Zayn Malik talks about reasons for leaving One Direction

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik is finally talking about why he left the band earlier in the week, and it may not be for the reasons he first mentioned.

Only a few hours after he told the world he was leaving One Direction, Malik was talking to the British newspaper The Sun, and telling them the reasons why he felt the need to leave One Direction after five years with the world’s most successful boy band.

Fans at Anastasia Date know that Malik said the main motivator for him leaving was he simply was not happy, but he had kept doing it for the last few months as he did not want to let the millions of One Direction fans down.

Finally, however, he realized he had to do what was right for himself and, since he did that, Malik says he feels so much in control of his life he has never felt better.

As for what he will be doing now he is no longer on tour with One Direction?

According to The Daily Mail, Zayn Malik is back in the recording studio working on a single and possibly an album. He has wanted to be a solo singer ever since he first auditioned for The X Factor more than five years ago when he was just 17 years old, and ended up being asked to form part of a new boy band instead. Now he has that opportunity again, and the famous name he didn’t have before, it looks like he is definitely going to be going for it.

Justin Bieber Headed back to the Stage

It has been a while since we have heard something good come from Justin Bieber, but according to his twitter account he is hitting the performance scene once more.

“I miss performing. It is time to get back at it.” Stated Bieber on the 24th of March.
According to sources, Bieber will be not only performing at the 2015 Fusion Festival, he will be headlining it. Along with other well known artists such as Rixton and the Vamps, Bieber will be back in the spotlight in front of a large audience for the first time since December 2013 which is when his Believe World Tour ended in Austailia stated STX Entertainment. Although Bieber Fever might be back into full swing, United States fans will be disappointed to hear that the concert will take place in Birmingham, UK.
“I love the UK.” Says Bieber. Some say it might be just the thing to get him back into the habbit and newer music out in the market, which is what Bieber hopes to do.

BRL Trust Investments Service

People like to hire a trust company to act as a legal agent to handle all the affairs connected with a trust for an individual, family, or business. A growing number of people are turning to a trust company to handle large estates, which are very complicated matters. Most trust are just too complicated for the average individual to handle. Certainly, that is the number one reason why clients contact BRL Trust.

Innovative Services
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  • Fiduciary Services – Very innovative service for investors.
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Getting Started
Hiring BRL is the first step to helping to take all the hassle out of handling the trust. The company will work closely with the executor of the trust. We work with the client to map out a plan to handle the trust every step of the way. This is the only way to maintain a good cooperative relationship between client and company. We take command of the entire situation and keep the executor up to date on all the occurrences. Clients prefer the way that BRL Trust handles their trust funds.

BRL is a fully authorized organization that acts as a manager of investment funds. The fact is that they remain one of the leading Trust companies in the world. They are receiving a lot of attention and rave reviews from those that are previous clients and their current clients. Remember, that a trust company is there to take the burden off your hands. It does not cost anything to consult with a trust company like BRL Trust. Contact them for more information on their services.

The Missing Link

There is a new method for women to be able to track their periods, and that’s by entering the date on an app on a phone. Paul Mathieson ( knows that the dates when a woman is supposed to start her period over the next few months will be given so that the woman can better track her period. An Apple update that has recently been released doesn’t have this method of tracking, and it’s making some women probably wish they had another option. HealthKit is an app that tracks several health issues with men and women. From the amount of sleep that someone gets to the body mass index, it can monitor a little bit of everything in order to keep the body as healthy as possible. Now, there are women who are claiming that the program neglects the needs of keeping up with the dates of a period. It looks like women are just going to have to go back to the older ways of writing everything down on a paper to keep up with their time of the month.

The Kardashian Craze

Why does everyone care about Kim Kardashian? She is not very talented, and she is known worldwide because of a sex tape that she starred in as stated on Wikipedia. Kim Kardashian cannot sing, dance, or act. But for some reason the world can not get enough of her. Kim Kardashian is everywhere, and she is married to the most egotistical person on the planet. Her husband is Kanye West, and together they create a super-couple of terror.

The media and news outlets are hooked on every little thing that Kim Kardashian does. Recently, she died her hair blonde, and the world went crazy. However, I do not really care about her hair color. In fact, I don’t care about anything that she does. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is so interested in every little detail about her. Kanye West is also another paparazzi magnet, but I don’t care about Kanye West either.

Kanye thinks that he’s a walking God, and he believes that Kim Kardashian is the greatest thing on this planet. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian truly need to get over themselves, and the people around the world should stop worrying about them. The only thing that interest me about the Kardashian family is Bruce Jenner. Bruce will be undergoing a sex change, and I believe this is a result of insanity caused by the Kardashian family.

For more information on the Kardashians, visit Buzzfeed.

Tom Hanks Helps Girl Scouts Sell Cookies

Everyone knows and loves Girl Scout cookies, some even will say that they are irresistible. But you know what makes them even more irresistible? Tom Hanks, yes you read that right. You may be wondering what Tom Hanks and Girl Scouts have to do with one and another, well I’m here to tell you.

While three Girl Scouts were attempting to sale some cookies in downtown Los Alto, they spotted someone who they thought was Tom Hanks. At first no one really recognized Hanks because he was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. But before long, when they took another glance the girls and their mother approached him and asked if it was him if he was Tom Hanks. He answered truthfully and that’s where the fun cookie sales really started. Not only did Hanks purchased 4 boxes for himself, but he also donated another $20 to them and stuck around to help the girls sell the rest of their cookies to Los Alto residents like Dr. Daniel Amen. As more people began to recognize him and request pictures he only agreed to take the picture if they made a Girl Scout cookie purchase.

The Reason Behind Pharrell And Robin Thicke Losing The Lawsuit

MTV asked the help of some experts in copyright laws who explained exactly what Robin Thicke and Pharrell did wrong by releasing their song ‘Blurred Lines’. Here is the of the reasons why artists are freaking out over the future of creativity, and why Williams and Thicke will have to pay $7.4 million for Marvin Gaye’s family.

Music infringement cases are very simple. There are two songs that are being fought over, so the court will hear both songs and determine if they are too alike, or if they each have their own tune. In the case of “Got To Give It Up” which was Marvin Gaye’s song, the family did not have rights to the actual song, but had rights to the songwriter sheet. Dan Newlin was surprised to learn that the jury which was the final ruler of the case weren’t allowed to listen to Marvin Gaye’s song in the courtroom due to some legal issues with owning the musical version versus the written song version. That was very convenient for Pharrell and Robin, but the jury still got around to listening to the song, and their decision came after that when they decided that too many similarities are made between the two songs.

Although not the whole song is copied and there is creativity in ‘Blurred Lines’, it was judged to be nothing but a copy from Marvin Gaye’s work. That means from now on when a songwriter creates a song, they have to make sure it doesn’t rhyme with any other old songs out there.

Leave the Green Out

I’ve been inspired recently by some of the health reports coming out of Amen Clinics and thought this was worth sharing.

Most people know that when you eat a salad, it doesn’t have to include lettuce or certain colors of foods. As long as you eat something healthy, then it shouldn’t matter what color it is as you are getting the essential vitamins and nutrients regardless of what you eat. When you prepare a salad, you can use any kind of vegetable or fruit that you like, including radishes, carrots, apples or oranges. It should be something that you enjoy eating because if you don’t want to eat what’s on the salad plate, then you probably won’t want to eat a lot of foods that are healthy. If the junk food that you eat or the easy to prepare meals taste better, then you will likely choose them over a food that is nutritious. Some people have difficulties eating lettuce and other green foods because they might have a different texture or taste different. Make something you like, even if it’s purple and pink instead of green.

Peep Flavored Milk

Easter has been known to cause one big controversy, and fight among people in face to face conversations and across social media. No I’m not talking about the fights over where the Easter basket was hidden. I’m talking about the popular, and sometimes notorious marshmallow snack. Peeps. Some people love them like Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, some people hate them, like those at Maquina do Esportes. What seems to be a common theme is that everyone has a strong opinion on them one way or another. Well, those opinions are about to get stronger because Peeps has come out with a new and crazy concoction.

Spring is almost here, and Easter is on the horizon. So it’s about time those Peeps will be hitting the store shelf. Well, now something will be hitting the refrigerated aisle. According to GrubStreet Peeps flavored milk is a thing. I kid you not. Prairie Farms has just unveiled three new milks, and all of them are flavored with Peeps. It’s a liquid version of that popular marshmallow candy. There is marshmallow milk, chocolate marshmallow milk, and Easter eggnog. Be careful on drinking too much of these, there is close to 37 grams of sugar per each cup.

Do you plan on trying it? I think I personally am going to pass. I’ve never been a fan of the candy, and I can’t imagine I’d like it any better with it being all blended together in a drinkable form. Sounds like a stomach ache to me, but to each their own. This product is sure to get people talking, and I can see it being pretty popular among the kids.

Rousey Is That Good

In case you were not aware, Ronda Rousey is probably the best pound for pound fighter in MMA history. She submitted her latest opponent in less than 20 seconds, and she was actually able to beat her own record in that category. She is 10-0, she has won a Bronze medal at the Olympics and she will likely not lose a match at this rate. No one is saying that she should fight the guys, but we are saying that she should branch out and use her fame for good.

Sultan Alhokair ( knows that this woman could turn her fame into anything she wants. She could become a fitness expert, an actor or she could open her own academy. She literally can do anything she wants, and she does not have to prove herself ever again.

Also, for the guys out there who want to judge Rousey by her appearance. She is a lovely girl who could likely break you in half with her pinky finger. A story recently came out where her mother described a 13-year old Ronda’s frustration over not being able to throw a fully grown man. What do you think a competitive woman like that would do to you if you said what you are thinking to her face? A little food for thought.