Sapphire Rings and The Natural Sapphire Company

If you are looking into purchasing a Sapphire ring, The Natural Sapphire Company might be the place for you. They specialize in the best natural, untreated sapphire. The Natural Sapphire Company does not treat their sapphire, this mean that they do not color diffused, irradiated, oil, glass fill or heat to high temperatures.

History of The Natural Sapphire Company

The Natural Sapphire Company was founded in 1939 by Walter S. Arnstein. When the company was founded enhancements and synthetic stones had not been invented. In the early 1900’s engagement rings became more popular. Many people still could not afford the high price of a diamond engagement ring. Soon after white sapphire became a popular alternative stone for an engagement ring, because of its ability to survive every day wear. Walter and his wife Janette ran the business together for 50 years. She assisted with many things such as marketing and sales. Walter’s son Seymour Arnstein joined the company in the early 1970’s and continued to work with natural sapphires. Michael Arnstein joined the company in the 1990’s and is the one who created the E-Commerce website.

Demand for Sapphire Rings

The demand for natural sapphire has continued to grow over the past 20 years. Most people think that Sapphires only come in blue, however, this is not the case. Sapphires come in many different colors such as pink, yellow, white, and even exotic colors. Sapphire engagement rings have begun to make a comeback. They have begun to make a comeback because Kate Middleton received a Sapphire engagement ring, and that has caused more people to be interested in owning one.

The Natural Sapphire Company Summary

The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in natural, untreated Sapphire. They are a family business originally founded by Walter Arnstein in 1939. Since then many other members of the Arnstein family have worked for The Natural Sapphire Company, and the business continues to grow today.

John Goullet the IT Guru

John Gullet is an entrepreneur and a professional in IT Tech Staffing. He started his career by serving as an IT consultant. He later shifted to IT staffing in 1994. John Goullet holds a Masters in Computer Science which he earned from Ursinus College in 1983. John has gained a lot of skills and experience both in IT consultancy and IT staffing. This made him start Info Technologies. The company was involved in offering solutions in IT staffing to enterprises in the whole country including certain Fortune 500 companies. The company was worth $30 million in the first five years of its operation. This was attributed to John’s excellent leadership. The Inc. Magazine listed as one of the fastest growing United States firms that were privately owned.

John Goullet understood the power of partnership. He joined Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies which bore Diversant LLC. He then became the principal of the newly formed company. He was involved in creating strategies of the company that would assist the company to overcome the problems in the ever-changing industry of IT. Diversant LLC has acquired industry leaders who form the innovative team that has led to the success of the company with the leadership of John and other senior executives. John also states that working closely with his staff has also contributed to the company’s success.

The drastic growth of Diversant LLC in times of economic downturn is a clear indication that John Goullet has executed his work well as the principal of the country. He also motivates his employees to be creative thinkers and to always uphold discipline, respect, as well as ethical behavior. His excellent work and commitment have made the company become the biggest company in the United States owned by African-America. The company is also certified as a minority-owned business enterprise. John has been a motivation to many young entrepreneurs who are hesitant of venturing in the IT industry. He has shown that one can be successful in any field of work if they have determination, commitment, and discipline. John’s belief in teamwork was what made him venture in the IT staffing industry.

Business Help from MB2 Dental

Starting your own Dental business can be incredibly difficult for the average dentist. You probably have a lot of other things to focus on and you do not have a lot of knowledge when it comes to business ventures or how to set up a business that you would like to create for yourself. One of the main problems a lot of people have is that they do not know the first thing about setting up their very own business and this can deter them from making the money they would like and being able to focus on their skills more efficiently.


One of the best companies out there to set up a business for you is known as MB2 Dental because they are Professionals in the dental field when it comes to creating brand new businesses or individuals who are interested in accomplishing this for themselves. MB2 Dental has been around for quite some time now and has set up thousands upon thousands of dental practices that have been a true success for the dentists who are owning and running it.


You will want to continue working with this amazing company because of the fact that they can also manage your business for you and make it a lot easier for you and your loved ones when it comes to getting the most from this option. A lot of individuals are finally realizing just how important it can be for them to make use of this service for themselves and it is why they are realizing just how important it is to hire a company like this so that they can finally relax and focus on their Dentistry as opposed to all of the aspects of their business.


Now is the time for you to contact a company like blank and begin working with their team of professionals to ensure that they are going to be able to help you every step of the way. Once you begin to work with the experts who are Professionals in this particular field, you are going to feel totally confident knowing that you are leaving everything in the hands of experts who are short to make your business a true success over the course of time. This also saves you a lot of time and hassle because you are not the one doing all of the business set up your self and it will also ensure that everything is being done in a professional manner by a company that does this for a living.


Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto Celebrates Success And Thriving Careers

For more than 10 years, the healthcare system has attempted to offer cheaper and better healthcare services to the citizens but this has remained a challenge yet to be accomplished. Many of the policies offered by insurance companies are not as reliable as one would expect and many people are not familiar with the terms placed against most policies. With the advent of managed healthcare providers over the past few years, people are now able to access more options.

Managed healthcare services have come as a relief to the problems a big population of the U.S citizenry faces. Different companies like InnovaCare Health have drafted better policies and developed products that have proved beneficial to users. One of the ways users of Medicare Advantage have benefitted from InnovaCare Health is through accessing cheaper rates and better services that have allowed them to receive the needed support within a short duration.

All the developments and benefits that have been created are as a result of the good leadership that has been steering the company forward. There are focused professionals like Rick Shinto who have a good understanding of the clinical healthcare industry who offer the required support to the company.

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Rick Shinto, M.D, M.B.A
An experienced and highly skilled expert in clinical sciences, Rick Shinto is a professional who has taken part in the development of the company to become one of the best providers of healthcare services. Rick Shinto boasts of an experience of over 20 years and has remained one of the most active professionals in the management of the company. Rick Shinto works closely with other professionals as the CEO to see that all the plans drafted are implemented accurately. His prior experience can be trace back to companies Rick Shinto worked with like NAMM California and Aveta Inc, where he served as the CEO.

Penelope Kokkinides
Also in the executive team is Penelope Kokkinides, a highly experienced executive. She is a biological healthcare expert who has been in the industry for over 20 years offering solutions to different challenges. Penelope Kokkinides holds the Chief Administrative position at InnovaCare Health and is the pioneer of the modern infrastructure that has changed the company to become a better player in the industry.

She also worked at Aveta Inc., and several other companies including working with the government in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. She assists in the development of different products and is an experienced leader.

For more about Penelope Kokkinides, check out her BizJournals profile