Lindsay Lohan Is Trying To Learn Another Language

Lindsay Lohan is learning the Arabic language, and she has been trying to test it out. Susan McGalla commends this effort at trying to better herself. Many have been following Lindsay Lohan lately as she has some community service that she has yet to finish by the deadline. Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay moved overseas to London to get away from all the drama that has been in her life here in the USA. Lindsay seems to be trying to get herself together, and she’s had less problem overseas than here in the United States.

Lindsay did make a fool out of herself when she put up a post recently in a different language, and she didn’t understand what she had posted. Lindsay meant to say “you’re beautiful” in the post, but it actually came out saying “you’re a donkey.” Many made fun of Lindsay for mistakenly putting up the wrong statement, but everyone got a laugh out of it. The problem with the statement was that it was in Arabic, which is a language that looks more like signs, instead of actually being words.

It’s understandable that the Arabic language is difficult, but some feel that Lindsay could have at least spell checked before putting up the statements that made her look foolish. Lindsay is currently working in a schooling center in New York with young children in order to finish up her community service, and she states that she loves working with children. Hopefully things will work out for Lindsay.

Kylie Finally Admits to Havng a Lip Procedure

The world no longer has to guess about Kylie Jenner’s lips because she finally admitted the truth. The team at Bloomberg and Sam Tabar couldn’t be more relieved. Kylie did recent interviews where she stated that she no longer looks the way she did because she’s grown up. When many accuse her of getting lip injections or having plastic surgery, Kylie refuted these claims. Kylie’s Lips. Kylie went on to say that people need to stop comparing her looks now to when she was a child because people change as they grow up.

Many are taking what’s called the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge,” and they will go to extremes to plump their lips. During the challenge, many would suck on a bottle or a glass until it made their lips become bigger. Some have seriously injured their lips by taking the challenge, and the challenge has even gone viral. Since Kylie swore she had no procedures done to plump up her lips, many were anxious to try and have their lips look just like hers.

On a “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episode that aired recently, Kylie finally admitted that she did have lip injections. It was Khloe Kardashian that pointed out that Kylie had her lips done, and Kylie finally admitted to it. The fact that she is now admitting that she had lip injections, it makes her look like a liar. Unfortunately, Kylie still won’t admit that she lied, she claims that she just didn’t want to talk about it.

Dan Newlin: Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin is an experienced injury lawyer that has recently received recognition on a Super Lawyer Law Firm because of the distinct hard work and dedication. The odds of receiving such a recognition is about four or five percent which is pretty low. To be considered a Super Lawyer then the firm and lawyers must receive extremely high peer recommendation along with high professional achievements. Newlin has help victims recover millions of dollars from various injuries and accidents. Dan has a team of expert lawyers that have first class expert lawyers that provide personal legal services. He practices in Chicago and Illinois where he is able to pride exceptional legal service.

He provides a free consultation service so you can discuss further details of your case. Dan Newlin has represented all kinds of cases including a husband and his wife being involved in a horrific automobile pileup that occurred on Interstate 4. Dan represented this case for Edward Krutsinger and his wife. Edward had brain injuries, herniated discs, and several other problems. Edward had to receive two surgeries involving his face and skull. Dan was able to achieve a settlement of $950,000 for his clients. The Krutsinger’s will never forget that tragic day. However, they are very grateful of the services professional and exceptional service provided by Dan Newlin. Newlin knows firsthand how insurance companies will deny injured parties the compensation they are entitled too.

Dan Newlin has done wonderful things by helping with the Miracle Project. Dan assisted by getting seven children that have been diagnosed with cancer to meet Evander Holyfield the former Undisputed World Champion. They all met up at Dan’s office in Florida and spent many hours laughing and give each other inspiration. Dan is looking for more creative ways to help and give back to the Miracle Project.

Common Things To Think About As A Buyer or Seller of New York Property

The first common thing about a buyer or seller of any property anywhere is that both sides need a real estate company and agent to make everything happen the way it’s supposed to happen. Real estate agents, like those at TOWN Real Estate, are educated in what must take place to complete a property transaction. Here are a few more common things to think about as a buyer or seller.

Let People Know

When it comes to New York property if people don’t know about it then there’s no way for them to know you’re looking for something or have something to offer them. Basic business sense, especially in New York. Whether being a buyer or seller requires letting people know. Bottom line.

In the old days, the best way to inform people was to let them know by word of mouth. In fact, there was a time when it was the only way. Back then, property negotiations were not easily sorted out. Fortunately, for us today that’s no longer the case.

In today’s world of internet technology and international marketing it is has become easier to let more people know what you want or have to offer than ever before. This goes for anything with a price on it, including NYC apartments for sale. TOWN Real Estate knows how to get your property selling or buying needs out there so people see it.


Negotiations are a part of the buying or selling process of any property transaction, even in New York. There’s so much that comes into play between buyers and sellers. For example, inspection certificates can be an extra expense for either the buyer or seller depending on negotiations. If there’s something that’s not quite right does the seller pay for correcting the problem or does the buyer go for a lower purchase price if they take care of it. These are things that only a real estate company, like TOWN Real Estate, can help you with.

Believe it or not there is much more commonality between sellers and buyers of properties. That’s why real estate companies exist – to help buyers and sellers sort it out.

The Elegance of the Dorchester Hotel

The Dorchester Collection of Hotels has been around for many years. It has become one of the most successful establishments for lodging and this is because it is so incredibly refined. I was introduced to this hotel chain by a friend, and now I do not want to stay anywhere else.

My first impression of the Dorchester Hotels was made when I searched for a lodging spot for a business trip. The Dorchester Hotel came into focus for a London location. I was looking for some luxury hotels, and this location came up as a 5-star hotel. A friend of mine recommended it so I booked it. I was so glad that I did. The recommendation was spot on.

When I got there I checked in and visited the restaurant called the Grill. The food was absolutely delicious. I felt like I was in for a treat when I experienced the delectable entrees that were presented here. This was just the start of it though. Upcoming checking into the room I noticed all the beautiful art work throughout the hotel and inside the suite. It was breathtaking to see such beautiful artwork and the interior design was simply marvelous.

The time that I spent at the hotel was always a joy. There were times when I got to enjoy a bath in a nice marble tub. I also had a chance to treat myself to some great pastries during afternoon tea. It was like 5-this was a slice of heaven on Earth. When you come to the Dorchester you are really experiencing the best that London has to offer. It is a place that has managed to become a 5-star luxury spot that is befitting for celebrities.

Whenever I take a trip to London for business or leisure I try my best to get into the Dorchester Hotel. I have vacationed in other spots, but I have not found anything else like this. There is even an in-house florist. I found this especially useful for times when I have come during a romantic getaway. I had no problem getting a bouquet of flowers delivered right to my room for my significant other.

The Dorchester Collection of Hotels around the world have become staples for those that desire luxury lodging for these very reasons. These hotels present some of the most spacious and comfort rooms for time away from home.

Man Jailed For Spreading HIV

Michael Johnson, better known as “Tiger Mandingo” was arrested in October 2013 after being accused of transmitting HIV to one person and exposing five others. He failed to tell the victims that he was HIV-positive before becoming involved in sexual relations with them. Since Johnson was unable to afford bail, he has been locked up ever since his initial arrest. As jury selection for the case is underway, Johnson has made a statement regarding his treatment to date at the St. Charles County Detention Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

LinkedIn suggested that according to the 23-year-old former college wrestler, Johnson confirmed that he has been isolated from the rest of the population at the jail. He has been confined to his cell for up to 23 hours a day since early February. He’s not been given an explanation as to why he has been segregated from other inmates, however believes it may be due to a false allegation made against him from another inmate. According to Johnson, the inmate apparently told a guard that Johnson threatened to throw his blood on him so he would get the HIV virus. Johnson has denied that this ever happened. Johnson’s mother, Tracy believes the isolation is due in part to him refusing to take a plea deal in the case.

Johnson’s case is still being determined, however HIV advocates believe this is one of the most racially biased cases they have ever seen.

McDonald’s To Offer Kale

McDonalds has been in the news quite often in the past couple of months. From everything to dropping sales and profits, to wanting to slim down the menu and make the menu more streamlined and easier to understand. Well, they have made the news once again, over Kale.

Kale is a dark green, leafy vegetable that many uphold for its variety of health benefits. Why is this so newsworthy for McDonald’s? Maybe because less than a month ago they made a commercial stating that they would never use kale. The commercial (which is no longer available for public viewing) stated that kale would never taste like any of their burgers.

This may be the biggest selling point for patrons. Jim Dondero says that many have gravitated away from MscDonald’s in order to eat healthier and stay fit. Well, this is a major step in winning those consumers back to the chain.

Kale will appear first in Southern California. There it will be featured in two specific breakfast bowl products. One will have eggs and turkey sausage, the other will feature chorizo. If the two new bowls are a hit. the chain will then start moving the items to the main menus around the country.

The hope of the chain is that in offering better choices for their customers they can win them back into the fold and make McDonald’s a choice that is first on their minds when seeking nutritious choices away from home.

Cheaper Whole Foods Stores

Those who love the idea behind the Whole Foods stores but have never been able to shop from these healthy markets are going to be excited about new news that has come out. James Dondero suggests that it seems that Whole Foods is introducing a new line of stores, and this line will be aimed at those who don’t have a ton of money to spend on groceries.

Whole Foods is going to be introducing a cheaper chain of stores that will allow their customers to get good food at a lower price. Those who don’t have a lot of extra money will find that these new stores are perfect for them and their families. This seems to be a smart move for Whole Foods, allowing them to bring in business that they would not otherwise receive. The company just needs to hope that their regular shoppers will not turn to these cheaper stores in place of their other ones.

Ciara and Russell Wilson Dating

Ciara hasn’t been lucky in love, but it looks like things are working in her favor these days, and Dr. Daniel Amen believes this is beneficial for her mental health. Last we heard Cici was licking her wounds and recovering from her breakup with her ex fiance Future after she caught him cheating while she was still pregnant with their son. Future didn’t have any issue adding her to the list of baby mamas he has, and didn’t speak about the relationship at all. Just months after the breakup Future posted nude photos of Rihanna on his Instagram, just to let everyone know that he still had it. Now that Ciara has moved on he finally has a little more to say about how he feels.

Ciara was spotting with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson at the White House State Dinner and they both looked amazing, of course the internet went wild as soon as the photos hit and it wasn’t Ciara’s gorgeous dress that everyone was talking about. Fans of Ciara and cheering for her new man and calling him a huge upgrade from Future.

As if Ciara getting a little shine at the White House wasn’t good enough, karma hit again as Ciara stans took to Futures social media accounts and flooded his posts with football emojis and troll comments poking fun at the fact that Ciara has a new man. Nobody is sure how this new relationship is going to end but for now everyone is team Wilson.

Boyfriend Makes Theaters Special Again for Aurora Shooting Victim

Bonnie Kate Zoghbi is a 21-year-old student from Colorado who suffered one of the most horrific events that a person could go through. Two years ago, Bonnie was in a local movie theater and excited to see the latest Batman flick, “The Dark Knight” with a theater full of other excited patrons. Unfortunately for Bonnie, she was in the theater that experienced the massacre that changed many lives that night. After that, movie theaters lost their appeal to Bonnie.

That is, until her boyfriend Max Zoghbi, decided to use his filmmaker experience to make them special for her again. Max, a 26-year-old filmmaker, had been working on a special film that Bonnie was not aware of called “Wildflower”. The short film was dedicated to their relationship and the love that the two shared. Last January, Max brought Bonnie to the movies in Baton Rogue, where the theater showed the trailer for his film. Bonnie said that she could not have been more surprised or happy to see what he made. However, that was not the end of their night. Max then took Bonnie to her favorite restaurant then off to the barn where her grandparents were engaged many decades before. There, Max proposed to Bonnie. The couple married on May 24th and Max’s message that good can come from evil has been heard through his story.

Everyone at STX Entertainment agrees this is the most adorable story ever. Check them out on and find the video of Max and Bonnie’s story on