successful businesses in and outside of their industry. In total, there are seven members of the panel, each of which comes from a different background, which will have an impact on the final tally and voting.


Good Advice, Ignition Financial

If I could change my life at all, it would be to correct my financial life. The things that I thought made sense actually made no sense at all. This is called dissonance, and I had it bad because the things that I was doing made no sense at all at any stage of life. There is no excuse for over extending yourself and living beyond your means, but I lived like that on a daily basis. When I was younger, I could make up the high cost of my living by working around the clock, but this became a tightrope walk once I got older.


I found that I was a hamster in a cage because now I had to work those hours just to maintain any semblance of my lifestyle. Because I am in sales, appearance means everything. Financially disciplined people adjusted at the necessary times in life, so they are able to afford these luxury items now that allow them to exude a luxurious lifestyle. Having this aura of luxury will in turn make potential clients want to do business with them which in turn makes them more successful. This a beautiful cycle that will perpetuate them into a wonderful upwardly mobile life.


I on the other hand have to fake it by staying on the treadmill of working all the time to pay for things that I cannot enjoy because I cannot afford them. Furthermore, if I could afford them, I would not have the time to enjoy them still because I would be working all the time. This is the classic catch 22 that I found myself in with little hope instead of the upwardly mobile path that my colleagues are on. However, I am no loser, so I found a path to recover that path.


First was to find some breathing room by refinancing all things that I could if I could not liquidate them altogether, but refinancing the auto loans was much more difficult. The solution I found was a company called Ignition Financial. Their website at is beautiful and functions well, and it is also easy to utilize. Their process is smooth and approval happens in no time. Ignition Financial provided that final bit of breathing room that allowed me to put my financial trajectory back on track. I have to like thank them for being a good business.

Investors Like Working With Eric Pulier

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that people who invest money want to make a healthy profit. They certainly do not want to invest their money in a business venture where there is a significant chance that they will lose it. Basically, investors are looking for a sure thing. Eric Pulier is about as close to a sure thing as you can find in the investing world today. Eric has been personally responsible for putting together numerous tech startups that have gone on to become very successful and profitable. This has put him on the radar of investors from around the world. They see Eric as someone who is a very safe bet to make them a tidy profit if they finance one of his startup ventures.


Eric graduated from Harvard where he studied English literature. He has since made a great career for himself creating startup companies that offer many different products and services. It was initially very difficult for Eric to find people who were willing to put money into his startups. This is understandable because Eric was completely unknown in the tech world and he did not have anybody vouching for him. Therefore, venture capitalists were very nervous about handing their money over to a guy with absolutely no track record whatsoever.


However, things have definitely changed since those days. Eric now has a long waiting list of people and companies who are begging to work with him. He is now a known commodity and the biggest investors on the planet will pick up the phone if he calls them. This is what happens when you continually create startups that build a loyal following and are sold for a tidy profit. Investors realize that the chances of losing their money are very small if they invest in a startup with Eric Pulier.


Eric says it is definitely much easier to focus on the creative aspect of launching a startup when you are not constantly worried about where the money is going to come from. Eric says financing a startup is tough when nobody knows you.

Doug Levitt’s Inspiration for the Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is an american folk artist looking to tell the story of America’s downtrodden. He road a Greyhound bus on a search for the American Dream. In his songs he told the stories of folk’s he came across. He has a magic knack of telling the stories that others couldn’t tell so he tells them for them. He traveled over 100,000 miles on a bus to tell the story of others trying to get by. He explains that the stories he has ran into reflect America’s socio-economic times and also helped him get through his father’s suicide. He feels the pain of the others around him struggling welded into one picture along with the pain he feels from the turmoil he has been through. Not many people ride a Greyhound bus on a day to day basis, so he found that others have been through similar circumstances by going on his journey. His song “Highway signs” reflects a lot on his journey and inspiration he got for “The Greyhound Diaries”. The Greyhound Diaries reflects what American’s went through in th 20’s. By going through the journey on the bus he explains has helped bring him to a level of closure from his father’s death. A big basis of the Greyhound diaries is based on the 1920’s which reflects a lot of situations America is going through at the moment. Doug Levitt speaks for those who don’t have a voice, and he felt obligated to tell his story through music.

Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Enters Insurance Lawsuit

Past actions by the former managing team of the Atlanta Hawks has led to a bad faith lawsuit against AIG, otherwise known as New Hampshire Insurance Company. The suit has arisen out of claims that the insurance company failed to provide protections falling under certain categories of employment and termination practices by the team.

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist and former principal owner of the team who is part of the new lawsuit. He has been an outspoken proponent of the team’s evolution as a civic-minded organization. His involvement in a recent team ownership transfer highlighted the need for team interests to consider fan and player welfare in any acquisition. See,

The root of the claim against AIG stems from the sale of the team to a new enterprising financial organization. The sale of the team included an $850 million purchase amount, and specific ownership contract of $18 million. During the Time of transfer, legal employment claims were filed that previous owners say AIG failed to recognize and process.

According to, both parties in the lawsuit are claiming protections under their own understanding of the AIG policy. As a matter of prudence, AIG and all parties involved, refuse to disclose relevant information about the dispute, while the Hawks strive each season to remain a viable and popular franchise.


Clay Siegall Is Championing The Development Of Twenty-First-Century Cancer Therapies

As an individual who holds a Ph.D. in Genetics and as co-founder and current CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is at the forefront of developing twenty-first-century therapies for cancer treatment. Adcetris, the company’s flagship drug fights lymphomas, while a dozen other drugs in the works will fight other cancers, including bladder and breast cancer. In 2016, Forbes named Siegall’s Seattle Genetics as number 71 on their Innovative Growth Companies list for their development of monoclonal antibody-based cancer therapies.


When Seattle PI spoke with Siegall about his Bothell, Washington-based Company, he admitted that his father had passed away due to brain cancer, which prompted him to help develop better therapies that made chemotherapy less toxic to the body. He co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1997 after Bristol Myer’s, the company that he relocated to Seattle to work at, closed their Seattle operations. After raising $37 million in venture capital funding, Siegall and his team focused on developing products for the ADC market. By 2011, Adcetris earned FDA approval and now, it is available in more than 45 countries worldwide. Seattle Genetics sells their new type of ADC platform in the U.S. and Canada, while Takeda Oncology markets Adcetris in other countries.


Siegall took the biotechnology company public in 2001, bringing in an additional $51 million in capital. Collaborations with other companies, including Abbott, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer for its ADC technology bring in additional capital. Seattle Genetic’s collaboration with Pfizer alone brought in $8 million upfront, with additional payments and royalties likely. Under Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has raised over $145 million from licensing their proprietary technology ADC platform.

The Texas Banker’s Association Recently Held Its Annual Conference In New Orleans

One of the most competitive and popular industries in the business world is the banking industry. As an industry, the banking industry has a collection of institutions that provide a wide array of financial services. The banking industry has many rules and regulations that ensure that all banking operations are done in a defined manner. With all the various rules and regulations along with the number of banking types, the banking industry is a hard industry for professionals to stay up-to-date in regarding all aspects of the industry.


One of the ways that many banking professionals keep up-to-date with what is happening in the banking industry is by attending banking conferences. The banking conferences allow banking professionals the chance to talk to other banking professionals to learn, grow, and understand more about the banking profession. The Texas Banker’s Association held its annual conference recently. It was the 5th annual conference held by the organization. The conference is provided for bank leaders, consultants, and advisers.


During the conference, banking professionals get the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the banking industry. In addition, the professionals have the chance to discuss different challenges that they face in the banking industry. One of the banking professionals selected to serve on the forum panel this year was John Holt. Mr. Holt is the CEO and President of NexBank Capital.


The banking industry is an industry that is constantly changing because of rules, regulations, and competition. The chance to attend conferences like the one provided by the Texas Banker’s Association gives banking professionals the chance to see other banking professionals away from the daily grind of banking operations. This gives them a chance to discuss the banking industry in ways that they normally would not be able to do because of work requirements.


NexBank Capital provides financial services to clients in the banking industry. The company maintains and utilizes three core business areas. The areas are commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services.


NexBank is a leading company in the financial service market. The company has many clients such as corporations, institutional clients and financial institutions.

Soros Spearheads New Progressive Agenda

Multi-billion dollar philanthropist, businessman, and social justice warrior George Soros is the main attraction at the upcoming Democratic Alliance meeting in Washington DC. This gathering is much more somber than many attendees expected before the Nov 8 election surprise. With the triumph of Donald J Trump the mood has gone from jubilation to all hands on deck.

George Soros is seen by many in the American and international progressive movement as one of the founding fathers of the modern liberal movement on The stunning defeat that liberals faced during the 2016 election has led to a great deal of soul searching within the party. Many of the party rank and file are looking to men like George Soros to find a way forward.

One of the major topics of discussion at the meeting will be the new Democratic National Committee chairman. Many people support Keith Ellison- who would be the first major party leader on in the United States to be a Muslim. There is also talk of replacing various committee leaders in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Very few liberals are planning any major overhaul of the party platform- the goal is to change the messaging in a way that will resonate with working class voters in the middle of the country. George Soros has already pledged millions of dollars to fight the Trump agenda from New York to California.

While the vast majority of Democrats are united behind the alliance there is still a growing wing of the party known as “Berniecrats” who want to send the party even farther left. While George Soros most likely agrees with them politically the major differences come from the speed of the change. Soros is not known as an accelerationist on

One thing is for certain- the Democratic Alliance meeting will show the party a path forward for the 2018 and the 2020 elections at the very least. The entire agenda at for the next two years will be examined thoroughly. George Soros has been a major power player in the Democratic party and it does not look like things will be changing anytime soon.