Academy of Art University Turns Students Into Designers

Students enrolled at the Academy of Art University are showing off their talents during the prestigious New York City Fashion Week. The Skylight Clarkson Square is the site of the academy’s runway showcase. Featured in the show are students who recently graduated from the academy with an MFA or BFA. They collectively contributed two clothing collections for women and five for men.

MFA Fashion Design graduate Haliun Zhou’s contributions to the showcase include her line of clothing inspired by what she observed around her while embarking on a journey of creativity as part of a creative concept class. Haliun created her own unique fabrics and turned them into dresses and outerwear, among other clothing items. She used PVC and vinyl to create each of the pieces. As a result of her talent for fashion, she was chosen in 2017 to participate in the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.

Haliun and other students of Academy of Art University have received a thorough education in design. This perfectly fits with the school’s mission statement, which includes teaching and design in the most disciplined way possible. The mission statement also covers the encouragement of each student when it comes to creating their own styles, culled from their creative aspirations and technical skills.

Other success stories of Academy of Art University students include MFA Fashion Design degree holder Eden Slezin. Eden, who hails from San Francisco, used the city’s focus on individuality to create her own styles. As an environmentally conscious designer, she made it a point to use recycled rubber and donated organic denim in the construction of her clothing. Not only did she share the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase with classmate Haliun, she was also a CFDA Elaine Gold Launch Pad finalist.

Eden is not the only San Francisco native to thrive thanks to the Academy of Art University. In fact, more than 70 alumni and current students have had their work featured in gallery exhibitions and shows throughout the Bay area.

However, the academy’s reputation attracts students from all over the world, such as Jelly Shan, who hails from China. She used a visit to Northwest China to serve as her inspiration for her clothing line, which she sees as fresh and edgy.

In fact,the alumni and student body of the academy is so diverse that it includes individuals from more than 112 countries, showing what an extraordinary reach the academy has.

Agora Financial Credible Financial Information that Helps Make Important Financial Decisions

Investment is what leads to wealth creation, and people need to make sure that they invest in the right investment option at the right time to reap the benefits. The financial markets have been volatile in the last few years, and it has made it more than necessary for people to be careful about their money and where they invest it. Agora Financial is one of the top publishing houses in the United States that have been around for many decades. It has an experienced pool of investment and financial experts who ensure that they keep a close watch on the market and predict its future based on facts and figures they collect from various industries and other performance indicators.

People today know that investment is essential but also know that it can be risky. It is why some amount of financial advice is essential to land on the right decision. Investment options are available in plenty in the market, but it is essential that people carefully tread when putting in their hard earned money. Some investment looks attractive but isn’t fundamentally strong, and it is what Agora Financial helps people with. The common people who do not have financial background find it difficult to understand the semantics of various investment options available and end up choosing wrong investment venue that can potentially lead to unbearable losses.

Agora Financial helps people with understanding the pros and cons of various investment options and where they should put their money, and also when. Such data is crucial to making correct investment choices and ensuring that losses are minimized, and profits are enhanced. Agora Financial has a huge network of reporters spread throughout the globe in various industries that help the publishing firm to gather information quickly and provide the same to its million readers who rely on such information to make a meaningful financial decision.

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Securus Technologies Ignites A Hope Of Safety In People With Wireless Containment Units

We live in a world that has ample amount of crimes happening on a daily basis and even with prisoners put behind bars; they continue to cause havoc by using contraband items such as cell phones to organize crimes. An instance that will shock and terrify most people is the case of Robert Johnson, who was attacked within the walls of his home and shot multiple times. Fortunately for the world, Robert Johnson is a fighter who fought for his life and 23 surgeries later he has dedicated his time and energy on helping people like us, sleep without losing even a single wink.


Robert Johnson, a retired corrections officer, has partnered with Securus Technologies as a consultant and through their joint efforts, they hope to make the world a safer place to live in once again. Securus technologies are known best for their many attempts to create helpful and reliable solutions using cutting edge and futuristic techniques, have built specialized units meant to be installed in prisons. These wireless systems can be fixed at any penitentiary interested in keeping its inmates from making and receiving calls while they are in the compounds and premises.


The Wireless Containment Units that have been created by Securus Technologies and they work on the principle of blocking calls in prisons at the source. The technology used ensures that when an inmate dials an unknown number or receives a call from an unknown number, the Wireless Containment Unit will prevent the call from going till the network. Any calls made to 911 can be completed successfully.


This ingenious system does not let inmates know that their calls are getting re-routed to the units through a Securus cell phone tower. Most of the inmates using this system are under the assumption that their cell phones are still connected to their home networks, all the while the antenna, provides a powerful signal to attract a call made or received so that these dialed calls can be managed efficiently without it even being sent out to the network.


The Wireless Containment Units are a plausible long-term solution for situations where inmates smuggle contraband cell phones through flying drones and family members during conjugal visits. These containment units, have cost a sum greater than $40 million to be created. A total of 3 prisons in Florida have chosen to install these wireless containment units, and we hope that other prisons soon follow their lead. While the exact number of calls that have been blocked in these 3 Florida prisons is not known, it was recently announced by Securus, that nationwide, over 1.7 million calls made by inmates within the premises have been blocked.


Robert Johnson believes that when contraband products cannot be stopped entirely from being smuggled into prisons, the only way forward is by using technology and so do many others in the country.



ClassDojo Transforms Parent – Teacher Relationships

ClassDojo is a revolutionary concept that ties students, parents, and teachers together into a cohesive team for the betterment of education. ClassDojo is an app that works on Android, ioS, and Kindle Fire platforms that allows instant communication between the three parties.

Students are able to share lessons, projects, pictures, messages, and videos in real time. This gives parents a window into their children’s classrooms at school, teachers can share messages, schedules, projects, grades, videos, and pictures. Students take pride in showing their parents their work as it is being completed.

The plan for ClassDojo was very simple from the outset – to transform education for every student in the world. Currently, ClassDojo is in use in over 180 countries in the world in addition to being used in 90W% of Kindergarten through eighth-grade schools in the US. It is currently translated and being used in over 35 different languages.

ClassDojo is not trying to create an ideal classroom because there is just no such thing. Instead it creates a platform that is ideal for communicating with parents, students and teachers exactly what is going on in the classroom for all to see. It empowers teachers to create an incredible classroom where parents can sit in and participate in a way that has never been done before.

Parents can see their children learning right before their very eyes and then they have the opportunity to support that learning by complementing their children when they come home from school. This reinforces the learning that the child experienced during school that day.

Teachers are excited about ClassDojo because it gives an added dimension to their job. Each morning they can check the ClassDojo parental messaging system and find out if any of the students are sick. During class if a particular student shows an “Amazing Thinking” or “Great Listening”, she gives them “ping” on their avatar, a cartoonish character. Other classmates hear the ping and are impressed. Point is added for good behavior, and subtracted for disruptive behavior.

It is a “bottom-up” approach and a real incentive for kids to relate and pay attention to their classwork and learning skills. The interaction and hands-on ability of parents, teachers and students to interact have been a big winner for everyone.

Setting The Model For A Future World

The future world of business will focus on the potentials of the international stage. The manufacturing stage for worldwide operations is lucrative. So the OSI Group is being led by Sheldon Lavin and in a way no one expected. The world continues to expand and so are the businesses of industry. Industry allows massive quantities of goods to be put into play.

The OSI Group is now leading the world as the number producer in the meat manufacturing industry. It does so because of the vision it holds regarding how the world is expanding. Sheldon Lavin takes his vision and is setting the standards for future productivity or how other businesses will operate as they follow the steps of the OSI Group.

What International Expansion Actually Needs

The work of international expansion needs one ingredient and in order to truly thrive on. This component is demand. The world is made of up people like you and I. Each one of them seek various goods that the modern world produces. The more these people seek products and services, the more these products and services will be available.

Expansion needs a large demand and in order to create the results we’re seeing with the OSI Group. The results show themselves as running within the range of billions of dollars every year. The driving force behind any major company is the demand they have. The OSI Group is now operating with the demand of the world behind it.

The System Set Up By Sheldon Lavin

The recent developments we’ve witnessed with the OSI Group is only possible because of the business development in Sheldon Lavin’s hands. Sheldon is a highly respected CEO in the corporate world and brings together over 35 years of business experience. The priceless vision and advice of this agency leader enables OSI Group to take the international world by storm.

What the meat manufacturing industry is experiencing ripples within the entire business world. The process is revealing a great deal as Sheldon is giving free-range to do as he pleases and to put into practice the outstanding experience he has. This same experience redefined the OSI agency and brought it far into a modern world.

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Logan Stout Is Interested In Health And Wellness

Logan Stout is the Founder and CEO of IDLife, a company that is focused on personalized nutrition and helping people live better lives. He is someone who is focused on health and he is someone who uses the products that his company creates. He has shared in an interview that he will begin his day with an IDLife Shake and follow that up with an IDLife Energy Drink. He believes in the products that his company creates, and he uses those products to help him live a healthy life.

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When a person has an idea for something that they would like to bring into reality, they have to figure out how they are going to do that. Logan Stout is someone who believes in brainstorming the ideas that he has to help them come true. When he was given the chance to share about how he makes the ideas that he has become realities, he shared that he likes to get as many people as possible together and then work on the idea as a team.

Being healthy is something that is important to many, and Logan Stout has shared that health and wellness and that whole topic is something that gets him excited. He likes to see people trying to live out healthier lives. He likes to see people learning about vitamins and the way that they can care for their bodies. This man is excited to see people moving toward living healthier and better lives, overall, and he is doing a lot to help with all of that.

Logan Stout has also been one of the biggest looked up to keynote speakers throughout the world. Also, in 2013, Stout wrote a book to show his passion of assisting others to create quality skills of leadership. This book was called “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams”. He wrote this to inspire readers and impact them to reach their potential God gave them.

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Who is the Next Israeili Social Meme Competition Winner?

Have you designed a pro-Isrrael meme? You could have entered it into a pro-israel media meme competition that is done by the The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF).

The participants of 2017’s second competion came from all around the world. Some of these participants came from America, Israel, Germany, South Africa, Romania, Denmark and Kenya. The lucky first prize winner was Justin Feldman. He did a meme that depicted the hypocrisy of Palestinian-American BDS activist named Linda Sarsour.

The second-prize winner was Eric Fihman and he was inspired by the latest blockbuster films from Hollywood. His meme shows Gail Gadot’s Wonder Women photoshopped alongside the non-superpowered wonder women of the IDF (The Israeli Army) and writing that illustrates Jerusalem as a wonder of Israel.

Adam Milstein, the Israeli-American philanthropist, believed that they received a diverse range of rare and imaginative names, which were entertaining, funny and often moving.

Adam Milstein was really impressed by the quality as well as the quantity that the competition received. He says if you want to see the memes that were entered in the competition, you can see them on social media channels of the organizations that partner with his foundation as well as all of the pro-israel community. Adam Milstein loves the fact that projects like this social meme can encourage theite imaginations of people and bring all Israel advocates around the world together.

The judges of this competition were pro-israel student activists. Eighteen contestants were selected by these people and a total of 2,000 US dollars were awarded as prize money. The MFF was founded by Gila Milstein and her husband Adam Milstein in 2000. The purpose of this organization to educate students and young professionals about their Jewish roots, to communicate with the State of Israel, to show more Jewish pride and to give them facts about the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Michel Terpins Made Sure He Was Successful

Michel Terpins has always had a drive for success. He knows there are things he’ll have to do to be successful when he is racing. In addition, he knows it will take a lot of hard work to get to where he wants to be. Even though he has already put in a lot of work with the racing he does, he knows there will be different ways he can make things better. He has always wanted people to know about the opportunities they have when they’re racing and that has allowed him to make sure things are going to keep working better for him. As long as Michel Terpins knows what he’s doing, he knows he will make things easier on himself and make things better for the people who are also racing. It has allowed him the chance to make sure he is as successful as possible.

Thanks to Michel Terpins, there are different things that people see in him. They all know that he is successful and that he’s going to keep making things easier on people who are doing their best in different situations. It all goes back to what he can do as a racecar driver and how he can make things work for those who have raced with him for years. Looking at all the options people have has allowed Michel Terpins the chance to continue offering new things in the industry. He is an offroad rally driver and that’s what has put him into the top spot in the industry.

The hard work he has done also translates to his brother. His younger brother races cars like he does and that has helped him have a successful career. Together, they are able to race cars and they make sure they are the best rally car drivers who are doing things offroad. Everything that Michel Terpins does goes back to working with other people and trying his best to race in a positive manner. He knows what it takes and isn’t afraid to keep working to make sure Terpins stays on top as the best of the best.


Lacey and Larkin Helped Change Things for Minorities

Even though minorities have always struggled, Larkin and Lacey don’t want to see them struggle anymore. They want to see people be happy while they are doing different things and that’s what has made a huge difference for the people who are in those situations.

Larkin and Lacey have always wanted to make sure people were getting the best opportunities possible and that meant they had to get information out there about what it was like to be a minority and how hard it was to get the help they needed.

For the men, this meant they would need to try different things and would need to make sure they were doing everything the right way. They had always done what they could to help people so that meant they would need to continue helping them through different situations.

Larkin and Lacey had always been dedicated to how they could help and what they could do to make a difference. In addition, the men were strong journalists.

They knew a lot about journalism and what they could do to provide feedback to different situations. For Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, this meant they would need to help people through the most difficult times of their lives.

While the men were reporting about corruption in the sheriff’s office in their own hometown, they learned more than what they were looking for. This information was not something they had to dig for, but it was something they knew they probably should be careful about publishing and about putting out there. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Facebook

As it turned out, the men were right and the sheriff was not pleased with what they had done. He had them arrested for talking about him and making things harder for him in every situation.

The arrest was not a legal one and Larkin and Lacey knew that. Instead of going with it and just accepting it as it was, they knew they had to try different things and had to make sure they were offering the best opportunities possible.

They also knew they would need to make sure they were offering people everything that would allow them to give back to the community.

Since the men fought the charges, they were able to win the case. The sheriff’s office was forced to pay them over three million dollars as a result. The men used it to start a foundation for other minorities.

Latin-American Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins

Due to his exceptional race car driving skills, Rodrigo Terpins has won several awards in the Brazilian racing competition known as the Sertoes Rally. He comes from a family that has a great interest in the world of sports. His father, Jack, was a famous basketball player from the 1960s to the 1970s, and his brother, Michel, is his driving partner in the Sertoes Rally.


Rodrigo Terpins developed a passion for speed racing at a young age, and it was that passion that led him to pursue his dream of competitive driving after leaving his position as president of a women’s clothing store called Lojas Marisa. He has a background in Business Management, which he was trained in at Saint Hilaire College. Since joining the Sertoes Rally competition years ago, he has completed 5 of its races, and has won a high ranking in most of them. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Along with his brother Michel and a few other rally drivers, Rodrigo Terpins started the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which developed a reputation as being one of the finest teams in the competition. Together the men won the 2nd stage of the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally, which consists of 7 stages and covers 2600 kilometers. Because of all the rough terrain the men had to maneuver through in the 2nd stage, his brother described it as being very difficult and exhausting, but their hard work, discipline and perseverance helped them push forward to acquire the win.


The Bull Sertoes Team won the race using a vehicle that is known as T-Rex. This machine was developed by a company named MEM Motorsport, and its added V8 engine is what made it powerful enough to get through the rally’s mountainous roads. Rodrigo Terpins has also participated in the rally’s Mitsubishi Cup Championship, and he is the Senior Director of his own company called T5 Partipacoes. Check out terra to know more.



In order to allow his fans to engage with him, Rodrigo Terpins has profiles on several social media websites, and he continues to be a passionate, hard-working competitor and champion in the largest off-road rally event in Brazil. You can search on Google for more


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