How Presidential Candidates will Shape the Economic Future


Despite how a person votes, it is important to know the stance each candidate has on key issues in order to make an informed decision. Here are some important viewpoints the candidates have about the U.S. economy and financial markets to take into consideration.


Trump wants to condense current tax brackets into fewer income levels while increasing deduction limits for single and married people and repealing some existing taxes already in effect on the upper class. Clinton would direct taxes towards income levels of over $1 million, which could still affect the average American, and make the calculations of capital gains taxes more complex. Previously, it is the income bracket that determines the level of capital gains taxes.


Although the subject of simplifying the tax code has not been addressed verbally by each candidate, Clinton has indicated plans for addressing the tax code issues which currently affect many small businesses. She hopes this will help the growth and sustainability of many businesses. There is an outline on Trump’s website addressing the need to reduce itemization on tax returns.


When it comes to child-care tax breaks, both presidential candidates agree. They hope to provide greater assistance for the increasing costs of child-care.


Each candidate has a different view on estate taxes. Trump would repeal the estate tax completely while Clinton would lower the minimum require and increase the maximum gained from this tax.


Although not all areas of the Economy are going to be affected by the candidates running for president, there could still be areas that are severely impacted.


Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. He was also the Chairman previously at Pali Capital. Brad Reifler developed a fund to invest in for people who are not considered accredited investors. These people make up 99% of the population.


While no investment is risk-free, Brad Reifler created the Forefront Income Trust. It gives a viable alternative and offers non-accredited investors the chance to invest. Forefront Income Trust products allow diversification and creates structure to minimize the risks that normal higher return strategies may pose.

Malini Saba-A Great Business Woman

Malini Saba is making an impact in the business world and investments globally. She is an Asian investor as well as philanthropist. She was born in Southern Asia and has worked hard to become a powerful businesswoman on an international scale.


Although Saba has become a huge success she realizes she has been blessed and still remains humble. She has a talent for choosing the best places to make money and the commodity market is her favorite place to invest because of the risk and potential for great returns. But no matter how successful or rich she gets her primary priority still remains her family. She doesn’t depend on a nanny, either, like many of the rich and famous. She is the sole caregiver to her child.


 Saba began her career many years ago investing in numerous territories all over the globe and her life is an example worth imitating. She has fought corruptness and has lost a lot of money, business, and time in her struggle to reach the top but that has never stopped Saba. Despite all her roadblocks she started her own enterprise with her associates. Still not past her challenges, she overcame them and continued on. There’s nothing that will get in Saba’s way.


Her investing career began in the Silicon Valley in the 90s and included investments in companies such as Paypal, Netscreen Technologies and Sycamore Networks.

These investments proved fruitful, because they became successful and she netted a large income.


Saba’s efforts paid off and she is now one of the biggest large scale resources owners, including real estate, rice fields, and energy companies. Her hard times haven’t made her bitter or resentful but she still has the interest of others at top priority over her own and is a compassionate selfless person.


In 2001 she founded the “Stree: Global Investments in Women global charity organization that is helping women in low-income situations to improve their lives. Inaugurated by former President Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor, it provides a way for women to access needed healthcare, legal help, and provides a forum for movements in order to connect with public policy in Eastern Europe, India, Central America, and Africa.


Malini Saba continues to elevate woman around the world and is an inspiration not only to other women, but anybody, to be more compassionate towards people and to persevere, no matter how tough things can get.

Brian Torchin Cares About Making People Well

It takes a lot to have a good career in the medical field, and Brian Torchin knows that better than most. He has put in his all to be the best at what he does, and he is a very respected man because of that. When people are trying to get into the medical field they would be wise to use the career that he has had as an example of what they should do. And they would be wise to hear the advice that he has to offer and to put it into practice.

Brian says that people just starting off in their careers need to be quick when trying to get a job. Hospital jobs are not just going to wait around for someone to show up, but they are going to fill up quickly. And, he says that if someone is not able to get a job in a hospital right away, then it would be time for them to look into joining a staffing agency.

The wisdom that Brian Torchin has has been gained through his years of experience in this field. He knows a lot, because he has lived through it all. He is a wise man, and he generously takes all that he has learned and gives advice to those just getting started in their careers.

He knows that the medical field is a tough place, and that at times it can get discouraging. But, his focus has always been on helping people to get well, and if others are focused on that, as well, then they should be able to stick with it. Because, no matter how hard the road gets, if their focus is on making people better, then they should have the ambition and motivation to get things done, just like Brian Torchin has.

Norka Luque and Her Unwavering Passion for Music and Her Career

Norka Luque is a Latin-pop artist currently based in Miami, Florida. She was born as Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque on February 7 in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. Her passion for performing began at an early age which she widely explored while growing up. Her curiosity for the performing arts encouraged her to learn, piano, ballet, flamenco, and music theory among others.


Even before she became a professional singer, she had already joined a number of competitions; even winning awards including the “Golden Voice”. However, she is not just all beauty and talent. She later moved to France to pursue higher education to earn a degree in International Business Administration.


In France, she worked hard to keep in touch with her musical roots. Her time as a university student pushed her to form her own funk-rock band called Bad Moon Rising. This chapter in her career taught her the essentials that would become useful for her solo career. Upon her return to the United States, she again immersed herself in artistic and educational endeavors which included singing lessons and studying both culinary arts and fashion design.


The biggest break in her musical career was when she met renowned producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. The talented producer was drawn to the singer for her spirit and creative vision. Under his stead, she was able to work with big names like Gloria Estefan as well as producers Archie Peña, the Gaitan Brothers, and so much more.


In 2012, Norka released a major hit called “Miracle” with different versions making it to the airwaves. Miracle’s dance version featuring El Cata made it big in the US, and debuted at No. 11 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs.


Despite her success, she remains grounded and open to continuously improving her craft. What is more inspiring about her is her optimistic view on the music industry and her commitment to make an impact with her music. She firmly believes that artists like her have a huge responsibility to spread messages of love and positivity.


Norka Luque’s music can be described as a fresh blend of pop, reggae, rock, and Mediterranean influences. In 2013, her career hit a lull when she went through a major health crisis that forced her to undergo brain surgery. Despite this, she never backed down and continued with her music career. Her most recent musical release was her EDM track, Tomorrowland, which she released in April of 2015.


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Advantages of InnovaCare Health Services

Innovacare Health is one of the leading providers in Medicare as well as Medicaid Advantage plan and also services in physician practices. They are committed to ensuring they provide quality healthcare which is cost effective, sustainable and which are integrated with the best technology. There are two available Medicare Advantage strategies which are PMC Medicare Choice and the MMM Healthcare whose members are almost 200,000 and are served by 7,500 providers on There are also two Medicaid strategies that are in Government Health Plan in Puerto Rico which offers broad benefits at a certain coordinated model.

Innovacare Health Leadership

Dr. Rick Shinto who is now the president and the Chief Executive in InnovaCare, has ensured there is improved and patients get the best services from them. He has also served as the CEO and the President of Aveta Inc. from 2008 until 2012. He has agreat experience especially with medical needs since he served as Chief Medical Officer in Medical Pathways Management. Penelope Kokkinides, is the Chief Administrative Officer in InnovaCare Health and together with Richard, they have improve health facilities and technology used in the center.

To ensure they offer quality services to all patients, InnovaCare has decided to add more leaders to its board. This will help them make the best choices regarding patient’s issues and ensure the services given to them are of high quality. They are very much committed to moving their healthcare center on forward by promoting and issuing advantage plans that patients need.

They always put the needs of their patients first to ensure they all get served in the best way possible. There are many changes happening in healthcare setting and they work hard to ensure their patients in North America receive the best innovative and quality care. Their mission is to redefine healthcare management and ensure they meet all the challenges facing healthcare environment through their Provider Networks and even Medicare and the Medicaid Advantage Programs.

It is important for you to join a health facility that is willing to listen and offer you quality services. In InnovaCare, the needs of the patient are put first and this ensures there is a good and great relationship between the employees and the patients. There are also qualified staff members that work throughout for 24 hours to ensure you get served no matter the time. You can receive all the Medicaid as well as Medicare services you need from Innov InnovaCare acare and be in a position to experience the best services from them.