Beneful’s Beneficial Dog Parks

Beneful’s Dream Dog Park program supports all dog park construction throughout the USA. This program has just celebrated its fifth anniversary since it was launched. The Beneful company has gladly been working with communities throughout the country to create and support dog parks.

The team at Beneful has worked with volunteers and community leaders to create crowd pleasing campaigns as well has foundation groups that have the goal of improving the lives of all dogs. With a combination of financial support as well as the hands on volunteers involved, the Beneful family has made this five-year old program a growing success.

Beneful’s Dream Dog Park program, since 2010, has created dog loving spaces and communities that not only are enjoyable for the owner but also are enjoyable for the dogs. In the last four years, this program has transformed four dog parks throughout the country. All of these constructed parks include over-sized food ingredient obstacles, a tennis ball launching tree, as well as a vivacious flash pad and a Doxie Tunnel.

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the program traveled throughout the country finding towns and cities that are motivated in building or improving their dog parks. The goal of this adventure is to find a new park to begin renovating. The program wants to offer help to the community by building a new park as well as sharing their knowledge for dog park safety.

The launched program has not only been improving the lives of the dogs but also the community itself. With many hands on volunteers, each one is dedicated to giving back as well as building an even better community than before. All of the new parks that will be built will include a Beneful Doxie Tunnel.

With newly built parks in Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, Beneful will continue building fun and new dog parks throughout the country.

Norman Reedus Pictured Kissing A Woman In Upcoming Movie

Ever since season five of “The Walking Dead” aired, everyone has been gaga over Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney. Norman Reedus’ New Movie. Norman played as Darryl on The Walking Dead, and Emily played Beth. The two spent so much time together on the show that everyone thought they were a real life couple. Both of them recently had to come out and speak out against the rumors, and they let everyone know that they were simply friends.

Emily Kinney is no longer on the show, and Norman Reedus is now working on an upcoming movie called “Sky.” Although Norman will be in the upcoming sixth season of The Walking Dead, he is filming a love scene with an actress on the movie Sky. The picture of the two kissing was posted online in an effort to get people talking about something other than Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus. Petco and Beneful both agree that this entire picture may just get people thinking that Emily and Norman really are a couple.

Walking Dead fans definitely would like to know if these two are an item. Speaking of The Walking Dead, a spin off show is set to air in the near future, although The Walking Dead will also have a season six. There are some die hard fans of the show, and many of them plan on watching both shows, even though the spin off show is set to explain the origins of how the dead started walking.

Dwayne Johnson To Go On A 1980’s Retro Giant Monster Rampage

The success of any film spawns a lot of imitators. Reuters reported that the huge box office take of Jurassic World has opened the door for more giant monster features. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is coming off the success of the disaster film San Andreas. Producers have now signed Johnson to appear in an adaption of the old 1980’s video game Rampage, a mix of giant monsters and disaster scenarios. Yes, the whole idea sound preposterous but it still is 100% accurate.

Someone really does want to make a Rampage movie.

Rampage was not exactly a high concept arcade game. For a quarter, players could step into the role of a giant monster and then amass points smashing down skyscrapers. The monsters inspiring the video game were not difficult to pick out. One was very much influenced by Godzilla and the other was clearly King Kong without the name. The live-action version of Rampage is probably going to include a lot of city smashing. Somehow, Johnson is going to fit into the mix and try and save the day. At the very least, he will be dodging a ton of debris.

As bizarre as the concept of making a live-action version of Rampage sounds, the idea is not even a new one. The video game was first optioned for an adaption in 2009. With Jurassic World pulling in $1 billion dollars in about 10 days and the reboot of Godzilla earning $500 million, giant monsters are clearly something audiences want to pay to see. Why wouldn’t they want to spend a weekend watching Dwayne Johnson deal with these giant beasts?

Investigators Found Whole Foods Is Unfairly Charging Customers

It has been suspected for a long time now that Whole Foods stores in New York were not being fair to their paying customers, and now that a sting operation has been completed on the matter by the government it was found that this is true. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, over 80 undercover agents went out there to test out what was happening at these stores and buying different fruit and items to weigh, only to find that they in fact were not accurate.

How could a store get away with this for so long? Well there is currently an investigation underway to try and explain why this all happened. It shouldn’t be long before this whole thing comes under wraps. Naturally the manager and rep for the stores claimed that this was not true and that Whole Foods is ready to defend themselves. However it sounds like they are going to have to pay at least $800,000 in penalties because there was actually evidence that this was happening and that part they couldn’t argue on. What a shame to ruin their name like this when they have been so loyal and great to current customers. In any case, Brad Reifler feels this is a real shame to be happening and he is sure that it will be sorted out eventually and the store will get a chance to say their peace.

Hugh Hefner Claims That Holly Madison Is Lying

Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison have been going through a very controversial breakup. The former Playboy bunny has accused Hugh Hefner of many different things, and the media has listened closely. However, Hugh Hefner is claiming that Holly Madison is lying about everything she says.

It was recently revealed on Yahoo! that Hugh Hefner is very upset with his former Playboy Playmate. Hefner says that Holly Madison is trying to get publicity, and it’s definitely working. Nonetheless, Hugh Hefner believes that he treated Holly Madison like a queen, but women around the world are truly disgusted with the Playboy boss.

For those of you that missed it, Holly Madison wrote a book about her life in the Playboy Mansion stated the Examiner. She revealed several disgusting stories about Hugh Hefner. For example, she claims that Hugh Hefner drugged her and molested her. Hugh Hefner promises that these accusations are not true, but people around the world aren’t sure who’s telling the truth.

Some people feel that Hugh Hefner wouldn’t need to do the things that Holly Madison is claiming. That statement is true, and Hefner can choose any woman he wants. However, some people believe that Hugh Hefner enjoys having power over younger women, and that could be true as well. Nonetheless, Holly Madison’s controversial book is buzzing throughout social media. Hugh Hefner is now trying to defend himself and save face.

Kim Kardashian and Kenye West Having A Son This Winter

The famous icons Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West have announced that they will be expecting their second child, a boy, who will be arriving this December. According to an article found on reddit and written by CTV News, Kardashian and West are really excited about this however they have had some trouble conceiving this baby. Apparently she has some sort of health issue that causes her blood pressure to raise significantly higher during pregnancy so it can be a dangerous situation if she is not carefully monitored at least according to Boraie Development.

In any case, the two of them picked Father’s Day this year to make the announcement, and this baby will be another grandson to Caitlyn Jenner. It will be interesting to watch this family develop over the next few months and for years to come. Kardashian and West already have a daughter named North who just turned two years old recently too. It is amazing that these kids have come so far along as they have, and there is no doubt that the world will be watching them as she gets closer to her due date this winter. As it is, it is already heading towards the end of June and as we enter the seventh month of the year time just keeps on flying by even faster. Congratulations to the television personality and singer, as I am sure that they are going to be a happy family.

Kim Kardashian Flaunt Pregnant Belly In Crop Top

While most pregnant women are doing their best to keep their growing bellies on the downlow, Kim Kardashian isn’t afraid to show a little bump. Kim is in her third month of pregnancy, and as hard as it is to believe she isn’t going to be a victim of her poor choices in maternity wear ever again. To this day she is still haunted by the cruel internet’s photo comments, and viral sofa memes of her in that awful floral patterned dress she bravely wore to the Met Gala.

According to Highland Capital Management, Kim’s fashion mishaps weren’t the only thing she was criticized for, during her pregnancy with North she also gained a ton of weight. Even her strappy high heels seemed to squeeze her swollen feet and legs. The zoomed in photos of her kankles we very hurtful and no doubt unflattering. Kim seemed afraid to wear anything that screamed maternity, and in turn she wore all of the wrong things. These days Kim is ready for everything that comes with carrying a baby, and she’s handling it with style and grace.

Kim is dedicating her current pregnancy to comfort and relaxed fashion, this time around it isn’t simply about wearing what’s in but it seems to be more about wearing what her body needs and what she feels great in. This week Kim made expectant moms everywhere envious with her sexy pale pink crop top, matching mini fringe mini and interesting denim jacket. Not only did Kim look amazing, but she appears comfortable and confident, positive vibes for mommy and baby are always a good thing.

Kim And Kanye Are Having A Boy!

Fans of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get ready because the couple has announced that they are having a boy. Kim Kardashian Is Having A Boy. It looks as if Kim waited long enough to announce that she was pregnant, so she could quickly announce the sex of her unborn child weeks later. Although reports and rumors were stating that she was having a boy, Kim has officially come out and announced the sex of her unborn child.

Brian Reifler and the team at Yahoo believe that having a boy will possibly complete Kim and Kanye’s family because they currently have a little girl. It seems as if everything is going great for the married couple, even though many figured that she would end her marriage very quickly, similar to her second marriage. It seems as if the third time is a charm for Kim Kardashian, and the first time is a charm for Kanye West. The two have been married for over a year now, and they have one child, and another child is on the way.

Although this couple has been subject of many rumors, hateful remarks, and speculations, they still continue to work together, and they fight to stay together. With a new child on the way, it looks as if Kim and Kanye will be over the moon with joy. Although Kanye is very close to his daughter North, more than likely, his son will be molded in his image after he is born.

Russian Pancake Chain Could Be Heading To New York This Year

A Russian pancake chain called Teremok could be opening its doors in New York City this year says Crystal Hunt. The pancake chain has enjoyed great success in Russia. There are over 300 Teremok stores in Russia’s two largest cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The company has shown steady growth since its founding in 1999.

Teremok primarily serves Blini, which are Russian style pancakes. Blini are thin pancakes made from dough and that are fried on a skillet. They can be eaten with a variety of toppings. For example Blini could be eaten for breakfast with fruits such as berries, topped with jam and even sliced fruits such as apples and pears. They can also be eaten as a quick grab and go snack. Blinis can even be eaten for lunch and dinner. They can be stuffed with rice and meat and even a soft cheese called farmers cheese to be more filling. Russians also sometimes top off blinis with caviar for a delicious and expensive treat. Teremok also serves borscht, a hearty vegetable soup, pelmini which are like ravioli, buckwheat kasha which is similar to oatmeal and syrniki which are cheese stuffed raviolli. There are over 30 different stuffings and toppings available for the blini at Teremok giving you plenty of options.

Teremok founder Sergey Goncharov was in New York City last week searching for locations for two new Teremok stores that he plants on opening in Midown Manhattan in New York City. New York City has a significant Russian population and with many tourists eager to try new and exciting dishes, New York may be the perfect place for Teremok’s expansion outside of Russia.

Emma Stone Passed on ‘Ghostbusters’.

Sam Tabar suggested that we just have to stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that Emma Stone, the redhead teen from ‘Superbad’, is now in a position where she can pass up mega-blockbuster franchises. Okay, now that we’ve done that let’s move on. Emma Stone, coming off of Oscar winning films like ‘Birdman’ and ‘The Help’, recently admitted to passing on the ‘Ghostbuster’ reboot despite loving what Paul Feig had done with the script. The declaration absolutely floored us because Stone, who has some of the best comedic chops in the biz, would have fit hand in glove perfectly with the franchise. However, Stone clarified why she passed on the film in a later interview.

What most fans don’t realize is that when you sign on for a franchise with big money possibilities, like ‘Ghostbusters’, you have to sign a contract that binds you into place for X amount of years and X amount of movies. Your freedom to take on other, potentially more challenging work, immediately begins to dry up. So that was the primary factor behind Stone passing on the franchise. Stone said that a franchise was ‘a big commitment’ and that she had to really think ‘before diving back into that water’.

Still, after the flop that was ‘Aloha’, we are betting that Stone will have second thoughts as ‘Ghostbusters’ comes closer and closer to its release. Paul Feig is coming off of a critical hit with the McCarthy led vehicle ‘Spy’ and Melissa McCarthy is anchoring the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot.

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