Zooey Deschanel is Going to Be a Mom, and a Bride!

The actress and singer has announced with her long-time boyfriend that she is expecting a child and will be getting engaged. Apparently her boyfriend Jacob Pechenik (well, now fiancé!) proposed to her on her birthday on January 17. This will be the first child for the couple and they are more than thrilled about everything happening. Deschanel was once married to former band artist Ben Gibbard from the band Death Cab for a Cutie but the couple did not have a child together. There has so far been no wedding date announced but it will probably be around the time of their child’s birth. Either right before or a little after.

The couple’s’ main interest is probably not having a child out of wedlock rather it is probably because they really do love each other and want to settle down. Having a child together, Ben Shaoul says is a huge commitment no matter what and they will always have that connection whether they stay together or not. They do love each other to have a child together so why not get married as well? Both are around the age where they can begin to start settling down and this news is the perfect reason to do so. Everyone is super excited for the New Girl and 500 Days of Summer star and the producer for the news on their child. It will be a great wedding and birth!

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Hospital

Lindsay Lohan may have insisted that she would never live in L.A. again due to it’s toxic environment not being conducive to her personal growth as a person or an artist, however
Just days ago it was reported that Lindsay Lohan decided to take her past bad driving experiences and turn it into her next big gig as a spokesperson for Esurance, a sister company of the Allstate insurance company which will allows customers the option to get insurance rate quotes right over the phone.

Apparently Lindsay was in L.A. to shoot a commercial for Esurance that some believe is due to air during the Super Bowl. however just before Lindsay flew to L.A. she was vacationing in Bora Bora over the holidays. Just before New Years Lindsay complained of discomfort and later returned to London where she became so sick that she couldn’t walk.

It seems that during her holiday vacation in Bora Bora Lindsay has contracted Chikungunya, a virus that is carried by mosquitoes, and causes joint pain, fever and fatigue. Lindsay was staying in King Edward VII’s hospital for high fever and joint pain. Lindsay was released once her fever broke, and referred to a specialist that treats the virus.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira have learned that while her fever has broken it’s been said that the joint pain could last for months.

News & Notes from Women’s Sports


In women’s hockey, the Yale team is being called one of the best in years. This seems to be due in a very large part to the contributions of two great athletes – forwards Hanna Åström and Phoebe Staen. Both women have sports running through their veins, but it did take years of practice and hard work to reach the top of their game.

Yale also has a breakout star on their women’s basketball team. Nyasha Sarju has been a force to be reckoned with this season. She has scored double digits in her last three games. She claims it has been the work and cooperation of her teammates that has enabled her to score so well recently.

Even Yales women’s tennis squad is ready to have a great season in 2015. Between both the women’s and men’s tennis squads, only four seniors were lost to graduation. This means that both teams are ready and primed for their upcoming season. According to Yale sports pro, Fersen Lambranho, the women’s team has added some power to their roster in hopes of making to the end.

TLC’s Final Album to be Funded by Fans


Listen up, TLC fans! You could have the chance to get a phone call from the girl group or even attend a sleepover party with them. All you have to do is donate to help them fund their final album.

T-Boz and Chilli of TLC have decided it’s time for one last album, but want complete creative control over the process. Most recently, they worked with famous record executive, LA Reid, but said it’s time for them to ditch the execs in favor of fan-funded music. So, they reached out to fans and asked for donations. Even a donation of $15 will win fans a copy of the final album. But for fans who can afford to spend a little more, the rewards are much greater. Anyone who donates $7,500 or more to the cause will win a photo shoot with the group. Did you hear that, fans? You could be a member of TLC for the day– at least in pictures.

T-Bozz and Chilli also made sure to let fans know that they haven’t forgotten their longtime third band member, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who died in 2002. They reassure fans that Left Eye’s influence will be heard in their final album.

And consider this, fans: even if you don’t win the grand prize, it’s still pretty rewarding to say that you helped fund TLC’s final album.  This creative way to help contribute to your favorite bands album is a sure way to fire up fans, like Dave and Brit Morin, for the new album. According to greenweddinshoes.com, this is a really unique way to be part of the music making process.

The Red Carpet #AskHerMore Campaign is Years in the Making

The recent #askhermore Twitter campaign is calling for interviwers to ask women more than simply “what are you wearing?” Perhaps so engrained in the red carpet scene that it’s gone unnoticed, is the vast difference in the type of questions asked to men and women on the red carpet. This past week’s Golden Globe Awards finally brought that issue to light. It seems that while men are being asked to talk about projects they’ve worked on, projects they would like to work on, or the state of the industry, female celebrities are simply being asked who designed the gown they are wearing or how long it took a stylist to fix their hair. The Golden Globe Awards even let it go so far as to allow E! to ask women to place their hands in a super high-definition camera box so that viewers at home could inspect their fresh manicure via “mani cam.” Sounds a little degrading, right? The #askhermore campaign is calling for reporters to ask the same well-thought questions to female celebrities that they consistently ask of male celebrities. I know activists and people like myself and my friend Ben Shauoul, are excited about this start to more balanced television coverage. It’s all about equality.

Is Skout A Good App For You?

Are you looking for a place to find a friend, or maybe a relationship? I used to be in the same position, and I would search the internet on a daily basis, looking for a place to socialize. Although there are many different social media networks out there, I really took to Skout. I use the Skout app on a regular basis, and I may be on it for hours on any given day. Whenever it’s my day off, you can find me using Skout to talk to new friends, or catching up with old ones. Skout is a great app, and an amazing network, but how do you know if it’s for you?

I can list some of the features that Skout has, and you can decide for yourself if it’s a network that you’d like to join. With over 100 million users on the network, Skout is obviously a great place to be. From what I see, Skout has people joining on a regular basis, maybe even every day. Skout is not only a popular app, the network is growing all the time. Any time of the day, if I want to use my “shake” feature, I can find someone to talk to. The shake feature is great to use, because it allows you to meet completely random people that you’d never meet without using the feature.

Many people who go onto a social media app like Skout, are looking for a specific type of person. If you’re open to chatting with anyone, no matter where they are, or who they are, the shake feature is a great idea. Simply shake your mobile device, and it will give you someone to talk to who’s using the same feature. The person could be man, woman, older, younger, or in a different country altogether. You never know who you’ll get to meet when using the shake feature, and the mystery behind it is what makes it so much fun. If you want to find a specific type of person using Skout, you can do a search.

When you do a specific search for someone, you just type in the features that you want in a person, and Skout will do a search for you based on that criteria. You can go through the different people you have found in your search, and decide who you want to talk to. If you find someone to talk to that interests you, you can always add them as a favorite, so you can find them the next time when you’re ready to talk. If you find someone that you’ve added as a favorite, and you’re curious to know if they’ve added you as a favorite as well, you can find out by using Skout points.

Skout points are very beneficial on the website, and they can be used for several different features. Skout points do cost real money, but they are low in cost, and great to use to purchase features. With the Skout points, you can find out if someone added you as a favorite. If you also want to know if someone’s been searching for you, use Skout points to pay for that as well. If you’re in a giving mood, user Skout points to send greetings, or virtual gifts to new friends you’ve met on Skout.

The Sourdough Doughnut from Pies n’ Thighs

If you’re in the mood for a doughnut that is both savory and sweet, the sourdough doughnut is just for you. Southern restaurant Pies n’ Thighs is introducing the baked good at its new Manhattan restaurant. The new sourdough doughnut has been tested by students at Occidental College and its been reported from College Niche that it was a hit.  The original Pies n’ Thighs is based in Williamsburg, Virginia and offers an innovative take on soul food.

In addition to the delicious doughnut which also boasts sour and salty flavors, Pies n’ Thighs will also introduce the collard greens salad with smoked coconut. A soup made of chicken dumplings will also be on the New York menu. The restaurant will serve a doughnut that has a rye rising agent as well. This baked good can be served with both sweet and savory dishes.

The sourdough doughnut is topped with glaze after it is fried to make it a welcomed addition to breakfast, but the treat is also a tasty dessert that isn’t overly sugary.

Susan McGalla on Things Women Can Do To Get Ahead

When women want to get ahead in their lives, they should not let anything get in their way. Most women are going to notice that their lives are going to be much more fulfilling when they are making changes. However, these changes are going to help women to make the most of their lives without being pushed down by a glass ceiling.

The Glass Ceiling

When PR Newswire ran this story, they included this note about ignoring the glass ceiling. Ladies need to forget about how the glass ceiling feels, and they need to remember that many men are not thinking about a glass ceiling. When women run into a man who believes women cannot do the same work as men, they should run right past these men and break the glass ceiling.


Confidence is going to help women to make their presentation better. When women carry themselves with more confidence, they are going to present an image that is going to help them. Women who are confident get more out of their jobs, and they are more likely to be promoted or given more responsibility.

Get More Education

Women often tend to put off their education to raise families, but they need to make sure that they are still getting the education that they need to get ahead in their careers. Women can go to school online, look after their kids and start their careers with these new degrees that they have gotten.

Susan McGalla’s advice to working women is going to change the way that they are perceived in their jobs, but this same advice is going to make it easier for women to make the most of these new jobs. A woman that is altering her life and career needs to follow these steps to make her life that much better.

Want more from Susan McGalla? Check out Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader in business

Justin Bieber Shares Sexy Selfie

Justin Bieber has been a super hot topic recently and it’s obvious why. After Justin’s sexy Calvin Klein underwear photo was unleashed on the world, the amount of lust tossed in his direction was enough to break the internet for good. Apparently Justin’s photos were just too sexy, because they also left many questioning whether the photos were photoshopped to make Bieber appear extra buff and toned.

While Justin fans everywhere could care less how much photo retouching may have been done, it seems that a lot of other folks would not let it rest. Even after Justin’s attorney’s threatened legal action against a website accusing Bieber of being heavily edited, the site removed the photos, but the rumors and comparison photos continued just about everywhere else.

Now it looks like Justin is ready to put any and all rumors to bed, because he just posted another revealing, and ultra sexy selfie to his Instagram wearing nothing but a white towel as proof that even if he was photoshopped he clearly doesn’t need it to look hot. Justin has never been afraid to show some skin especially on facebook but now it looks like he’s just showing off, and nobody is complaining either way.

Photoshop or not, Bieber has fans hooked on these sexy selfies. I know I’ll be sharing these with my friends Dave and Brit Morin.

John Textor: Skateboards To Boardrooms To Storyteller

Mr Textor like most boys in Palm Beach got from one place to another by riding their skateboards. He was actually a very accomplished rider winning many awards. Little did he know that those skateboards would be setting him for his position at Sims Snowboard.

While in college working on his degree in economics, Mr Textor discovered computer programming. His interest in the internet and all that it was capable of doing really started to grow. It was this interest in computers that is the stem for many of the great things that Mr Textor has been able to accomplish.

Mr Textor wasted no time in putting his economics degree to work. He co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings where he would invest in high-risk companies that were interested in the fields of telecommunication, the internet, and entertainment. Most of the companies that he invested in were start-up companies looking to get their foot in the door.

His next big adventure was as CEO of Digital Domain and its parent company. It was here that is talents as a visual effects artist really began to soar. These companies created the visual effects for many big screen movies. Out of the 80 movies that the companies worked on, 25 of them were under the direction of Mr Textor. Some of his movies included Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The company won an Academy Award for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was in this movie, that the first believable digital human was created.

After his role at Digital Domain, Mr Textor continues to work on his digital human effects and his knack for storytelling begins. Mr Textor was responsible for the performance of the late Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. He continues to work with different artist estates to help tell their story as well.

In his role as producer, he is co-producing a Disney movie entitled Art Story. It is in this story where a grandfather and grandson go on adventures inside various famous paintings.