Adam Sender a Unique Art Collector

Collecting art is almost an art in and of itself. When buying art a person could spend a fortune always buying expensive pieces, but this method usually requires a collector to buy at a high price. This method gives little room for the value to increase and lesser still to find a new artist to invest in.

That is one of the many reasons Adam Sender has become one of the most well known art collectors. While he has purchased amazing pieces that would cost many people’s entire salaries, but it’s his ability to locate new talent is what helps set him apart from other collectors. He looks for those that have a couple years of experience minimum before investing in their art to give the artist time to mature as an artist.

Some enjoy collecting a piece every now and then allowing nice art to cover the main areas of a home which is a great way to keep collecting as a minor hobby. It takes time to collect a massive collection of 400 some pieces of artwork in a single collection as Adam Sender has done.

Adam Sender is also not someone that hordes his art for himself, indeed, Adam has donated his artwork to the Guggenheim Museum at one point. Sharing his art is another part of his passion to not just collect but to share his art with others. In doing so he helps showcase art that might otherwise be hidden away somewhere in another collectors collection.

Indeed, to show case his art in a unique way Adam will be using one of his properties to showcase his artwork. The showcase itself will be a piece of art itself as the house will be mostly devoid of furniture to better feature as many pieces as possible.

The unique showcase will include many pieces from his collection hanging in virtually every space. This includes the unusual places such as above a bathtub. Allowing visitors the chance to get an intimate view of his amazing collection.

Adam has also been known to not shy away from controversial art. Art is subjective which means something beautiful to one might be offensive to another. Some collectors might shy away from art that is more controversial in scope, but Adam has stayed course believing all art is art. There is no simple definition or way to confine art.

As collecting goes choosing a direct path and seizing the opportunity is all it takes to start being a collector.

Always Check The Nutritional Labels On Dog Food

I know that in times past I haven’t given a great deal of concern about the type of food that my dog was eating. I always bought him Kibbles n’ Bits based on the colorful photo on the front of the bag and the fact that the price tag was just right. I didn’t want something too cheap, but I wanted something that would work. So, it wasn’t until my dog turned 10 and developed health problems that I was forced to face the fact on that I may have been some of the cause of this.

Each breed of dogs has a certain genetic makeup that makes them susceptible to specific types of illnesses. In my dog, which is a Pomeranian, he is known for problems with his trachea and other issues. While I thought I was doing well by him, it wasn’t until my vet told me that his diet was like feeding him pure sugar. He told me that the problem my dog faced with diabetes had everything to do with his overweight condition and the fact that his diet consisted of a high sugar dog food. He told me that I should consider switching before it’s too late. Though Toby has diabetes, he can still live a few more years if it is controlled.

One food that was recommended to me was Beneful on twitter. I have seen the numerous Beneful commercials and have strolled past it a time or two in the stores. I actually buy the treats they make and give him one each time he goes outside. He told me to do some comparisons and you could have picked my mouth up off the ground when I saw what was in the dog food I was giving my boy. My dog food is made by DelMonte Foods and has been around since 1981. However, it only received 1 out of 5 stars by the expert nutritional ratings.

What I found what that my dog food doesn’t have any meat in it at all. It’s all fillers and soybean junk. They did mention corn, but that seemed to be the healthiest thing in the bag. That’s when I looked at what was in the bag of Beneful’s dog food. It has meat, whole grains, vegetables and words that I could pronounce. I didn’t have to get a dictionary to see that it was the better choice. I thought since my dog food was made by Delmonte Foods that it was good. The fact is it is like a sugary cereal for the dog.

We have been feeding Toby Beneful for almost six months now. It’s been easy to change him from his old food because he loves the taste of his new one. I never thought that my being frugal would eventually impact my dog’s life. I will no longer take the little things for granted, or think that the bag that’s a tiny bit more money is a waste. The vet bills and insulin are much more expensive than buying the good and nutritious foods all along.

Doe Deere Entices Young Adults With Outstanding Products

There is something very enticing about Doe Deere and her product line. She has made a lot of people stand up and take notice of what she is offering. She has managed to do this with a level of skill that is reserved for the marketing professionals.

One thing that she has done is make it easier for people to see her by causing a little bit of controversy. People have noticed that her products are cruelty free. This is a selling point that made her stand out among the other competitors. That is something that was smart because many people had not even considered buying products that were cruelty free, but advertising the products this way was new. It made people think about whether other companies were using animals to test products. This caused a bit of controversy, but it also made people recognize Doe Deere. She is someone that knows how to play the game well, and this is proof of that. That may be the reason that she has managed to stick around and become such a high performer with outstanding products for the cosmetics industry.

I certainly do believe that Doe Deere has been able to make it big because she has been smart about what she is doing. There is a sense of passion about the products that she promotes. Her mind is locked into a mentality of becoming a customer. She wears the lipsticks and lets people see what the colors look like. She is one of those rare presidents that takes an interest in the products that they sell. Most people that are in leadership positions are appointed because they get results. They aren’t necessarily appointed because they know have a love for the products. It is different for Doe Deere. She started the Lime Crime brand so this is her passion. This love for the product shows because she stays connected with her social media crowd. She puts the best foot forward and continues to market the products. This is true dedication. The brand could stand and make money without her direct contributions at this point, but Doe Deere likes this. She likes to promote the products, and that is what makes her a unique and fun president.

Her fan base is growing, and I know how this is happening. She is presenting the new products on her social media and leading people to the site. That is one of the better ways to connect with customers. Many other companies may still be trying to hold on to the older methods of advertising. The success of Doe Deere should be clear proof that this is not working. She has done her research, and she has taken advantage of the free stuff. Doe Deere has been able to get in and make selling cosmetics look easy, but she is a workhorse. She continues to keep churning out more products for the Lime Crime product line, and fans stay locked on her next move.

Eric Pulier: A Noted Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an American technology executive and noted philanthropist. Formerly the CEO of ServiceMesh a cloud vendor affiliated with Computer Services Corporation, Eric Pulier has a long track record of success as a technology executive, and a history of philanthropic involvement.

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Pulier was accepted to Harvard in 1984, where he ultimately graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in English and American Literature in 1988. Upon matriculating from Harvard, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and founded his first company, People Doing Things. This company was the first of Pulier’s altruistic pursuits as it focused on diverse issues such as healthcare and education and was aimed at improving individual quality of life issues through the use of technology. Following the successful start of this company, Pulier founded another tech company, Digital Evolution in 1994. After this effort, Pulier founded yet another company, Starbright World which served as a private social network for chronically ill children to connect with one another and deal with their illness in a safe, and supportive community.

During this same time period, the Clinton Administration selected Pulier to participate in a presidential technological exhibit in Washington D.C. After this successful endeavor, Pulier was chosen to participate in then Vice President Gore’s initiative on the intersection between technology and healthcare and to advise on this issue.

In addition to his political involvement, Pulier has contributed to a number of charitable causes throughout the years. Among the causes he has championed in the past are the X-Prize Foundation, a general competition to solve humanities greatest challenges and The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illnesses. Throughout his career, Pulier has been both a tech innovator and a great philanthropist. Although he is not currently well-known, Pulier is name to keep an eye on in the field of technology and the world of philanthropy.

James Dondero And The World Of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management Co-Founder James Dondero calls Dallas, Texas home. This company has over $21 Billon in assets. In 1993 Highland Capital was born, it is a private company. They are based in Dallas, Texas, but have offices in New York, London and Singapore. This company provides different investment solutions for over 25 years. Dondero of has over thirty years of experience in the credit equity market. The company has been the leader in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation, also known as CLO’s. This is when payments from mutliple middle sized and large business loans are pooled together, then are pass on to different owners in portions. They work with separate accounts, hedge funds, private equity funds and mutual funds. Their clients base includes government, public pensions plans,foundations, corporations, healthcare(one of the largest money maker to date, around $24 billions),with investments Biotechnology, and individuals with a lots of money to invest. The company sates that their competitive advantages is fuel by people and progress. They strongly believe in this. James Dondero on Bloomberg Research has the dubious position as Chairman of Of Cornerstone Health care, CCS Medical and Next Bank. He also sits on the board Of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is a philanthropist, believing that education is a way out of poverty. This is why he implemented programs, to help the less fortunate to help accomplish their dreams. His other passions are veterans affairs and public policy. Mr Dondero began as an analyst, when he worked with Morgan Guaranty as a trainee, around 1984, after graduating from University of Virginia, with highest honors (Beta Gamma Sigma,Beta Aplha Psi), two majors from the McIntire School of Commerce. Accounting and Finance. He still has more to be proud of being a Certified Management Accountant. If you are considering a career in Highland Capital Management, just remember the company is very particular. They will only give deep thought to an applicant who shows strong skills, and a willingness to solve and handle difficult tasks. You can start as an investment professional, but there are opportunities to move up to Managing Directors, providing you preform exceptionally well in the latter role. But if your are not looking for a position as an Investment Professional, there are other opportunities in the company, such as: being a part of the Administrative team, Accounting, Finance or Marketing. These positions also allow an employee to gain an in-site on what goes on, on a daily basis in the company. You can get all the information that you need on line about the company.

Exposed Ashley Madison subscribers could need help to fix their digital images

Around 37 million people had their personal information hacked because they were signed up on the Ashley Madison cheating site. Now these people are all having to deal with angry spouses, and even in some cases death threats and demands for money or face having their lives splattered all over the online world for everyone to know they cheated on their significant others

The hackers, which were thought to be from a group called Impact Team, used the profile information from the Ashley Madison website to do things like hack into the subscriber’s other online accounts like Facebook and make their lives even worse.

These types of e-mails showed up in the millions of Ashley Madison users, which means they all had to figure out how to save their reputations, especially the ones who really hadn’t cheated on their spouses, but had their names on the famous cheating site for other reasons, such as pranks being played on them without their knowledge.

So, how can someone save their digital reputation when something like this hacking into the Ashley Madison site happens to them? There are places online that can assist if this type of thing has happened to you. One of those places is Status Labs.

Status Labs is an Austin-based reputation management firm especially dealing in things like this. Status Labs set up a free hotline after Ashley Madison was hacked that gave advise to the people being extorted and threatened. Status Labs’ has the goal to assist their clients in looking the best and having the best results show up in the search engines about them.

They do this by advising people how to handle and even prevent such an online crisis and how to lock down their digital accounts so it won’t happen again. They have more than 1,500 customers and some are famous Fortune 100 companies and even public figures, so they know what they are doing when it comes to protecting their reputations online.

So, if you have found yourself in a situation where your digital presence online has been hacked or you want to know how the best way is to prevent this from happening, then be sure to contact Status Labs at

Kyle Bass: Making History

A recent article on CNBC has once-prominent financial predictor Kyle Bass making more predictions. In 2008, Kyle Bass exploded on the scene when he predicted the sub-prime lending crises that led to the economic collapse still infamous globally today. Now he’s predicting the same thing, or at least something similar, is about to hit the Asian marketplace. He thinks that the Chinese Banks are just too big for the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Kyle Bass insists that since the GDP isn’t commensurate to the assets the banks are working with, a collapse is likely inevitable. Kyle believes Asian markets could see “severe trouble over the next two years,” though he hastily added, “it’s not the end of the world.”

The reason Bass thinks there’s trouble coming not just for China, but for Asian financial markets near China, is because so much of the Asian economy is tied up in China’s economy. Bass thinks these over-large banks will eventually “lose all of their equity”, but that China will be able to deal with the crisis through a variety of means.

Bass has been criticized for his affiliation with hyper-socialist Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, whose opinions he always seems to be supporting. Many contend that his only criticisms, or acknowledgments of her flaws, are exceptionally transparent, and that his habitual singing of her praises far outweighs his acknowledgement of her flaws.

Kyle Bass has come under deep scrutiny recently in UsefulStooges, as he has found a way to devalue big-name pharmaceuticals completely legally. What he did was form an organization called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. What they’ve done is campaign for reasonable pharmaceutical pricing; the net result of which has been a decrease in the value of stock for certain pharmaceutical companies. Or course American politicians are scrambling to erase the loophole Bass has found, and there are many big-ticket individuals who have a vested interest in seeing Bass fail. For this reason it will be difficult to determine the veracity of Bass’s motivation in the coming years, as any organization with millions at its beck and call will naturally have prerogatives geared against him, and those of an international, media-utilizing kind.

Many believe that Bass is incapable of getting anything right, although his blog remains popular, and challenge his socially-conscious putsch against Big Pharmaceuticals; there are definitely those in his court, though. Whether or not the man is completely incompetent, or merely in conflict with “fat cats” who don’t want to see a whistle-blower abridge their shenanigans, is something that can’t be determined until the situation has blown over. With financial collapse looming on the horizon for China, will Bass be correct in another prediction, or will his “pontification”, as puts it, ultimately end up fruitless? Only time will tell.

Modern Winter 2015 Men Shoes

Contemporary men’s shoes are designed with several principles in mind. In many instances, designers want to create shoes that are highly useful as well as shoes that will fit in well under many circumstances. Many men today move between cities and other places as they travel for business. A man making a presentation on products will need to look just right whether he is Milan, Tokyo or New York. Part of this look are the right shoes for his needs and the look he has in mind. The right shoes can help him fit in effortlessly and feel more self confident no matter where is at the time.

Retailer Paul Evans leather shoes knows full well that their customers seek out universal style and elegance. This is why they have helped prepare a line of winter 2015 shoes that has attracted a great of positive attention and energy. Their shoes are noted for being completely hand crafted using shoe making techniques that are very much beloved and admired all over the world. Their winter line is in keeping with such ideals. Men looking for shoes here will find items that are just right for their needs. They will find shoes that will help them feel at home in their own skin no matter where they are at the present time.

Such shoes are also commonly seen in many other fashionable parts of the world. Contemporary men’s shoe designers have done a great deal today to help them provide for the needs of their customers and have shoes that are timeless and yet speak to contemporary ideals of style at the same time. The winter line of shoes all across the world is one that emphasizes line and aims to help men project an air of subtle and understated command all the while making them feel comfortable as well. Shoes today are made from materials that often offer a combination of age old styling and yet use materials are known to conform to the foot and provide it with support. They also use materials in their fall line that allow them to be able to help keep warm even when the weather outside is snowy and ice cold.

Men today are pleased to find that many retailers offering modern winter 2015 shoes do so with the full awareness of what their customers seek when looking for shoes for their needs. They are able to find shoes that are based on their needs and allow them look through a range of items in a wide array of materials and styles while still having shoes that are in keeping with modern design ideas and an understanding of what it means to have universal, fashionable styles.

Status Labs Recovers A Company’s Online Reputation

Companies that are suffering through difficult times must work with a company that washes their image clean online. The crew at Status Labs is led by Darius Fisher, and the team maintains the online reputation of many clients around the world. Online reputation management is simple process that must be looked after every day, and Status Labs uses a simple formula to service all its customers to perfection.

#1: What Is The Original Problem?

Companies that run into online reputation management problems must work on their image every day. Status Labs starts the day the contract is signed to discover the cause of the problems for their clients. Clients have been caused quite a bit of trouble by poor comments online, and Status Labs creates a report that shows where all the negative comments are coming from. Negative comments are dividing into categories, and the most recent negative comments are dealt with right away.

#2: Old And False Comments

Old comments for a business can be fixed with a bit of work from the Status Labs organization, and customers with complaints will be contacted to offer customer service. Customer service helps these old customers get the service they need, and the service will bring the customers back to the business in many cases. Old complaints are resolved, and old customers will change their opinion of the business. False comments are uncovered during this same process, and false comments are removed from online rating sites.

#3: Checking Every Site Where Complaints May Be Posted

Status Labs checks every website where comments might be posted, and those comments are reviewed for accuracy, positivity and age. The most recent comments are addressed first, and the client is given a chance to handle problems that are recent. The client can handle problems with customer service that happened in the past few months, and Status Labs will help with customer complaints that are much older.

The Status Labs team help businesses that want to avoid problems with customer complaints over service. An online reputation has to be watched carefully, and the reputation could change at any time. A business that hires Status Labs for help will see all its negative comments resolved, all its positive comments tracked and its oldest customers returned to the business after Status Labs intervenes. There is nothing more vital than a positive image created with help from the Status Labs team.

Status Labs Online Reputaion Management

Status Labs is a company that supports clients online. The firm is based in Austin and has offices located in New York, Sao Paulo and San Francisco. The company allows its customers to successfully get targeted traffic to their websites and generate sales. Status Labs also provides a wide range of services from increasing a brand’s digital track to image administration. The firm offers modern technologies made-to-measure every customer’s different needs.

The Online reputation management firm is famous since it is geared towards fulfilling international marketing and personal relations objectives by working with clients and media globally. Status Labs supports its clients by engaging viewers with convincing material to elicit emotional situations that compels them participate and generate sales. Whether the customer aspires to introduce a novel product, control a politician’s profile, or even enhance their overall media followers, Status Labs provide artistic remedies made to meet client needs.

As seen on Crunchbase, Status Labs also helps its clients to keep a clean social profile on the social sites. This is quite important and a big milestone since it eliminates the risk of unnecessary shame. This able team assists in managing online confrontations thus aiming at resolving online crisis and mending digital character-assassinating persons where necessary as well as fixing any damage. The online reputation management firm demonstrates how to follow and adopt all aspects of digital hygiene.

The firm advocates for removal of personal information online such as telephone number. It doesn’t matter whether you are a public figure, your contacts should not be displayed to people who might have all sorts of ill motives. It’s therefore important to get this information scrapped off from data brokers and white-pages.

Status Labs recommends their clients to change passwords to their social sites regularly. It is prudent to use passwords that are complex and hard to guess. The online reputation management firm also enlightens its clients on the need to use different passwords for different social sites or online banking. The firm suggests passwords to be changed quarterly a year.

Status Labs offers important ideas for developing a successful personal relation while conducting a convincing conversation. These include staying on topic while engaging in a conversation, thinking out the elevator pitch carefully, know who you are contacting and save their contact, go out of your way and offer the best and make your story interesting.

Gal Talk for Posh Gals