Kylie Jenner Challenge Breaks The Internet

Extremely bored and improperly supervised teenage girls everywhere have been participating in the Kylie Jenner Challenge. Disturbing images and videos have been popping up all over the internet showing girls’ before and after photos. They have been sucking on glass bottles and shot glass until their blood vessels burst, making for a down right debacle on their face. Kylie has since spoken out about the Kylie Jenner Challenge, saying that she is in no way trying to encourage young people to look like her but wants girls to find their inner beauty and experiment with different looks.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, Kylie showed viewers just how she made her lips so big. A studio rep, Brad Reifler (, who has seen the episode recalls that she spent nearly 40 minutes poking and plumping her lips until they are swollen in size. She then applies dark lip liner and lipstick to accentuate their plumpness.

The episode shows her sister Kendall and brother-in-law (sort of) Scott Disick watching her makeup routine. They couldn’t help but laugh and point out just how ridiculous it was. Hopefully these desperate fans who are trying the Kylie Jenner Challenge will get a clue that her look really isn’t anything to be swooning over. In fact, wrecking your lips to the point they are bruised really isn’t a good look. Here’s to hoping the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s hype dies down soon. I really don’t get why people are so infatuated with this clan, do you?

Bruce Jenner Spotted In a Dress

Bruce Jenner was recently seen outside of his Malibu home in California. There’s nothing strange about that, but Bruce’s outfit has raised peoples eyebrows. Bruce Jenner was photographed wearing a long white dress with black stripes. The picture was startling, and Bruce Jenner looked like a haunting woman from a horror film. His outfit may not shock some people, but many people, like Adam Sender, are appalled by the recent photos.

Bruce Jenner is known worldwide for being the dad on then Kardashian reality show. However, there has long been rumors that Bruce Jenner was going to get a sex change. Bruce’s appearance has been changing drastically every week, but this is the first time that the world has seen him in a dress. The photos are extremely controversial, and the Kardashian family has not yet responded to Bruce’s new outfit.

Bruce Jenner has become a media sensation over the last several months. CNN even featured a debate about Bruce’s new lifestyle and transformation. People are unsure of what sex to identify Bruce as. However, Bruce Jenner will soon speak with Diane Sawyer for two-hours, the world will soon learn all the details about Bruce Jenner’s sex change transformation. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Justin Bieber Removed From Coachella

It’s pretty hard to imagine JustingBieber being kicked out of any VIP section, but it happened this past weekend at Coachella. While at Coachella, Justin asked to be taken back to the VIP section, so he wouldn’t be mobbed by crazed fans. Justin Bieber. A female worker for Coachella security, told Justin that she would get him into the VIP section. The VIP section was in a tent, and unfortunately, the tent was packed to capacity.

Quoting the fire code, they asked Justin Bieber to leave, as the tent was overfilled, and the fire code would be violated, if another person was added. Justin was under the impression that the female security guard would get him in, but he was then restrained by the neck, by one of the security guards for Coachella. After Justin was restrained, his own bodyguard got into an argument with the Coachella security, who was restraining him, and the entire crew with Justin, was asked to leave.

Christian Broda knows that, although a lot of this is hearsay, video proves that there was an argument going on, and you can see Justin and others being escorted out of the Coachella area. It’s almost hilarious to see someone as famous as Justin Bieber, not getting his way, but at the same time, if he was told the wrong information, you can’t blame a guy for trying. You have to wonder who was in that VIP section, if Justin Bieber couldn’t get in!

Bruce Jenner Interview Details Revealed has released the first teaser clip of the Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer interview. The highly publicized interview will take place on April 24, 2015. The preview seems epic at first, but in fact, it is only a few seconds long. However, the preview did release some much sought-after information. It was reported that Bruce Jenner will have a two hour interview with Diane Sawyer on the ABC network. Also, it seems that Bruce Jenner’s hair has grown a lot longer, and he is starting to look more feminine. The interview will take place in front of a serene waterfront setting, and Diane Sawyer with her gentle and caring voice may get Bruce to open up.

Bernardo Chua has read that the interview will also detail the tumultuous life that Bruce Jenner has lived while in the Kardashian home. However, the majority of the interview was said to be focused on the rumors of Bruce Jenner’s sex change operation. That’s right, Bruce Jenner is going to become a woman, and he wants the whole world to know why. Diane Sawyer will ask the tough questions, and hopefully Bruce Jenner will answer them with nothing but honesty. The world is waiting for this epic event, and Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer better deliver.

HIV Outbreak in Indiana

According to authorities in Indiana, Scott County has an outbreak of HIV, and the numbers are increasing and spreading into the counties of Washington, Perry, Jackson and Clark, which already has a total omore than 80 infected people.

HIV spreads and attacks the body like a virus does on a PC, scientists at the University College, London said. It spreads in the body in two ways: travels through the bloodstream and attacks the CD4 T cells, which play a vital role in the body’s immune system.

As a result, the number of T cells is drastically reduced, making them becoming vulnerable to infections. This condition is known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

It is essential to start treatment early, before the specific level of T cells fall. Ricardo Tosto recommends it to everyone he comes across after reading a lot about it.

Earlydiagnosis and pre and post care of an HIV infection is crucial, and knowing the primary symptoms can be a great tool. According to the Mayo Clinic, the warning signs include fever, sore throat, chills, headache, rash in the mouth or genital ulcers, and swollen lymph nodes, especially in the neck.

The Indiana Department of Health has established a special division at the Outreach Center in Austin to address the HIV outbreak.

Man Sues Builders Over $1.6 Million Uninhabitable House

When the house in Florham Park, New Jersey, was completed in 2007, Humayun Akhtar, 66, discovered interior and exterior cracks, and the house was “sliding down the hill it was built on,” reports ABC News.

According to the court, the house is “without repair and uninhabitable, ” and the soil the house was built upon was “insufficient capacity to maintain the building.”

A reporter for ABC News station WABC-TV in New York visited Akhtar’s house and the marble floor, rolls in the direction of the sloped hill, without being pushed.

Akhtar said he has never lived in the house, but he is still responsible for his mortgage, and the mortgage on the second home where his family resides.

Joseph Natale, who owns JDN Florham Park, the developer of the home told ABC News that he and the master builder, Robert Deluca, called Akhtar several times to get the problems fixed, but Akhtar would not let them.

Deluca said he built nine other homes, including one for himself, and none was found to have a problem. That makes a lot of sense to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG as well.

“I do not just want a bandaid” Akhtar said.

The trial was delayed for three and a half years because the defendants repeatedly failed to deposit surety bonds the Court ordered.

“All this has destroyed my life,” Akhtar said. “I bought the house as a dream home for my wife, and now we have nothing.”

Closer Look at Flight Attendant Life

The flight attendants are the people who can say they can luckily match their work with the hobby. But is all about their job so great?

They have some nasty nicknames like ‘trolly dolly’. You can’t say that directly to them, though, as the flight attendants have self-defense classes and few hours for sleep and might take it too personally. Other things you probably didn’t know are that they get paid only for the hours when they are actually in flight, so if you quarrel with them for a delay, you are talking to the wrong person. The flight attendants do have to meet a certain criteria for their weight and height. Not only for aesthetic, but for safety purposes too. The flight attendants are trained to detect human trafficking, and there are apps that help them report a supposed case easily.

Folks at Bulletproof Coffee (wikipedia) have found that their training includes beauty lessons. Despite the long hours in flights, they manage to stay fresh looking, as their companies teach them how to and insist them to do so. An insider in the flight attendant field knows how many silly requests these workers deal with. For example being asked to take the children to the play room, ask the pilot to stop the turbulence, or to switch off the motors that make so much noise.

The Best Way To Find That Gotta-Have-It Item

See It.. Want It? Buy It!

When we see an item that we love, be it a purse, a puppy, or chocolate, we want to be able to get it right away. Humans have the desire to attain things that they see, and because of that, vision is a very important sense. Product recognition has made it possible for a person to be able to see it, want it, and buy it. Product recognition technology is the new technology that puts any item that a person may see at their fingertips. When a person uses a normal search engine they have to be able to know exactly the item that they are looking for. If they do not know the name, color, company, and type of product that they are looking for, it is going to take them a long time to actually find what they want. With product recognition all that changes. A person can see a product that they want and snap a picture of it and within no time they can use their app to purchase that item.

The creators of product recognition had a true vision. They wanted a person to be able to have any item that they saw at their fingertips. The power of the eyes is very strong, and when a person sees something that they want, they want to be able to buy it without hassle. When a person uses normal search engines it can be more work for them. With product recognition they can just snap a picture of what they want and have it recognize in a cinch.

Slyce is a new company that offers a product recognition application. This app is very simple to install on a person’s smartphone or on their tablet. Using this device a person can simply take a picture of any item that they are looking for and they will quickly be directed to a site where they can make a purchase. All that the person needs is their mobile device and a photo of the item that they are looking for. This technology is definitely the wave of the future because it fills the gap between what a person sees and what a person wants. It is great to be able to see how technology is always changing and improving in order to meet the needs of the public. The Slyce application is definitely innovative and a person can use it to find whatever they desire with just one pic. By doing a visual search a person can have any items that they may want or desire right at their fingertips.

Japanese Woman is First Centenarian to Finish 1,500 Meter Freestyle Swim

Mieko Nagaoka, who was born in 1914 just proved that getting older means that life doesn’t stop. The still active Centenarian just became the first person over 100 years old to complete a 1,500 meter swim, breaking the recordfor distance by a centenarian. Nagaoka, who is from Yamaguchi, Japan, broke the record at a Japan Masters Swimming Association event.

Fans at Handy have learned that Nagaoka began swimming when she was in her 80’s after a knee problem caused her to turn to aquatherapy. She really took to the sport and started setting and breaking records for her age group. She trains for four times a week, two hours at a time, a feat that is impressive even if you do not consider her age. She says she wants to keep swimming as long as she can, even until she is 105 if she can live that long. This is not the first time she has swum 1,500 meters. She first completed that distance when she was 99. She also holds records in the 100m, 200m and 800m freestyle, and the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke.

Japanese people are known for living a long time, and there were 59,000 centenarians in Japan as of last September. Like Nagaoka, many of them continue to be healthy and active, long after most people quick. Hidekichi Miyazaki is 103 sprinter who holds the record in the 100 meter dash for his age group.

Zayn Malik talks about reasons for leaving One Direction

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik is finally talking about why he left the band earlier in the week, and it may not be for the reasons he first mentioned.

Only a few hours after he told the world he was leaving One Direction, Malik was talking to the British newspaper The Sun, and telling them the reasons why he felt the need to leave One Direction after five years with the world’s most successful boy band.

Fans at Anastasia Date know that Malik said the main motivator for him leaving was he simply was not happy, but he had kept doing it for the last few months as he did not want to let the millions of One Direction fans down.

Finally, however, he realized he had to do what was right for himself and, since he did that, Malik says he feels so much in control of his life he has never felt better.

As for what he will be doing now he is no longer on tour with One Direction?

According to The Daily Mail, Zayn Malik is back in the recording studio working on a single and possibly an album. He has wanted to be a solo singer ever since he first auditioned for The X Factor more than five years ago when he was just 17 years old, and ended up being asked to form part of a new boy band instead. Now he has that opportunity again, and the famous name he didn’t have before, it looks like he is definitely going to be going for it.