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Equity First Holdings Offers Innovative Equities Lending Solutions

Equity First Holdings (EFH) officially started its operations in the finance and investment worlds in 2002. Since then, the firm has developed and delivered alternative financial solutions to private and institutional investors. It supplies capital against shares that are publicly traded to create a platform for clients to realize both their personal and professional missions. EFH offer capital against stocks traded on public exchanges globally. It has handled over 650 successful transactions worth over $1.4 billion. Venturing in unique and profitable areas Equities First Holdings is an international hub for alternative shareholder financing services. Currently, the firm is experiencing tremendous growth in share-based loans and margin loans in an economic environment where other financial institutions such as banks have restricted lending criteria. EFH invests in risky but profitable sectors that ordinary investors ignore. It has assisted many individuals in turning their ideas into startups and growing them into profitable companies….

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Researchers Develop New Treatment For Sleep Apnea

The Silent Epidemic Sleep apnea is one of the most common disorders in the world yet treatments for this disorder are fairly cumbersome. The need to develop new and more efficient ways to help sleep apnea patients is often ignored, but a new research team at Dental Sleep Masters is addressing the disorder. Dr.Avi Weisfogel, the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, understands sleep disorders and how these pervasive conditions tend to miss the public eye. In fact more than 90% of sleep apnea cases are undiagnosed. Improving the diagnosis and treatment of this condition is why Weisfogel created Dental Sleep Masters.     The Omen Of Chronic Disease Sleep apnea is often considered a mild nuisance by many laypersons, but the condition is often comorbid with chronic illnesses. According to Weisfogel and his research team sleep apnea patients are significantly more likely to suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and…

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Ideal Business Practices With Brian Torchin

As a veteran of the healthcare industry, Brian Torchin, who you can find on Google +, has been opening medical offices along the East Coast for many years now. Now being reported as the top medical recruiter all across the world, Torchin is currently president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. He has even taken his business to Europe as well as Asia. Starting out as a chiropractor, Brian Torchin knows first hand what it takes to maintain a successful practice and office. With proper management, qualified staff and great customer service, Torchin’s Health Care Recruitment Counselors provide accessibility to clients both in the evenings and on the weekends. This, coupled with constant communication with physician staff is what Torchin feels allows for his offices to become successful. The Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing likes to maintain a smoothly running business. They strive to find chiropractic needs in not only…

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Adam Milstein Receives Accolade

An article recently posted on Business Wirereports that the Israeli-American Adam Milstein is on the list of the 50 most influential Jews that the Jerusalem Post publishes annually. Individuals are selected for this list from all over the world. They are chosen based on accomplishments that have a positive influence on issues of interest to Jews and the state of Israel. Milstein was recognized for his philanthropic work on behalf of Jewish Americans, and for working to strengthen ties between Israel and the United States. Milstein reacted by saying that he is humbled and honored at being named to the Jerusalem Post list. His response is understandable. Other Americans who made the list include Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, as well as United States Senator Charles Schumer. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on the list, as are other well known Jewish figures like philanthropist Sheldon…

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How To Ensure Your Reputation Online Is Good For Your Business

It’s important for business owners to keep track of what is said about you online. An article on All Businesses recently has given five tips of how people can make sure they have a good online reputation. You can read the article at the following link The article said that the first part of successfully managing your online reputation is to be aware of information that is circulating on the internet. There are different ways to do this, such as by getting Google Alerts. The article says it’s important to keep up with social media. You should always make sure that you are posting engaging content on social media, and make sure that you deal with any negative comments skillfully. It also said that you should wait before responding to bad press. This is important. You don’t want your reply to end up making you look worse. Although, you want…

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Talk Fusion Upgrades Its Video Chat, which Is An Award Winning App

Talk Fusion has just released an upgrade to its Video Chat, a two-time award-winning app. It introduced new features to simplify users’ communication and enable them to build their business. Talk Fusion is a market leader in video marketing. Because of the upgrades, users can text and talk. In addition, they can immediately track their team members’ progress. The smooth new look, cutting-edge technology, additional upgrades, along with user-friendly experience are some of the reasons that the app is receiving recognition across the globe. In the global market, Video Chat was named the number one communication app in 2016. WebRTC also named it as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. The app has impressed its users with its compatibility, availability, and functionality. Jeane Edimo said that Video Chat is the new incredible way of communicating. Jean serves as an independent associate for Talk Fusion. Video Chat can be…


How Presidential Candidates will Shape the Economic Future

  Despite how a person votes, it is important to know the stance each candidate has on key issues in order to make an informed decision. Here are some important viewpoints the candidates have about the U.S. economy and financial markets to take into consideration.   Trump wants to condense current tax brackets into fewer income levels while increasing deduction limits for single and married people and repealing some existing taxes already in effect on the upper class. Clinton would direct taxes towards income levels of over $1 million, which could still affect the average American, and make the calculations of capital gains taxes more complex. Previously, it is the income bracket that determines the level of capital gains taxes.   Although the subject of simplifying the tax code has not been addressed verbally by each candidate, Clinton has indicated plans for addressing the tax code issues which currently affect…

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Malini Saba-A Great Business Woman

Malini Saba is making an impact in the business world and investments globally. She is an Asian investor as well as philanthropist. She was born in Southern Asia and has worked hard to become a powerful businesswoman on an international scale.   Although Saba has become a huge success she realizes she has been blessed and still remains humble. She has a talent for choosing the best places to make money and the commodity market is her favorite place to invest because of the risk and potential for great returns. But no matter how successful or rich she gets her primary priority still remains her family. She doesn’t depend on a nanny, either, like many of the rich and famous. She is the sole caregiver to her child.    Saba began her career many years ago investing in numerous territories all over the globe and her life is an example…

Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin Cares About Making People Well

It takes a lot to have a good career in the medical field, and Brian Torchin knows that better than most. He has put in his all to be the best at what he does, and he is a very respected man because of that. When people are trying to get into the medical field they would be wise to use the career that he has had as an example of what they should do. And they would be wise to hear the advice that he has to offer and to put it into practice. Brian says that people just starting off in their careers need to be quick when trying to get a job. Hospital jobs are not just going to wait around for someone to show up, but they are going to fill up quickly. And, he says that if someone is not able to get a job…

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Norka Luque and Her Unwavering Passion for Music and Her Career

Norka Luque is a Latin-pop artist currently based in Miami, Florida. She was born as Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque on February 7 in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. Her passion for performing began at an early age which she widely explored while growing up. Her curiosity for the performing arts encouraged her to learn, piano, ballet, flamenco, and music theory among others.   Even before she became a professional singer, she had already joined a number of competitions; even winning awards including the “Golden Voice”. However, she is not just all beauty and talent. She later moved to France to pursue higher education to earn a degree in International Business Administration.   In France, she worked hard to keep in touch with her musical roots. Her time as a university student pushed her to form her own funk-rock band called Bad Moon Rising. This chapter in her career taught her the…