Contributions Made by Doe Deere to the Success of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a beauty brand that deals with makeup products. It is a line founded by Doe Deere that offers a wide range of intriguing products. They include Candy future Lipstick and Magic Dust eye shadows among other products that are admired by many. It has received positive remarks from leading fashion stars. This is due to the strong online marketing done by the brand that was successful.

Doe Deere the creator of the brand has great passion for fashion. This can be seen from her dressing style that is modern. The makeup line is a result of her passion and creativity. Apart from Lime Crime, she has other business ventures in the field of technology. She is also a blogger and has a huge presence online. She is a business-minded lady, fun and hardworking. In all the ventures, Lime Crime is the flagship line. She is a great fashion icon herself and many users of her brand associate with her fashion sense. She prides in providing quality products. That is why Lime Crime products are of high standards.

Lime Crime has been around for a while and has featured in several shows and top magazines among them Nylon. The packaging style that its products are offered in is second to no other. It is done using attractive bright colors, usually with pink accompanied by sparkly unicorns. This is in addition to super intense pigments that are fascinating. This explains why it is admired by the young and the old, all the same. It is one of the few brands that make a statement. When you wear it, you step out in style and confidence.

The Brand offers lipsticks that are wearable. They are smooth and reduce the drying effect of the lips. They last long and can match any wardrobe in any season. Lime Crime is futuristic when it comes to its planning. It is inventing new products with new colors every time. Presently, there are a lot of products in the pipeline. These are going to surprise users due to their uniqueness. The aim of the new lines is to make the modern woman feel cute wearing the brand products. This is the simple reason Lime Crime has moved away from the traditional wearable colors.

There are few makeup brands that can match Lime Crime. This is because it pushes the boundaries of fashion. This is what makes it unique and appealing. Get the best from Lime crime and notice the difference for yourself.

Lime Crime: Criminally Passionate Style

The world of cosmetic fashion is a big one to say the least. A person could literally spend hours looking through department store isles searching for that special brand or color that gives them the look that they desire.

Most are comfortable with the brand that they currently are with. Some like to shop around and see whats new in the world of cosmetics. With fashion trends constantly changing and new styles popping up like weeds in a garden. It is no secret that we want to be beautiful people.

No secret as well is our desire to express ourselves with our own style and fashion sensibilities. Whether you want those gorgeous long lashes, the right lip color resistant to smudging that suits your taste or just looking for a new or specific and familiar hair color you can find it.

There is one company with humble beginnings that is making a very colorful impact in the world of cosmetic fashion. That company is Lime Crime and it was founded by Doe Deere with a scant few hundred bucks. And some big dreams of self expression. Big time self expression.

As soon as you open the web page you are greeted with shockingly vibrant colors that immediately let you know this company is serious about making a statement as to who they are in the cosmetic company business. It is easy to navigate and looks like it was inspired by a cosmetic rock star! If you or someone you may know are into fashion, check this out for sure.

When we think of ourselves as individuals we immediately conjure a self image. It is obvious that we want that self image to be powerful without speaking. We want to be unique. The playground of cosmetics is just one way in which we can express our individuality. No matter what look you have in mind, you can bet the industry will have something for you to look your best.

As we evolve in the world of style we will constantly be tempted to reinvent our image and uniqueness. What a great time to love fashion! Who knows what we will see next?

One thing is for sure. People will always find new ways to express their individuality to the world.

Have a blast!

Makeup Ideas From Doe Deere

People love to play around with the look they have chosen. Someone may feel like being very dramatic on one day but perhaps dainty and elegant the next. The chance to pick out a look is also something that can help people add a sense of flair to their daily lives. Someone who likes to engage in artistic endeavors such as painting will find that they may also wish to use makeup on their face in order to help them show to others the kind of inner personality they have inside of themselves. Makeup is an easy and inexpensive means of conveying such thoughts to others. A dab of bright green makeup placed on the lips can help anyone feel more playful and demonstrate their thoughts to others.

Finding new makeup ideas can be very exciting. New colors can help the person decide on other outfits that they like very much. A person who has a glorious newe pair of shoes with fun new colors may want to go out and look for makeup that sets off the colors of the shoes nicely for them. A pair of fun purple shoes can be used easily with various kinds of makeup colors to help them feel as if they are part of a creative community that is devoted to exploring new ways of expression and new ways of looking at the world. The same is true of eye makeup in fun colors that add a dash of the exotic to anyone’s wardrobe.

People like skilled businesswoman Doe Deere have many kinds of new makeup ideas that can be used by anyone in search of makeup they haven’t seen before. Ms. Deere has an extensive background in fashion and the dramatic arts. She has done much to help consumers find new choices in makeup with her company Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a fun place where people can find all kinds of makeup they haven’t seen before and pick out items that they can use both as a one time fun project and for a new form of makeup they may be able to wear on a day to day basis at work and at home. Her insights have allowed her customers to find all kinds of fun products that are truly ideal for their needs and help remain as fashion forward as possible no matter what their own personal style.

Playing around with new makeup choices can help people determine their own inner thoughts on the use of style and allows them to conside the possibility of new trends in makeup that may interest them. Someone may discover that they like to use all kinds of colors in their look each day. Another perosn may perfer to have a look that is more about the use of a single color and only uses other colors as secondary touches for the primary color. All styles should be carefully considered when thinking about makeup that is best for their needs and real wants.

When It Comes To New Jersey, Renting Is The Way To Go


Living in New Jersey has many important benefits. Those who live in this state can easily commute to many places along the eastern seaboard. New Jersey is located in the center of the region between New York City and Philadelphia. The state is one of the world’s foremost producers of many important world industries such as pharmaceuticals. Those who choose to live here will find ample economic opportunity as well as the chance to visit the region’s much admired beaches, pristine national parks and thriving cities. Living here can be the ideal way to combine the chance to enjoy the many benefits of suburban living and easy access to urban living at the same time.

The region offers many kinds of housing to residents. Those who are looking to live here can easily have their pick from a wide variety of potential housing possibilities. Some people in New Jersey opt to live in houses. This allows them have space they can change at will. It also allows the owner often to have access to a backyard they where they can grow items and give parties. However, many people find that apartment living in New Jersey better suits their specific needs and circumstances.

Those who opt for apartment living will find they can often have an apartment for rent that suits them very well. One such choice is Boraie Development. This development offers renters the chance to live in the center of one of New Jersey’s most vibrant and beloved cities. Living in Boraie allows the renter very easy access to many New Jersey amenities including Manhattan as well as the jersey shore. Those who live here will find that doing so also allows them enjoy modern living in a space that is designed for the needs of the active renter who wants to be heart of an active community of like minded people.

Renting an apartment in this area allows the renter the chance to explore the entire region without the huge costs that can come from living in New York City. Many New Jersey apartments are less expensive than those just across the river. This allows the renter to develop more of their income to other things that are often just as important to them such as traveling and financing a child’s education. The person renting can still easily travel to any part of the entire region they like.

Doe Deere and Makeup as an Art Form

The feeling of how just one tube of lipstick or one container of eye shadow can make us feel is just incredible. Makeup is basically a super power. That’s because it can transform us into literally anything that we want to be. It can take us from a plain Jane to someone extrodinary with just a few flicks of our wrists. We see makeup doing these transformations every single day. Before people go out on a fancy date, they put makeup on to feel beautiful. Before people head into work or school, they put makeup on to not look so tired. When holidays roll around, people wear makeup to become someone else. We see this around Halloween.

Overall, makeup is an art form. Nobody knows this more than Doe Deere. Nobody also pulls off makeup better than Doe Deere does. There are a few ways to describe her. She’s always stylish! You will very rarely see her not done up. She’s magical. She’s bright. Most importantly, she’s beautiful. She wants other people to feel beautiful as well. That’s why she’s created Lime Crime makeup! It’s make up so that boys and girls out there in the world can feel beautiful by expressing themselves through makeup. She sells it all and she sells it all in every different color! She has lipsticks, eye shadows, glitter, and so much more!

Doe Deere is an inspiration, as well. She started her Lime Crime business from the bottom and worked her way to the top. She had a dream and that’s what pushed her business to succeed. Doe Deere originally wanted to be a musician! Thank God for make up lovers all over that her musician dream didn’t work. Deere did learn many valuable lessons from being a musician. She learned the importance of building good relationships with fans and promoting work. Deere now enjoys a successful business. That’s because her products are high quality! It also helps that she’s such a cool boss! Deere likes to post behind the scenes photos of the Lime Crime headquarters. They are always having fun!

Overall, Doe Deere is doing an awesome job of running a business. She’s always willing to offer advice to those who are trying to start their own businesses. Deere has high quality products that are cruelty free as well. Her products are affordable. They aren’t the mass produced stuff that you get in the store. These products are made with care. These products are made with the goal of people using them to portray themselves through art.

Let Your Inner-Self Shine with Lime Crime Cosmetics

The Lime Crime cosmetic industry within the United States is one of the biggest in the world, with an estimated total annual revenue of nearly $55 billion. Make-up sales account for over $932 million alone. Women in the United States spend an average of $144 each year on beauty products. Women in the west spend the most, with an average of $154 spent per year. Interestingly, 10 percent of these women are responsible for 80 percent of the cosmetics revenue.

Why Cosmetics?
A plethora of make-up and cosmetic products are available for women to choose from these days. There have even been multiple scientific studies on make-up and the women who wear it. In less than a century’s time, make-up has become a tangible piece of femininity. American women report that they feel more in control when they wear make-up. However, make-up can mean various things to different people. For some, wearing make-up is a way to show their own personality and individual tastes. Other women correlate their make-up wearing with what they are doing throughout any given day. There are day and night looks, looks for everyday wear, as well as looks for special occasions.

The Benefits of Using Cosmetic Products
The right cosmetics can do two things for women; they can hide imperfections and also accentuate the features she likes about herself. With cosmetics, there is great possibility for a woman to transform herself, which can result in an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. According to one study, 82 percent of women say wearing make-up makes them feel more self-confident, and 86 percent say that it improves their self-image. Cosmetics are also a tool for self-image management and social self-presentation. This makes a variety of products and colors even more important. Although studies have found that wearing regular make-up as opposed to special occasion make-up does not tend to reduce anxiety or increase self-confidence. In fact, wearing special occasion make-up made women feel more self-confident and less anxious, even when worn for everyday occasions.

About Lime Crime Make-Up
At Lime Crime, we hold a firm belief that make-up serves to do more than just hide parts of you that you do not want people to see or notice. We believe that make-up should be as individual as each person who wears it and that make-up should be an outward expression of your inner-self. We are not your run-of-the-mill cosmetic company. We have built our cosmetic company from the ground up out of California, with our individual customers in mind. Our products are also cruelty-free, as we do not believe hurting another being is necessary to show the best side of yourself. We pride ourselves in our true to color products that help our customers achieve the best look that they can.

Makeup Can Be A Tool Of Expression

Whenever you dab on a bit of lip-gloss or select a stunning eye shadow that brings out your eyes, you can feel a bit more enchanting. Whether you prefer natural looking makeup or dramatic saturated color palettes, makeup can help you put your best face forward.
If you are used to sporting natural makeup but would love to try a dramatic look for an evening out, here are a few tips.

Clear Radiant Skin Makes For A Beautiful Canvas
Whether you choose to sport natural or dramatic makeup, a beautiful face begins with beautiful skin. It is important to establish a proper skin care routine to help your skin stay clear. A facial brush can aid in the process of thoroughly removing makeup and oil from your face. These brushes can also expedite the exfoliating process by brushing away dead skin so healthy radiant skin can surface.

Pick A Feature To Play Up
If you are attempting to play with a dramatic look, it wise to select one feature to highlight. Perhaps you want to sport a really vibrant dark lipstick. If this is the case it can be better to keep the eyes a bit more neutral. On the other hand, you might choose to draw attention to your eyes. If you want to wear a very saturated dramatic eye shadow with glitter and color eyeliner, it can work in your favor to opt for a more neutral lip. Though it is possible to achieve a stunning look by using dynamic colors on both lips and eyes, if you are a novice to using dramatic color begin by focusing on one feature.

Lime Crime is an excellent cosmetic line for those craving fun saturated colors. The eye shadows come in wide assortment of beautiful pigments including the Zodiac Glitter eye shadow collection. The Cancer Zodiac eye shadow is a particularly intriguing aquamarine color that will really make your peepers pop! If you prefer an earth colored eye shadow with a playful lip try the Venus Grunge Palette with the Utopia (Vibrant Orchid) Velvetine lipstick or Candy Apple (Ruby Red with Crimson Glitter) Carousel lip-gloss. The Candy Apple channels Dorothy’s iconic ruby red slippers, so if you’ve ever dreamed of traveling over the rainbow look no further than this luscious lip color.

Nailed It!
A pretty pastel polish can make your nails look sweet and whimsical. Pastel nail colors are breezy, fun and can be worn with a wide variety of looks. Whether you are channeling My Little Ponies or want to look prim for tea, a pastel hue can be delicate or playful depending on how your style. If you crave a fun pastel hue try Lime Crime’s Once In A Blue Mousse nail polish.

If you feel like you have been taking yourself a bit too seriously lately, try a fun new lip-gloss, new eye shadow hue or a dreamy shade of nail polish. Whether you desire a natural look or a signature dramatic look, makeup can be used as a tool of expression. Sometimes a little hint of color can transform your mood.

The Stars of Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is a much simpler, less dramatic version of the original Magic Mike. Rather than holding much dramatic weight than its predecessor, the sequel becomes more about the fun of road trip meant for the guys, or male strippers rather, from Miami to Myrtle Beach. But that’s not to say the audience won’t find it an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

As far a story goes, there isn’t much of one. Again, it’s not a bad way to spend your time if you’re just looking for something entertaining and fun to pass the time. The film is made up of a collection of scenes rather than a plot or story, most of which is repetitive. You will, however, find yourself caught up and enjoying each of them. As much amusement as Magic Mike XXL can bring to the audience, most might prefer the original Magic Mike.

“Magic Mike XXL” is a Warner Bros. release, directed by Gregory Jacobs and is rated R for strong sexual content, pervasive language, some nudity and drug use. The cast includes Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Andie MacDowell, Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard, Michael Strahan, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Glover, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez, and Crystal Hunt.

Many people may not be too familiar with Crystal Hunt, but now that she’s starred in one of the biggest films of the summer, people are sure to recognize her. Hunt began her film and television career by taking part in pageants at two years of age; where she chose her pageant talent as acting. Hunt, since starting her career, has starred in several commercials, including a commercial for The Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary celebration along with an anti-drug advertisement with popular boy band, *NSYNC. As of right now, she is best recognized for her role as Lizzie Spaulding, the distraught daughter of popular couple, Philip and Beth Raines, on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She played the role from the years 2003 to 2006. For that role, she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

Before Magic Mike XXL, Hunt also starred in films such as The Derby Stallion, opposite popular actor, Zac Efron, and Sydney White, a modern day version of Snow White. In 2009, Hunt landed the role of Stacy Morasco on ABC’s long running soap, One Life to Live.

Magic Mike XXL is what one would call a typical “girl’s night”, but that’s not an attempt to steer the men who liked the original away from enjoying this one as well. If a fun, high spirited film is what you’re looking for, look no further than Magic Mike XXL.

Investing For Everyone

Reuters has several articles about how investing has become the way that many are able to raise the capital they need for things such as retirement, business expansions, and vacations. Knowing what to invest in takes time and patience and a lot of research. Being aware that any investment can incur a partial, or even total loss of the funds invested is important to assure educated investment choices.

One of the best ways to make sure that a full understanding of the instruments and companies that can be invested in is to retain a financial advisor. These individuals typically have the education and experience needed to get all the necessary information to their clients. They can also make suggestions for instruments they feel best meet their clients’ needs.

Brad Reifler is an individual who has the education and experience necessary to aid a wide range of clients. His most recent company, Forefront Income Trust seeks to aid those who are otherwise not considered accredited to have the same investment opportunities as those who are.

In the investing world, one must be considered an accredited investor. These individuals are people who have made $250,000 or more for two years prior to their investing activity, or they must have a net worth of 1 million or more without considering the cost of their home.

Mr. Reifler’s company seeks to aid these non-accredited investors to grow their wealth in the same manner as the 1% of qualified investors. He even waives administrative fees for those individuals until they have shown an 8% earnings level. Many financial management firms will charge administrative fees for performing trades for their clients.

Investing is an uncertain means to make capital. Be sure if investing is a choice in your portfolio that you have the ability to absorb the risk and all associated costs with that risk.

How Doe Deere Is Showcasing the Importance of Personality in the Makeup World

Makeup has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when it was sold in a colder, almost mathematical way. Makeup was all down to numbers and usually set up in a one size fits all manner. Unsurprisingly, this also tended to coincide with men heading the industry. When the people selling a product don’t actually use it than it’s almost inevitable that it’ll be out of touch. But thankfully times have changed. A new generation of strong and independent women have taken hold of the industry. And it’s created the kind of makeup trends that really catch one’s attention.

The biggest thing that women have brought to the table is a realization that makeup is an art. Obviously there’s a lot of technical information involved as well. But women know that makeup is all about working with subjectivity. It’s about making yourself the canvas on which one can create great works of art. Makeup is about changing outward appearances to match inner personality. It’s about bringing the emotion one feels inside outward. This is also why some of the biggest names in the makeup world have such big personalities. A good example of this can be found with Doe Deere.

Doe Deere began her work in the art world with a career in rock music. While she’d eventually feel the call of a different muse, this was a significant part of her life. The experience of being on stage gave her a strong understanding of image. She learned just what it means to project an idea of one’s best self onto an audience. And she’d soon figure out how that can be applied to everyday life.

Doe Deere decided to follow her muse and make her hobby into a career. She’d been creating her own custom makeup for a while at this point. And she decided that it was worth sharing with the world. And that was the birth of the Lime Crime brand of makeup. Every item within the brand comes with her unicorn logo to let people know what they’re getting.

Doe Deere is insistent that the brand match her personality. She’s a little wild, fierce, and always happy to draw the attention of a crowd. She’s worked hard to make sure her line of makeup reflects that attitude. With a wide range of brilliant and eye catching colors it’s evident that she’s succeeded. She’s made a point of ensuring that the brand is an accurate reflection of how she sees herself. The cost of such custom options is a bit higher than the competition. But she’s betting on people being willing to pay a bit more for high quality products which offer a unique look.

And this is exactly what the face of makeup has become. What started as just another aspect of consumer culture has turned into a way to express one’s personality. People like Doe Deere are working to create lines which highlight their inner selves. And people with a similar take on life can use it to shape how people perceive them.

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