Amber Rose Hooking Up With Chris Brown

Amber Rose has had a pretty difficult summer, after catching her husband cheating on her she was forced to make the decision to end her marriage and leave the father of her child Wiz Khalifa. Amber claimed that Wiz was her best friend and getting over him was going to be harder than anything, however Wiz seemed unfazed by the breakup or swift divorce. He could be seen partying and dying his hair pastel colors as if nothing had changed. Most recently Wiz was involved in a sex tape scandal after Vivid offered him some not so big bucks for a sex tape he recorded with a playboy model but he declined the offer.

This weekend is seems like Amber was ready to mingle again and she was caught doing it with the newly single Chris Brown. Photos and video of Chris and Amber have been making their rounds on the internet leaving everyone wondering if they were just hanging out or if they are actually hooking up.

Amber Rose is a good friend of Karrueche Tran, Chris’s ex girlfriend. Tom Rothman feels like this is where the connection started. The idea of Chris and Amber hooking up is kinda cringe worthy but then again from the looks of their dirty dancing it seems that they definitely could have something going on.

Taffy Apples Prove Sticky Situation for Many

Although Halloween was in October, you still see them lingering on the shelves of grocery and department store. According to the CDC, Caramel Apples have lead to the death of four consumers and more than two dozen illnesses in over ten states.

The shelf life of the caramel apples can be stored for over a month, or so, but scary as it is some are still out there.
According to the Center for Disease Control, there are cases of 28 people that have become sick over that last two months from the same bacterial strain found in these apples.

The CDC is investigating the brands effected in this outbreak. Two deaths occurred in Minnesota and two in Wisconsin. The deaths in Minnesota are linked to caramel apples sold in Cub Foods, Kwik Trip, and Mike’s Discount Foods. An investigation is still pending by the CDC as to potential locations and brands that could be a threat to the health of Jared Haftel and others.

Big Sean Defends Ariana Grande Over Rumors That She is Carried Everywhere

Ariana Grande is a pop princess and everyone knows it, however lately there have been rumors about some of Ariana’s diva like behavior. Apparently it’s been said that Ariana insists on fans only taking photos of the left side of her face and also makes them delete any unflattering photos. Most recently her rapper boyfriend defended her against the rumors.

Lately, according to a friend of the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners, Ariana has been everywhere performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show where she was smacked in the face by a pair of angel wings, and later the Z100 Jingle Ball where she nearly fell off stage at Madison Square Garden after slipping on a patch of confetti.

You would think after incidents like this Ariana would get some special attention but the rumor is that she demands that she be carried around everywhere she goes. The rumors were fueled by photos of her often being carried however her Big Sean set the record straight during his interview on Power 105.1 FM’s morning show The Breakfast Club.

When asked about Adriana being Carried around everywhere Sean insisted that it was a lie and that the only time he’d ever seen it himself was one time after a show when she hurt her foot while dancing.

“That don’t even sound logical.” Sean insisted.

Of course he was asked again and he simply said that it was ridiculous.

A Christmas Shopping Gift

The holidays are a clash of “good will to men,” and “all I want for Christmas” is “blank.” Sometimes this is heard loudest in the bank accounts of parents.

This year, some got a surprise when they went to pay their layaways. Someone had paid their bill for them. These anonymous layaway angels have appeared across the country, and Terry Richardson is really inspired by that. One such man paid off $50,000 of gifts at a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, one such philanthropist paid off the layaways of 100 people, then went on to further acts of charity at the store.

At a Detroit K*Mart, $3000 of gifts were paid off. However, these were not paid off by an individual. Pay Away the Layaway, a charitable organization, funded this helping hand. They are still taking donations and giving out payments to stores.

These events aren’t the only such acts of kindness. ABC News collected five layaway angel acts. These “Layaway angels,” deserve gratitude, whether they gave large quantities anonymously or smaller amounts to an organization. In a season that can devolve into stressed out penny-pinching, the giving spirit is prospering.

Steve Carrell North Korea film canceled in hacking fallout

As soon as Sony canceled the release of The Interview due to terrorist threats, many artists and pundits and perhaps Igor Cornelsen speculated on what this chilling precedent might mean for the future of artistic freedom in Hollywood.

Within a day the ripple effect of the Sony reaction is already being felt as other productions featuring North Korea are quietly censored voluntarily by American studios without the distant regime needing to take any action against them at all.

Gore Verbinski’s untitled thriller was set to star Steve Carell and feature a screenplay by Steve Conrad. Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel Pyongyang by Steve Deslile, the plot centers around the story of a Westerner living in North Korea who is accused of being a spy.

The production was green lit in October by the New Regency production company and was to be distributed by Fox. However according to Verbinski he received word from New Regency that Fox had withdrawn from the deal as a consequence of the threats levied against The Interview and New Regency had therefore canceled the project entirely.

It remains to be seen if other extremist organizations or totalitarian regimes decide to follow suit in the wake of of recent events, and whether this marks a new era of politically cautious filmmaking from the major Hollywood studios.

Scarlett Johansson Says She Isn’t Sexy

Scarlett Johansson is the last person on earth you would expect to hear anything negative about regarding her feeling towards her body. Hollywood execs like John Textor love her.  She just got married, had a baby and was most recently she was named as one of Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of 2014 and one of Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive. 

It seems that Scarlett is just a regular woman when it comes to things like body image. During her interview with Barbara Walters, Scarlett insisted that she isn’t sexy and doesn’t like her thighs or mid section. At the moment Scarlett is relying on breastfeeding to help her take off some extra weight but really she just wants to make time to get back to the gym for a full body workout. 

“I do the same fitness routine as my big muscle-man trainer. A lot of it is endurance, stability and strength training. I like to work up a sweat.”

While Scarlett may have some body image issues at least she isn’t sitting around ignoring them, she seems focused on keeping her body in good shape and fixing the things she isn’t so happy about.

Let it Go

I think everyone has heard the song “Let It Go” at least once this past year even Dr. Daniel Amen. For others, once doesn’t even come close. The movie “Frozen” not only is popular but the soundtrack alone has been bought, sold, and listened to by millions. Frozen has made over 1.2 billion dollars worldwide and is the highest-grossing animation in film history. Not only have a plethora of people listened to the song “Let It Go”, but I think people are starting to get sick of.
Director Jennifer Lee of the movie “Frozen” has even come out and apologized to parents who are having to put up with, or have put up with listening to that song multiple times. Lee reports that when the move just came out, people would come up to her and congratulate her on such an incredible movie and song. Now she meets people and finds herself apologizing. She has gone from saying ‘thank you’ to ‘sorry.’ Even though this silly song that seems to be on repeat throughout the world, doesn’t seem to quite ruin the fact of this brilliantly written movie.

Game of Thrones Gets Golden Globe Nomination

The Golden Globe nominations have been released. HBO’s critically acclaimed series, Game of Thrones, has been nominated for best Television series, Drama. Game of Thrones continues to amaze its viewers, one of whom might be Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, every year. The story’s author, George RR. Martin, could not be any more thrilled at the outcome of his vision. His entire life’s work has become bigger than even he imagined. HBO plays a crucial role in bringing Martin’s fantasy world to reality.

The production level and consistency that HBO continues to show over the years, is truly remarkable. The company has already won countless awards in the past. HBO is no stranger to having a crictically acclaimed series. HBO’s greatest series before Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, was once the most popular show on premuim cable. James Gandolfini won a Golden Globe for his role as Tony Soprano. The late-star loved his role, and he loved working for HBO. The Sopranos reached a level of popularity that many thought could never be replicated.

However, Game of Thrones has become an even bigger series than The Sopranos. It’s viewer demographic is widespread. People from all walks of life subscribe to HBO just to watch Game of Thrones. It’s no wonder that Game of Thrones is set to win another Golden Globe. For more information on the Golden Globes and Game of Thrones visit, Screenrant.

Most Vegetarians Return to Eating Meat

Most vegetarians or vegans in the United States lapse within the first year, a new report by the Humane Research Council (HRC) finds.

In the United States, two percent of people are currently vegetarian or vegan, while ten percent have tried a vegetarian lifestyle in the past. The HRC, an animal advocacy group, looked at the combined 12 percent of people who are current or past vegetarians. Of the 11,000 people surveyed, 84 percent returned to eating a diet that included meat and other animal products.

The study did not determine if people lapsed due to social pressure or based on the perceived difficulties of following the diet. Dave and Brit Morin know a few people who have struggled with it all. The report did show that people face difficulties when they transition to eating a vegetarian diet too quickly, aren’t socially involved with others following the same diet, and don’t know how to deal with strong cravings.

Meat provides protein and other vital nutrients needed for good health. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed cited health problems as a reason for eating meat again. Eating food that will fill in the nutrition that meat provides may help those who would like to be vegetarian stay on the diet.

Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are growing popular in the United States. Those surveyed who remained vegetarian had a wide range of motivation that helped them to do so. Helping others to find the same motivation could help people remain vegetarian or vegan for a longer period of time.

MTV Gathers 2014 Picks for Best Artist

The Grammy nominations have been made for the best of the year, but MTV has this own list. The staff – unlike an award show – will not single out one artist. They actually has a list of 10 artist that made 2014 pop.

Everyone knows that Nicki Minjai made this list. She has Grammy nominations, mutiple SNL appearances and enough video controversy to be the artist of the year all by herself. Most fans think that this is so ironic because her mentor Lil Wayne is having the worst year of his life as Nicki rides high.

Taylor Swift has chosen pop over country and she has shown the world that she means business. As she put down her guitar, another artist by the name of Ed Sheeran picked up his and brought us “X.” This was enough to get MTV staff members to pick his as one of their favorites this year.

Iggy Azalea dodged all type of beef and stayed in touch with fans through her social media world. Sam Tabar believes that overall, this was a smart move. She dropped a big single and showed that she too had a big booty alongside J.Lo. She is an easy pick for one of the best artists in 2014 because she was everywhere.

Beyonce dominated the charts and had everyone talking about what she was going to do next. It’s difficult to talk about the best of 2014 and not include her.