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Favorite Lime Crime Velvetines Lip Swatches

  As a fan of makeup -and a fan of Lime Crime’s makeup- I was interested in seeing Celia Leslie’s YouTube video titled: “Lip Swatches: 24 Lime Crime Velvetines“. The lip swatch video was put together really well. It showcases each of the twenty-four colors that Celia Leslie tried on very well. The colors she tried out were bold, matte and striking colors. She tried on the Lime Crime Velvetines: Cashmere, Buffy, Squash, Bleached, Riot, Shroom, Faded, Cupid, Polly, Teddy Bear, Saint, True Love, Utopia, Beet It, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Wicked, Cement, Peacock, Pansy, Fetish, Jinx, Salem and Trouble. I encourage any makeup addict to check out the video, as it is very helpful if you are trying to decide which Lime Crime Velvetines lip colors you should choose! I had a few favorite Lime Crime lip swatches of the colors she chose to try out. Wicked was edgy and…

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Affordable Dallas Housing Loans Within Reach

Hoping to increase home ownership options, in particular for low-income families, a new partnering will make 100 or more loans a year over the next five years available for the public sector to obtain affordable housing in southern Dallas, Texas. To accomplish this, NexBank has teamed up with nonprofit mortgage servicing provider Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to offer the affordable housing loan program. The program features limited access to mortgages and counseling which lend a hand to the residents as they get ready for home ownership. NexBank, which focuses on commercial, mortgage and investment banking, is providing up to $50 million in loans for the program. The financial services company will pay all title fees for closings as well as up to $2,000 in closing costs per loan. Dallas Neighborhood Homes works closely with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to provide down payment assistance to…


Electrolux Laundry Equipment Helping Austin Laundromats Go Green

In recent years, several Austin, Texas companies have embraced strategies that allow them to save fuel, water and energy. Additionally, more companies and industries are being pushed to go green. The laundromats in the region are not an exception in this case. With regards to using green solutions on the day-today business activities, Laundry Works laundromat has been on the front line. The concept of going green is not new to businesses and industries. However, the application of these strategies may vary from one industry to another. Laundromats have a lot to gain from this technology in their businesses. Some of the benefits associated with eco-friendly solutions include: • The approach is proactive – Laundromats have to identify the eco-friendly strategies they can apply in their business, hence make the fitting changes. • Green technology is sustainable. Green Solutions Applied By the Laundry Works Austin Laundromat Although the concept of…

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The Services And Policies Provided By IAP Worldwide

With its headquarters in Cape Canaveral, IAP Worldwide Services offers worldwide logistics services, facility management as well as specialized and technical services. It is an equal employer with more than 2,000 workers across the globe. It provides solutions to clients in both public and private sectors. IAP Worldwide has the capability to plan, coordinate and carry out complicated logistical and technical challenges. In the past, the company has been engaged in military installations and creation of civilian facilities. It has also been involved in managing, maintaining and operating remote research laboratories. The corporation has earned a reputation as a receptive and reliable market leader in not only meeting but also exceeding customer anticipations. IAP Worldwide Services ensures that its entire workforce has the means and the knowledge to undertake the assigned tasks in a professional and effective manner. This way, they contribute to the general success of every customer. In…


Kenneth Goodgame is an Experienced Retail Guru

Kenneth Goodgame is a Chicago, Illinois-based executive. He’s a big force in the retail world. Goodgame works as the Chief Marketing Officer for True Value Company. He’s held this position since 2013. True Value Company is a prominent hardware cooperative that runs more than 5,000 independent branches all around the planet. Its main office is in the Windy City. Goodgame is a widely known senior executive who worked at Ace Hardware before becoming a member of the True Value Company team. He was with Ace Hardware between the years of 2010 and 2013. He left the company during the summer of 2013. When Goodgame worked for Ace Hardware, he was the head of divisions such as program creation and strategic planning. He was in charge of 78,000 plus specific items. He managed a large group of employees, too. This crew consisted of a total of 94 professionals. Ken Goodgame’s career…

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As a professional with a marketing social site, you need a good profile with a high ranking search. However, your search rankings may drop.To get help on fixing your reputation, visit According to Neil Patel on February 12, 2014, one of the most asked questions is how to boost dropping search rankings. If your search rankings consistently gravitate to a lower scale, here is how to fix it; • Internal Linking Internal linking involves the linking of one of your web pages to another. However, do not use rich anchor text. Internal linking will help your content rank for long tail SEO related keywords. • Speed up your site Google benefits from your fast paced site because users prefer using time-saving sites. Thence, sign up for a Google Page Speed and follow up a nontechnical series of steps to see an increase in the loading speed of your site….


About Philanthropist Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is one of the most successful traders in the world. He is a reputed philanthropist and political supporter. Before founding and becoming the CEO of Chopper Trading in early 2002, Fernando was successful in amassing extensive experience in the stock exchange sector. In 1991, Fernando began working at the Chicago Board of Trade. In 1997, he became a fully-fledged member of the board. He served on the board up to 2003. Raj Fernando is not only one of the most successful businesspersons. He is also an impassioned philanthropist who gives primarily in the Chicago city. Fernando and Chopper Trading had jointly donated over $1.7 million to several nonprofit organizations by 2011. Chopper Trading comprises of about 250 employees. Fernando gives where there is a pressing need or when one of his employees requests for a matching donation. According to Raj Fernando, he is impressed by good charity and…


Highland’s Charitable Giving To Get Strategic Direction From James Dondero And Linda Owen

Highland Capital Management president James Dondero alongside Linda Owen will now provide the firm’s philanthropic efforts strategic direction. James Dondero, Highland’s co-founder just teamed up with Owen. She formerly worked as the president of the Wood Rodgers Park Foundation. Recently, Highland’s charitable giving has grown. Owen will be responsible for the asset management firm’s charitable giving. She will work with The Dallas Foundation. Dondero noted that the firm has expanded its philanthropic efforts. Due to the growth, the firm recognized a need for a devoted specialist. Linda Owen offers that with her track record in the Dallas area. She shares Highland’s vision. In addition, she has successfully built public-private partnerships before. Through The Dallas Foundation, Highland gives over $3 million. It focuses on supporting several causes including education, the Dallas community, health care, and veteran’s causes. Some of the local organizations that have benefited from the firm’s donations include, American…


Meet the Most Influential American Technologist; Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier, an American technologist, public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and published author founded more than 15 companies and recently sold his latest for $ 350 million. Eric is also the co author of the Understanding Enterprise SOA and is known for his successful entrepreneurship and innovation in the enterprise technology. Eric Pulier is able to convert your small business into a business making millions in capital. Until now, Eric has successfully managed to raise hundreds of millions of adventures and owns a top class restaurant in Santa Monica, California which is attached to his night club. Eric is also considered to be among the top and most successful entrepreneurs in the enterprise technology and the government. Most of the top venture capital groups around the globe are known to have financed the firms which were either founded or co-founded by Mr. Eric. Some of such firms include Enterprise Professional Services,…


John Goullet Has Helped Transform Diversant LLC Into One Of The Top IT Staffing Firms In The US

Diversant, LLC is one of the largest African-American owned IT staffing solutions firm in the United States, and it is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. Diversant is based in New Jersey but is stretched across the US all the way to California. They recently opened up offices in Texas and North Carolina. For many young people coming into the workforce, either out of college or retiring from the armed services, they have the skills that could be contributed to a great company, but getting their foot in the door could be challenging. So that’s where Diversant comes in, helping companies looking for tech-savvy candidates become paired with them. And helping Diversant attract such candidates in John Goullet, the company’s principal executive who has years of experience in IT Staffing. Goullet was raised in New York and got his bachelor’s degree at Ursinus College, and he started off as an IT…