Yeonmi Park Speaks Openly About Her Defection From North Korea

Late last year, a relatively unknown North Korean defector named Yeonmi Park spoke at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland. She shared her story with emotion and compassion. The brutality and harshness of the North Korean regime is common knowledge, but the exact specifics are often never described. Ms. Park, with her heartfelt testimony, has shed light on how terrible conditions are in the North Korean dictatorship.

Speaking to a large audience in a trembling voice, she told story after story of the abuse her family and friends suffered. As a nine year old child, she witnessed the public execution of a family friend. At 13, while fleeing from North Korea into China, her mother was raped in front of her by human traffickers. To talk openly about these horrific acts of abuse speaks volumes about her courage and ability to overcome overwhelming odds. Living through situations like these will either harden a person’s heart, or compel them to want to help others. Thankfully, Yeonmi Park has chosen the latter. She has made it her mission to share her experience, strength, and hope to the world. An autobiography detailing her life in North Korea, and her eventual defection to the United States, has recently been released. The book has been praised for its honest testimony and forthright language.

In January of this year, North Korea released an 18 minute propaganda video in an attempt to discredit Ms. Park. This attack was created by the North Korean government controlled media, and uploaded on its website. In the video, they call her a human rights propaganda puppet. These tactics are a typical lash back from North Korea. According to the dictatorship, the defectors are brainwashed by the West to lie about being mistreated in their home country. Perceived public image is vitally important to the North Korean government.

At first, Ms. Park was apprehensive about sharing the whole truth of her experience. It is considered shameful in her culture to be the victim of human trafficking, particularly in regards to being trafficked by China. At the time, she felt that this part of her journey would eradicate any hope for a normal life. She has since changed her mind, feeling that revealing the whole truth is the only way to get her entire message across. Coming to terms with this, she now shares her entire defection with transparency.

The heroism of Yeonmi Park, and her desire to help others suffering abuse is an incredible indication of the strength of her spirit. She has turned her mess into a message of hope and perseverance. Her involvement in the area of human rights will continue to grow. The fresh, young, and unique life experience she has at such a young age will grant her even more wisdom as she moves on with her life.

Some of Kyle Bass’ Terrible Career Decisions

Kyle Bass is an American investor who currently is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Hayman Capital Management since its inception in 2006. Bass is best known for accurately predicting the 2008 financial crisis that took foothold around the world. Many of the largest banks in the United States were lending too much money to under qualified debtors. Some of these debtors were not able to pay back their loans in 2007. A snowball effect happened in 2008, when many of the debtors who were not qualified to pay back loans started to default on their own. Once lots of investors started to default, it was easy for others to default on their loans as well.

Despite making the brilliant prediction of the 2008 worldwide financial crisis, UsefulStooges shows that Bass has had a terrible career since then. He has done plenty of things to make everybody in the business world mad at him. He has many blemishes on his resume, although he will not speak about his bad decisions.

Kyle Bass has been featured on many major news networks, such as ABC, NBC, and CNN. He has given tips and suggestions to investors who watch the show. Some of his advice has turned out to be correct, but many of them have turned out the exact opposite: false. From the years of 2010 to 2014 — five years in a row — Kyle Bas incorrectly predicted the collapse of Japan’s economy. It has not failed to this day, which proves that Bass had no idea what he was talking about.

Another one of the terrible things Kyle Bass has done in his career is sue a pharmaceutical company, Acorda Therapeutics. The pharmaceutical company has a patent granting exclusive rights for Ampyra, a groundbreaking drug used to help treat multiple sclerosis. Pharmaceutical companies who develop a medicine deserve to have a patent on the medicine, because lots of money and time is spent towards producing and testing the drug. Bass attempted to rip the company of their patents they rightfully earned, but he has failed to do so. Recently, in the news, it has been reported that Kyle Bass’ lawsuit against Acorda for wrongfully charging customers too much money has failed in the court system, all for good reason.

It is believed that Bass declared the lawsuit against Acorda to make money, which follows the patterns his career has taken in the past.

Jamie Garcia Dias – Brazil’s Treasure

Jamie Garcia Dias is one of Brazil’s most notable living writers. His contribution to the literary world, as well as a proponent teaching literature has been unprecedented. He was born in Rio de Janeiro to Arnaldo and Garcia Dulce Dias in 1970. Arnaldo, who was also popular writer in Brazil, offered great encouragement to his son to develop his writing.

Father’s Influence

Jamie’s interest in writing literature began while he was still in his teens. Arnaldo Dias, who was himself a noted Brazilian writer, offered great encouragement to his son to develop his writing.

As a result, when Jamie was 15 years old he began work on his first book. By the time he reached the age of 30, Jamie Garcia Dias had published 10 books.

Educational Contributions

In addition to his passion for literature, Jamie Garcia Dias was also an educator. The year he turned eighteen he joined the Rio de Janeiro College of Literature. In 1993 Jamie went on to join the Carioca Literature Academy. Here he introduced an alternative approach to teaching writing. The success of this program lead to his appointment to Vice President of the Academy. In 2007 he assumed the position of President during the 100th Anniversary of the Academy. Dias distinguished himself as progressive educator when he announced the Carioca Literature Academy would be the first dedicated to Journalistic Literature.

Awards and Honors

As the author of 20 books to date, Dias has won awards for five of his works: “Fell from Heaven”, “Two Ways”, “Canal”, “Clouds”, and “Tiny”. He was awarded the coveted White Crane award in 2001. As a tribute to his father, Dias released “Wise, the Journal of Brazil” in 2013. Shortly after that he began as a regular contributor to the weekly publication Journal of Brazil. He continues his writing today and is gaining recognition throughout the world as one of Brazil’s most celebrated writer of fictional literature.

Buying Spots on Websites

Internet advertising is a different activity altogether when it comes to advertising. There are tons of methods that one could use in order to advertise his business and the products that come with it. The Internet makes it a lot easier for people to come up with an ad. Businesses can not only put together video and audio ads, as well as produce banners, but they can also blog about their products, create fan pages, write press release and regular articles in order to spread more awareness about the product that they are trying to promote and sell.

While a company could easily put together an ad campaign for the Internet, it is more suited for people like Claudio Loureiro Heads to do the job. They are professional advertisers so they know how to list the highlights and the good points of the products and services being offered by the business. They also know how to use the call to action. They use imagery in order to make the product seem exciting to the customer. They could use banners, buttons and other types of online advertising to make sure that the customer wants to buy the product. With banners, they could list the best features of the product. Buttons are also good for presenting the company to the customer.

On the Internet, it is important that one looks at the target audience and the relevance of the site that he is looking to purchase advertising space from. This is very important for people who want to make the most profits because they need to find their target audience. Every product and business has a target audience that needs to be identified and found before one could hope to make sales. Gazeta Dopovof wrote that one advertises to the wrong audience, it will turn out to be a waste of money. Advertising to the right audience will result in high conversion rates.

When buying spots on websites, people do save a bit of money compared to other mediums. They pay to have their banners or other ads shown on sites. Sometimes, they share spots with other ads. There is also the possibility of using ads from big networks where people click on the ads. The company pays for the click depending on what they click earns the company. With online advertising, it has become a lot easier for companies to make profits and reach a higher number of people.

A Longtime Investment In Brilliance

Investing and managing hedge funds can be one of the most taxing yet rewarding jobs in the financial world. Among the dozens of investors and hedge fund managers, only a handful make a true mark in the world. Investing can be tricky, one wrong move and you’ve lost your client millions and earned a big black mark on your record. Not only does it take a great understanding of the financial world it takes a natural brilliance and knack for choosing the right investments, moves and strategies to make the most for your client. Ken Griffin is one of those people who has a name connected with success and all around genius when it comes to the financial world.

Griffin was born in Daytona Beach, Florida but went north for his education and attended Harvard University. Griffin didn’t want to wait to begin his investment career on, so in his first year at Harvard after reading an article in Forbes Magazine, Griffin made his first investment. In his second year, he started a hedge fund that primarily focused on convertible bond arbitrage. The fund was capitalized with money from friends and family, totaling at $265,000. He even went as far as to install a satellite in his dorm room to acquire market data in real time. During the stock market crash of 1987 his strategy helped him prevail and preserve capital through the crash which lead him to opening his second hedge fund. Between the two he was managing around $1 million dollars and went on to graduate from Harvard with a degree in economics.

After his investment success while still in college it was no surprise that after he graduated he was offered $1 million dollars to invest from Frank C. Meyer. He exceeded Meyer’s expectations and made back 70% return on the initial investment according to New York Times. By 1990 Griffin founded his company Citadel with $4.6 million. By the year 1998 Citadel had grown to have 100 employees and reached over $1 billion in investment capital. By June 2002, Griffin had been named one of CFO Magazines’ list of 100 most influential people in finance. Griffin has since appeared numerous times in Forbes’ Magazine as a part of their Forbes 400 as the CEO of Citadel. At the age of 34 he was the youngest self made CEO on the list and had an estimated net worth of $650 million.

Citadel still stands as one of the world’s largest alternative investment management firms. The hedge funds of Citadel rank as one of the largest and most successful hedge funds in in the world. in 2012 Griffin was features again in Forbes as one of the highest earning hedge fund managers as well as being a part of the Forbes 400 once more. Run passionately by Griffin who has had a deep love for finance and investment, Citadel continues to break the mold of hedge fund strategy, and raise the standards of success in the financial world.

The City That Never Sleeps

It is important to be knowledgeable in the NYC luxury real estate market. Not only should you be able to know a good price in the market, but you should you also know the demand of the area your looking in. A group of Chinese residential buyers pinpoint best it by explaining the power of the location you are looking to settle in.

New York City is one of the biggest hotspots on this planet in the real estate market. The main reason for this is the “constant demand” says Miki Naftali. Naftali points out that it is important to look at the basics when it comes to real estate. A key factor is the demand. The demand can fluctuate a lot, while it can be high during the good times, but terribly low in the bad times. Big cities, like New York never sees a drop off in demand.

A highly popular national television show “Million Dollar Listing New York” is all about living the dream and settling down in an apartment in New York City. One of the television’s stars, Fredrik Eklund says it best when he mentions “You haven’t truly made in in life until you own an apartment in New York City.” Not only are developers making the apartments breathtaking, but the city has also cleaned up. Jonathon Simon, CEO of Simon Baron Development notes that New York City has become “One of the safest largest cities”. Given this, Chinese buyers are now looking at the opportunities to explore further in cities like Manhattan and Brooklyn.

To be more connected with New York City’s real estate market go and check out Town Residential. Town Residential is the leading luxury real estate services firm in New York City. This firm was founded in 2010 and was created by CEO Andrew Heiberger. Town Residential connects you with the multiple listings that are going on around the city. The unparalleled service and guidance you can receive from Town Residential will make the search for your future home seamless.

Super Foods for the Super Adventurous

How often has it happened to you, that you throw your hiking pack on, hit the trail, and suddenly realize that you have little more to eat than a handful of beef jerky and a half eaten bag of “trail” mix? All the time! Why is that? Maybe it’s because there are very few food products offered that fit the compact size necessary to accommodate adventuring, and when you happen to find one it offers little to no nutritional benefit. Well Skout Organic on techcrunch has found a solution to both of these issues! Skout Organic is an organic food organization based out of Portland, Oregon and they strive to provide adventurers, athletes, and every person with a desire to eat more nutritiously with a compact source of wholesome, clean nutrients. Each and every product they offer boasts a variety of strengthening, energizing, and satisfying ingredients grown and prepared organically.

Skout Organic sells several different products, the most popular being their small yet filling Trailbars. These bars contain many “powerhouse” ingredients such as almonds, dates, oats, sea salt, and sunflower oil- all organic of course. They are also gluten, dairy, and soy free as well as vegan and Certified Kosher! And the best part? They are absolutely delicious! With flavors ranging from blueberry, to cherry vanilla, to chocolate peanut butter everyone is sure to find a taste they love!

Trailbars are awesome for a quick pick me up, but my absolute favorite product they sell is their Trailpaks. Trailpaks are where the true power is! If you are looking for something to give you the energy to summit the mountain, or tackle the rapids Trailpaks are the way to go. They are convenient pouches of the most nutrient dense fuel you can find. Each “pak” is filled with monstrous pumpkin seeds which boast a high concentration of zinc, magnesium, iron, and omega 3’s. Not to mention the 20 grams of protein in each “pak”! These Trailpaks are a must have on the mountain, river, or just a long day in the office. Whatever demands life is throwing at you, these seeds will give you the strength to face them head on. With the Trailpaks, Skout Organic offers three types of seasonings. You have the option of Black Pepper BBQ, Jalapeno Salsa, and Pacific Sea Salt to keep the taste buds guessing.

In addition to creating great products, Skout Organic also loves to give back to the environment from which their produce is grown. They employ sustainable practices in order to promote environmental stewardship. In addition, a portion of all proceeds is donated to select humanitarian and environmental charities. This is a company that truly cares and I would recommend them to anyone!

Facts You Should Know About James Dondero And His Midas Touch In Management

James Dondero is a well-known personality in the capital management arena. He is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero founded the company back in 1993 and handles the private equity business. He is also the person in charge of determining and ensuring that all the firm’s operational initiatives and strategic investment policies are well in place. He has previously worked for Next Point Credit Strategies as a portfolio manager and is also a Managing Director, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager for Next Point Capital. He has also held the President’s position in the same company.

James has served in many companies in different senior managerial positions. Some of them include NextPoint Multifamily Reality Trust where he diligently served as President since February 2014. James Dondero is also a Portfolio Manager for Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors. Again, he is a board of directors member for NextBank Capital Inc. He is also the Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HCM Acquisition company. He is well respected because he has a lot of experience in matters related to credit markets. He has experience in leveraged bank loans, investment grade corporations, mortgage-backed securities, common and preferred stocks, high-yield bonds, emerging debt bonds among other areas.

In previous years, he has also served in the Highland Floating Rate Advantage Fund as a President and Chief Executive Officer. Among his very notable achievements include being the Chief Investments Officer at Protective Life where he helped the company grow from conception to around $2 billion. Between 1985 and 1989, he played a very active role in helping manage American Express’s over $1 billion income funds. Before joining the company, he had completed a financial training program at the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company.

His experience is used in a variety of other companies including the American Note as well as MGM Studios where he serves in the Board of Directors. He also holds the Chairman position in Cornerstone Healthcare, CSS Medical Corporation as well as NexBank. When it comes to qualifications, Mr. Dondero has exceeded many in his field of operation. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a concentration in Finance and Accounting. He is also a Certified Management Accountant, who has rightfully earned the Chartered Finance Analyst title. He is clearly a professional who does not shy away from ensuring that he delivers.

His Highland Capital Management company specializes in different credit investments, and it has more than $20 billion in assets under management. The fund also manages a small portion in equities. His vast experience in credit management has no doubt played a crucial role in propelling his company to the level it is today. He can be used as a perfect example of a professional who does specializes in his line of operation and manages to exceed extra-ordinarily. He is also very active in philanthropic matters and donates both his money and time to initiatives supporting education, public policies, and veteran’s affairs.

Susan McGalla Breaking Barriers

Susan McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio together with her two brothers. At the time of her growing up, her father was a football coach at a local club. In her upbringing, her father did not make any compromises for her because of her gender. She was always treated as an equal to her brothers. Besides the equal treatment, her parents encouraged her to work hard and always be confident and present her ideas to any audience, an aspect she appreciates up to date. During her upbringing, gender was a non-issue, and she grew up as a human being as opposed to growing up as a girl. Susan McGalla  on wikinvest went ahead to study for a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing at Mount Union College. Susan is a loving wife to Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager.
After her college education, Susan went ahead to work for Joseph Horne Company in 1986. By 1994 when she was leaving, she had worked in different marketing as well as managerial positions. In 1994, Susan McGalla switched companies to go work for American Eagle Outfitters. Her entry position was a divisional merchandise buyer for ladies’ attire. She worked her way up through various managerial positions to become the chief merchandising officer as well as the company’s President. During her reign as American Eagle’s President, Susan McGalla spearheaded the launch of Aerie and 77kids brands. Susan went ahead to become not only the president of the flagship brand but the President of the entire American Eagle company. Susan will be remembered at American Eagle for having set up an e-commerce site for the company, which proved to be a game changer.
In January 2009, Susan McGalla left American Eagle and took up a bigger challenge. Susan went into private consultancy for retail and financial investment industries. This was considered a big risk as no one knows what to anticipate in private practice, but McGalla is not one to turn back.
Even after going into private practice, her services were still sought after and in October 2009, HFF Inc came calling. Susan McGalla was appointed to sit on the board of directors. In January 2011, Susan succeeded Ed Thomas as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc, a position she held until July 2012. Upon departing from Wet Seal, Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting another consultancy. Pittsburgh Steelers have also appointed her the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.
Susan McGalla is involved in the empowerment of women and the girl child. She says that by the time she went into American Eagle, management was male dominated. Her advice to women is hard work, diligence and not paying attention to your gender is the key to success. Susan McGalla says at no one time in her life and career has she played the woman card to get things done.

Flavio Maluf Gives Eucatex New Purpose

Eucatex is on the cusp of celebrating its 60th anniversary, and the company is still going strong. Today, Eucatex is one of the largest wood product manufacturers in the world. They export to over 50 companies and have several operations in Brazil, as well as the U.S., Mexico, United Kingdom and Asia. The company just opened two new plants in Salto and Bocateca.

When the company opened in 1951, the concentrated solely on tiles and panels, the company now produces furniture, high-tech doors, ceilings, paints and vanishes. Within 25 years of opening, Eucatex had four divisions: metallic, wood, forestry and mineral. Eucatex is big on environmental preservation. They believe in the importance of recycling and the reuse of wood residue to lessen pollution and global warming.

Flavio Maluf is the current head of Eucatex. He was installed as CEO in 1997 after working in a variety of areas since 1986. Maluf is considered a visionary, and he had a number of goals to help better the company. Maluf completely restructured the administrative hierarchy. He quickly went on to implent a number of plant upgrades. All manufacturing sites were outfitted with new machines and tools to lend more efficiency and better products.

Maluf is also responsible for spearheading the recycling project. It was his goal to make the company environmentally responsible and encourage others to follow in his footsteps. Eucatex has won many awards including the Benchmarking Brazil Award, The 10 Best Companies In Citizenship Award and the award for Most Admired HR Professionals.

Eucatex has a number of social awareness programs to get residents more involved in nature. Some of the most prominent ventures include collection and donation of food, children’s day, Christmas sponsoring and quality of life programs. The company also makes a number of charitable donations yearly. Eucatex gives generously to homeless shelters, pre-school programs and educational systems.

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